Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Oscar Nominations Dress Challenge: 2012

Happy New Year, everyone!  I hope you are all off to a great start to 2012.  I'm two for two on workout days and my house is the most organized it has ever been thanks to my holiday vacation clean out.  This week kicks off a whirlwind two months for me.  My work will take me to 4 cities all while trying to cover awards season.  It makes my head spin, but I am so excited about this year's slate of films and I cannot wait to cover all of the action.

Like last year, I will be covering the 84th Annual Academy Awards nominations live from the Samuel Goldwyn Theatre on January 24th.  I am so excited to be returning for all of the excitement and waking up at 2AM for hair and makeup.  YES!  Since I had so much fun with last year's dress challenge, I am officially announcing this year's Oscar Nominations Dress Challenge.  The rules are similar to last year, but here they are:

1.  It is not a red carpet event.  So, I am looking for a dress that is simple, classic and understated.  Think of a DVF wrap dress or a Jackie O. sheath.  I am short (5'3"), so I want to show off my legs versus lots of cleavage (which I don't have anyway) to give the illusion of height.  I love shoes, so I want to pick something hot and sassy from my shoe wardrobe.  One note from last year, even though I want a dress to show off my legs, please no so-short-I-can-see-your-hoo-ha dresses.  The Oscar Nominations are a very conservative event, so I'd like to keep it that way.

2.  I will be working at 5AM PT that day.  I want a dress that is easy, comfortable, and not fussy.  I hate pulling and tugging at my dress because I feel self-conscious.

3.  I like color.  It looks great on camera and adds brightness to my face since my hair is currently light blonde.  Please avoid red or crazy patterns because they have a tendency to moray on camera.

4.  The budget is important.  Let's keep the dress under $200 and it has to be available online in sizes 2      or 4.

Last year's winner was a dress by Banana Republic in deep violet.  It was perfect, comfortable, showed a little leg, and it had pockets (total bonus!).  I think we should avoid the same color for this year, but you guys have a pretty good guideline this year for what I am looking for.

The Challenge:  Can you help me find a dress?  I know so many of you are fashionistas out there with amazing style and taste.  Add the links in the comments section below or on Facebook or Twitter and I will post some of the best ones to vote on. (Make sure to post the exact link to the exact dress you are picking for me.) After last year's enthusiastic responses, I cannot wait to see what you guys pick for me this year.  Don't forget, the winner gets a $25 gift certificate to the store of their choice.  U.S. residents only, entries must be in by Wednesday, January 11th at Midnight ET.  The two finalists will be announced on Monday, January 16th and the winner will be revealed on Tuesday, January 24th.  On your mark...get set...SHOP!


  1. Well, I entered last year and decided

  2. I personally love that you are the first one to enter the contest.  You are awesome!  I also like that dress.  xo 

  3. go for a red dress , eziby have some lovely dress. www.eziby.co.nz or try www.lauraashley.com.au, If I was you pick a red dress because you would look good in this colour.

  4. Hey Donette, please link to the exact dress you would pick for me.  I think red is a good color choice.  Can't wait to see what you pick!

  5. You can't deny your signature color:

  6. www.ezibuy.co.nz   gracehill cooktail dress style number 77898 red, or style number 79448 drape dress.   there was nothing right for you in laura-ashley.com.au , but  next time have a look at 2 design they cost alot of money but sometimes they have sells. Karen walker, or www.trelisecooper.co.nz........

  7. Julia and I went searching and this is what we came up with.... a few options for you! Our favorite is the Ralph Lauren one in color purple, although it looks like a royal blue in the picture??




  8. Good picks, ladies!   I love the poppy colored one and the polka dotted dress is kind of unexpected which makes it a really good choice.  

  9. Hi! I'm the fashionista for the @goldknightblog and have accepted the challenge.  I love last year's dress. In fact, it reminded me of where I got my designer bridesmaid Alfred Sung dress, which I have worn to other formal events.  I went to the site and found you this beautiful one shoulder dress: http://www.dessy.com/dresses/bridesmaid/D530/#.TwyPtmNWoQg  - matching all criteria.  Not too formal, but very classic.  Very comfortable - great fabric, I loved it all night and other events, too.  And it even has pockets - bonus! Like you, I love color.  You can pick any color you would like.  My suggestion would be something bold like red or teal.  And of course, budget - under $200.  Good luck and I hope this dress finds a special place in your heart! - Sarah @sarahcaitlin

  10. This is why @86146cc732ff36040e40996f5003ed59 is our fashionista! :) 


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