Friday, December 31, 2010

The Top Five

I hope everyone has an incredible and safe time tonight.  As 2010 draws to a close, here are some Top 5 lists for you.  It's been a great year here at Red Carpet Closet. Thanks for being a reader and a friend.  Happy New Year!

Top 5 Most Read Posts of 2010
1.  Disneyland's Club 33:  I have a feeling this post will be at the top in 2011 too.

2.  Dos and Don'ts on the Red Carpet, The Sequel:   What?!  You didn't like Part One as much?

3.  Publicity and Web Series:  My most controversial post of the year, but it always draws in a lot of readers.

4.  Behind the Scenes of Mommy XXX:  Well, this focused on Sony's web series about an adult star, Demi Delia, raising two kids.  The series was shot in a very Osbourne-like reality show way and this episode was shot in 2009.  Demi started to manage the mistresses of Tiger Woods, so I imagine the tabloid aspect of this entire tale drew many readers here.  It is one of the most fascinating stories I have ever covered.  Read the blog, watch the episode, and I think your initial perception may change.

5.  Behind the Scenes with Taryn Southern:  This lovely lady had a great year, so I know there are many guys out there drooling over this smart, ambitious actor/producer/writer/host/singer.  If you aren't familiar with her, check out some of her work, she's one to watch.

Top 5 Most Absurd Searches on Red Carpet Closet:
These always make me laugh, misspellings and all!

1.  "Does (sic) and Don'ts for a Red Person":  Um, hmmm, I don't discriminate by color on my blog.  Anyone can mess up on the red carpet.  I guess you were looking for this post?

2.  "I want to see your peacock behind the scene (sic)": Okay, I realize these are lyrics in a Katy Perry song, but I don't write about Katy, peacocks, or Teenage Dreams, this is more my style here at Red Carpet Closet.

3.  "Kristyn Burtt piernas":  I rarely write about the crazy things people put in a search engine to find me, but I remember my 7th grade Spanish.  Thanks for looking at my legs, I think?  I am not going to direct you to the photos, instead you can enjoy me all bundled up at the State Fair of Texas.  Enjoy!

4.  "Rachael Hip Flores boyfriend":  Hmmm, I am not sure if Rachael has a boyfriend or not.  I will ask her, but here is my favorite story about Rachael in 2010 when she won a Streamy Award for Anyone But Me.  Well-deserved!

5.  "her choir robe":  As a lapsed Catholic, I don't have much use for choir robes these days, but I did wear one this year for the XBox 360 Kinect premiere. Was this the style you were looking for?

Finally, I was able to discover a lot of new blogs and make some great online friends this year.  Here, in no particular order,  are a few other writers to check if you don't already follow them:
New Blogs to Check Out in 2011:
1. Jenna Birch at Seven Style Notes:  She's 18, a strong writer, and just adorable.
2. Shauna Sever at Piece of Cake:  I gain 5 virtual pounds every time I read her blog.
3. Emily Schuman at Cupcakes and Cashmere:  There are lots of fashion blogs, but I don't think anyone does it better.
4. Elle Sees at Elle Sees:  A great overall blog, but her posts on throwing theme parties for everything from Mad Men to NYE are my favorites.
5. Indiana Adams at Adored Austin:  Probably the quirkiest and funniest blogger of the bunch.  She makes me laugh and I know she would be the kind of girl I would want to have a cocktail with.

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Clicker Awards

Recently, I've talked a bit about what the future plans are for The Web Files in 2011.  Well, I feel really encouraged that we are in a three-way tie currently for the 2010 Clicker Awards for Best Web Non-Fiction Show.  Our tough competitors, Rad Nerd and A Comicbook Orange, are breathing down our neck.  Now, The Web Files won this title in 2009.  I would love for us to retain our title for 2010 to help keep the momentum going with the show.  It would be a nice push for 2011 to get the show sold and back up and running on an entertainment site.  So, I'm asking for your vote.  As Clicker says, "Vote early, vote often."  It is only one click of the mouse, no registration, no emails, nothing.  You can vote as many times as you want between now and Monday, January 3rd.  Thanks for your support!

Vote here:
The Web Files (Scroll down to see our show icon.)

If you have never seen an episode of The Web Files, here is one of my favorite episodes of 2010 with the talented creators of The Bannen Way:

Year in Review: August 2010

I think August has some of the best events, photos, and posts of the entire year.  I only added a couple of photos, but I will link to all of the original posts so you can see how it all went down. You know I love to give you the inside scoop! 

1.  This was my annual trip to the Hollywood Bowl for their summer musical.  This year, Neil Patrick Harris directed Rent with stars like Vanessa Hudgens, Nicole Scherzinger, and Wayne Brady.  How did they do?  Oh, you want to read this.  

Me and Melody Freeman before the madness begins.

2.  This is one of the tastiest treats I had all year while I was working the Dew Tour in Portland.  It's a maple bacon bar from Voodoo Doughnuts and it is a "must-eat" the next time you are touring through the Pacific Northwest.  See all of my photos from the trip here.

3.  This is in my Top 3 Favorite Outfits for 2010.  I wore it to cover the red carpet for collidEdance's blink/drEam for Dance Channel TV.  You can see some of your favorite America's Best Dance Crew and So You Think You Can Dance stars in the compilation video.  Enjoy!
All the details about the dress and accessories are here.

4.  Emmys Week!  Gifting suites, celebs, many changes of wardrobe, and oh boy, the photo booth with Phil Keoghan of The Amazing Race.....delicious!  Here are all of the details with Phil and me.  

5.  With the popularity of Mad Men, this photo of me with Kiernan Shipka brought a lot of new readers to Red Carpet Closet.  I appreciate all of the new friends I have made thanks to Kiernan and this is still one of my favorite interviews of the year.  Here it is.

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Year in Review: July 2010

I was looking through my calendar and my photos from July 2010 and I was happy to see that I took some time to relax.  I am really going to try and make that a priority for 2011...maybe 2/3 work and 1/3 personal. I think that is a good start since my life last year was 90% work and 10% play.  Here's to New Year's Resolutions!

1. While in Chicago for Women's Health Magazine's annual Are You Game?, I had a chance to hang with one of my favorite cousins, Michael. He's been my little buddy ever since the day he was born.  Awwww......

2.  I was invited by Lexus Dark Ride to the opening of SPiN Hollywood at the Mondrian Hotel.  It was an evening of A-listers like Susan Sarandon and an evening of D-listers like Michael Lohan who arrived at the party on the same exact day his daughter, Lindsay, went to jail.  Ponder that thought for a moment.  Anyway, I had a great night laughing until my stomach hurt with my pal, Maria.

3. On the set of one of my favorite live online shows, Stupid for Movies, hosted by Wade Major and Mark Keizer, and created by my pal, Mike Rotman.  I was lucky enough to be asked to do a guest spot where I had the opportunity to bring in a film you might have missed. Given my love for Bob Fosse, All That Jazz was my pick.  I like to think I was ahead of the latest dance movie trend.  If you love Black Swan, do yourself a favor and watch Fosse's incredible film.  Also, I will hopefully be helping out on SFM during Awards Season in 2011, but I will keep you posted about any possible upcoming appearances.

4.  You know how much I love my Prius, well, you are going to get really tired of me once the 2012 PHV Prius comes out.  Here I am at the Plug-In Conference in San Jose.

5.  The ITVFest Opening Night Gala continues to be one of the hottest parties in Web TV each summer.  Here are a few photos from my red carpet coverage where I hugged.....everyone and check out the red carpet interviews with Mingle Media TV here.

(Yes, that is James Denton of Desperate Housewives. Swoon.)

Photos 5-7:  Courtesy of Mingle Media TV


As we approach 2011, it is always a time to reflect on the year and see what I want to change for the New Year.  I decided that I am going to focus on my house this year, which includes making it a fun space to entertain.  I am starting out with my kitchen and dining room as the launching point for all of my simple renovations.  Besides adding a fresh coat of paint to my walls, I am going to add lots of color to my table and living spaces with beautiful plates, vases, and candleholders.  I’ve been looking at formal dinnerware at Mikasa since they have a plethora of bright, yet classic home accents that are going to fit perfectly in my home.

Since the focal point in my dining area is a large charcoal drawing of The Gates in Central Park by Christo and Jean-Claude, I have the opportunity to incorporate a touch of orange into my table setting.  I am thinking of doing a place setting similar to the Circle Chic Orange on the website.  I think it will be a simple yet, classy way to punch up color on my dark walnut table.  Another collection on the Mikasa site is the Rockswirl by Abby Modell.  I am going to scoop up a few of the colored vases and bowls to compliment the Circle Chic Orange place settings.  By adding some cool blues or serene greens, it will make my next dinner party festive and warm. 

Be sure to check out the Mikasa site, not only do they have free shipping for orders over $99, but they are currently offering 20% off one item with the coupon code:  TWENTY at checkout.  In addition, the Mikasa site has an extensive clearance section to satisfy any budget. 

This is a paid advertisement.  Per the FTC regulations, any paid posts must be disclosed. 

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Year in Review: June 2010

June was another great month filled with dance, cars, web series, and sci-fi.  It was a busy month, but one that brought lots of variety.  Check out what happened in June 2010:

1.  A fun day with Toyota talking about the PHV Prius (coming your way in 2012) with automotive radio host, Leon "The Motorman" Kaplan at the Americana in Glendale.  He's a fantastic flirt and a great guy on 790 KABC in Los Angeles.

2,  A few shots from some of my favorite June episodes of The Web Files:

Here with Cooper Harris, star/producer of Squatters:

Lizzie Beckwith of Vampire Mob is adorable and hilarious.  I think we should be BFFs.

You might recognize this photo from the top of this blog.  This was caught at the SOLO the Series premiere and I love how it catches me in action at a job that I adore.

4.  This crazy get-up was for the premiere of the XBox 360 Kinect in LA.  See all of the fun photos from the launch and why I was dressed like a choir girl.  

5. Here  with the amazing Lula Washington, choreographer of James Cameron's Avatar at the Choreographers in Media panel.  See the video and photos with a few dance legends, it truly was a highlight for a dance geek like me.  

6.  I happily flirted with James Remar of SATC at the Saturn Awards.  While I was there to cover the best in sci-fi, hey, I am a girl, I like handsome men and TV shows about fashion.  This was probably one of the strangest red carpets I have ever covered.  See how it all unfolded and what "Spock Blocking really means.

If you do watch the "Spock Blocking" short video, let me know what you think.  A little crazy, right?

Photo 2:  Courtesy of Mingle Media TV
Photo 3:  Courtesy of Agnes Magyari.
Photo 4:  Courtesy of Jonathan Nail

Monday, December 27, 2010

It's All About the Sound Bite

As we turn the corner to a new year, LA turns the corner to the frenzy of Awards Season.  From the Academy Awards to the Golden Globes, SAG, DGA, PGA, DGA, and every acronym in between, there will be a red carpet every night of the week until the spring.  Now whether you are an actor or someone behind the scenes, it is always a good idea to brush up on your red carpet interview skills.  I came across a great article by Jocelyn Broder on Journalistics about "The Importance of Sound Bites".  I have harped on this topic over and over on panels and in several articles I have done this year here at Red Carpet Closet:  Publicity and Web Series, Red Carpet Interviews....Some DOs and DON'Ts, and Dos and Don'ts on the Red Carpet, The Sequel.  Check out the Journalistics article and discover how to create and deliver a sound bite.  It also gives some great examples from film and political speeches.  Do your career a favor in 2011, make yourself a sought after interview on the red carpet.

Also, I would love your feedback on any of these articles.  Do you have questions? What topics do you want to learn more about on the red carpet?  I will make sure to bring them to you in 2011 during Awards Season!

Year in Review: May 2010

May was the month I was all over the place:  tech host, alternative fuel vehicle expert, entertainment reporter, and voice over artist.  There was no way I was going to get bored with the variety of jobs I worked this month.  

1.  I kicked off the month with Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger at the National Hydrogen Association Expo in Long Beach.  It was wild watching the swarm of photographers and political entourage types hover around the Governor.  Here is a detailed post about my encounter.

2.  I spent a week talking tech and Bluetooth Technology for Broadcom on their series MoreWireLess.  You can see all of the videos here.  

3.  I got a chance to hang with my brother as he was honored for his work in sales for Verizon.  I got to attend all of the swanky events at the Montage Hotel and Spa in Laguna Beach.  The view is to die for and the spa is worth every penny.  Add it to your list for a big splurge day.  Oh yes, my Viereck dress makes another appearance in the photo too.  

4.  I have said this over and over, this was my favorite episode of The Web Files in 2010.  Zack Finfrock, the host of Backyard FX, is charming and the shoot day was unbelievably unpredictable.  Check out the episode and see what happened that day.

5.  Finally, I always think the behind the scenes photos are the most interesting shots on set.  Here is my awesome makeup artist pal, Melissa Anchondo, and The Web Files producer, Sandra Payne, working hard to make our Web Files Buzz episode happen.  As they say, "It takes a village".............

Tomorrow will highlight June 2010 with Olga Kay, The Saturn Awards, "Spock Blocking", and a fun choreography panel with Dance Channel TV.  

Photo 1: Courtesy of Stephen CarrThe Long Beach Press-Telegram

Thursday, December 23, 2010

e.l.f. Cosmetics

If you have been following Red Carpet Closet for a while, you know that I am a huge fan of e.l.f.  (Eyes Lips Face) Cosmetics.  They were the official makeup sponsors for my show, The Web Files, they are one of my advertising partners on my blog, and their Beauty Expert, Achelle Dunaway, introduced me to some of the line’s key products to check out.  Not only will you find me wearing e.l.f. Makeup and Cosmetics on camera, but I have utilized many of their products for my off camera life as well. 

The first thing to understand about e.l.f. Cosmetics, is that affordability and quality can go hand in hand, you don’t have to sacrifice one for the other.  The core philosophy for the company radiates the belief that “beauty comes from within and it's our goal to enable every woman to look and feel her personal best through the perfect blend of both the inner and outer person”.   So, take their belief in beauty, marry it with great price points, and then ask yourself, “Where do I begin?”

Well, it is no secret that I love the Mineral Foundation in Fair for all over coverage on a day-to-day basis, but there are other products in the line that are my Top 3 Must-Haves for the New Year:

1.    1. Contouring Blush & Bronzing Powder:  This $3 kit keeps my cheeks filled with a rosy glow while the bronzing powder adds a sun-kissed glow to my pale winter skin.

2.    2.  Kabuki Face Brush:  A perfect accessory to the Contouring Blush & Bronzing Powder while you are out on the go.  This soft brush will evenly apply the entire product you need to look your best.  You also can’t beat the price at $5.

3.    3.  Studio Lengthening & Volumizing Mascara:  I have been on a mission to find the best mascara out there to take my long lashes to the next level.  I have tried the expensive brands and I continually come back to this product because it adds a dramatic flair to my look without the clumping or flaking often associated with other brands.  It is also another great steal at $3.

These are just a few suggestions to check out within the e.l.f. line or go check out their Bestsellers on the site, read the reviews, and find out why e.l.f. is becoming one of the hottest cosmetics lines in the industry.  It’s a great way to start out the New Year with a fresh look without breaking the bank.

This is a paid advertisement.  Per the FTC regulations, any paid posts must be disclosed

Year in Review: April 2010

April was perhaps one of my favorite months this year for me.  It was a complete whirlwind since I went right from working in Atlanta to two weeks of work in New York straight home to the red carpet for the 2nd Annual Streamy Awards.  Here are a few highlights from the excitement that surrounded this month.

1.  Final show of Season 3 for Toyota Live in New York City.  Here with my co-host, Matthew Troyer.

2.  Cupcakes are a must no matter where I am in the world.  This was my Easter cupcake piled high with frosting from Burgers and Cupcakes.  Yum!

3. Back in LA and prepping for the Streamy Awards with the amazing makeup artist, Melissa Anchondo.  She always makes me look way better than I do in real life.

4.  A bunch of photos from the red carpet of the Streamy Awards. The opening of the red carpet show with iJustine, me, and Cyndee San Luis.   Here is my account of the night.

Not my best photo, but I love how happy I am.  I was thrilled to be walking the red carpet that night.

I think this was my favorite photo of the night.  Here is the rundown on my outfit.  

 My first in-person meeting with entertainment reporter, and now, good friend, Jeff Rago. I love that we have it captured on film.

One of my favorite people in Web Television, talented writer and Streamy Award winner, Bernie Su.

Like every girl who likes to eat, you grab a big burger at the end of a fancy night.  Be sure to check out the interviews from the night.

5.  And then right back to work.....from the red carpet to talking about Hybrid Synergy Drive at the Toyota Grand Prix of Long Beach.  This big-mouthed photo is now used on my agency's home page.  

Tomorrow brings lots of intriguing photos for the month of of my Top 3 Web Files episodes of 2010, an encounter with the Governor, and a trip to the Houdini Mansion.  I told you it was a crazy year!

Photo Credits:
Photo 1:  Ron Williams
Photos 4-6, 8:  The Bui Brothers
Photo 7:  Mingle Media TV
Photo 10:  Matt Troyer

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Year in Review: March 2010

I dug up some really cool photos for the month of March.  They each represent different aspects of what we were doing on The Web Files, so I am thrilled to share them with you if you missed them the first time around.  By March, word had gotten out that The Web Files was covering a lot of series and we got the chance to talk to a lot of creators that I admire.  Here are my Top 5 photos for March 2010.  

1. Kicking off the month of March, the cast of Elevator allowed me to interview them on set.  They are in their final season as I write this, so be sure to check out the hilarity that ensues in yes, an elevator.  Check out the interview here.  
From left:  Ben Pace, Woody Tondorf, me, and Genevieve Jones.

2.  I know this was the most unique on set visit we did all year: Olga Kay's Circus.  The short film directed and produced by two very talented ladies, Andrea Ball and Sarah Evershed, follows the true tale of YouTube personality, Olga Kay, joining the circus.  The result was a beautiful and well-shot film with cameos by The Beat Freaks (And if you follow Hollywood gossip, one of the members of the group is the girl that got punched by Demi Lovato pre-rehab.  Ah, Hollywood.) and David Lawrence XVII.  See the interview here.

3.  This is one of my favorite shots taken all year by David Burmeister at the premiere of A Good Knight's Quest.  The dress is by Deborah Viereck, the shoes by Guess, and the outfit was styled by Roni B.  Hair/Makeup created by Melissa Anchondo.  This was also the day that the Streamy Award nominations were announced, so it was an exciting night for the nominees.  Check out the red carpet interviews here.

4.  I always find that meeting actors you grew up watching on TV can go one of two ways.....really well or downhill very quickly.  Jaleel White of Family Matters fame certainly did not disappoint.  He was charming, smart, and ambitious.  His series, Fake It Till You Make It, debuted on Hulu earlier this year.  Check out the interview here and you will find out why I look so sick in that photo.....I had a bad case of laryngitis and I sounded like a poor man's version of Demi Moore.

5.  This photo is perhaps my favorite family photo all year.  I know it is unusual, but it is me and my then 10-year-old niece staging paparazzi photos in the lobby of my hotel in Atlanta.  Forget boring staged shots, I go straight for the TMZ shot. I think Julia has it down well, look at that tip of the hat to hide her face.  A star is born!

Come on back tomorrow for more photos from the year that was......2010.  See you tomorrow!

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