Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Photos from the 2nd Annual Thirst Project Gala

Seth Maxwell, founder of the Thirst Project, addressing the crowd.

Approximately 3 years ago, my fellow Kodak Theatre co-worker, Seth Maxwell talked about a charity he wanted to start to create solutions for the world water crisis.  I kept thinking back to that moment in our break room and just nodding my head.  The plans sounded grand and ambitious.  Now, fast forward to June 28, 2011 as I sit in the ballroom of the Beverly Hilton.  The charity has raised over a million dollars and has created a clean water solution for over 50,000 people.  It makes me so proud to call Seth a friend.
My incredible red carpet producer, Leilani Gushiken

He inspired me to donate money to help build a well in Niger where children regularly drink dirty and contaminated water by their school.  It's hard to imagine, especially since I have a cat who drinks filtered water.  Does that seem fair?  Clean water is a right and if you are moved to donate, feel free to visit the Thirst Project page.

You will find the footage from the red carpet below.  It truly was an honor to host the live stream of the red carpet.

The Pioneering Spirit honoree, Michael Welch from the Twilight Saga.  He gave an incredibly moving speech.

 A few of my Glee pals presenting an award.  Josh Sussman is my favorite.  Shhhh, don't tell anyone.

My hot date, Byron Bryson.  Okay, we both came alone, but he kindly agreed to be my date after we were seated next to each other.  Isn't he cute?

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

The Thirst Project Gala

Tonight, I am honored to be hosting the red carpet portion of the live stream for the 2nd Annual Thirst Project Gala.  I hope you all have an opportunity to join me and the incredible celebrity hosts of the evening, Chyler Leigh of Grey's Anatomy and JR Bourne of Teen Wolf as The Thirst Project brings awareness to the plight of close to 1 billion people not having access to clean, safe drinking water.  Here are some of the stats:

1 in 8: The number of people who do not have access to clean drinking water

4500:  The number of children who die every day from diseases caused by contaminated water. (Approximately 1 child every 15 seconds.)

3.75 Miles:  The average distance a woman walks to collect water.  This task often falls upon young girls leaving them no time or energy for an education.

So, join me on this important evening as we honor Michael Welch from The Twilight Saga for his time, energy, and dedication to such a wonderful cause.

Live Stream Begins at 5PM PT/8PM ET on UStream.

You are welcome to tweet me questions for any of the celebs expected to attend (lots of Glee, Grey's Anatomy, Teen Wolf, and American Idol peeps are on the list.) on Twitter or leave a question in the comments below.

Chyler Leigh and JR Bourne host the 2nd Annual Thirst Gala from The Thirst Project on Vimeo.

Monday, June 27, 2011

Saturn Awards, EZ Curler, and Interviews, Oh My!

I've been a little MIA on the blog this week, but I have a few fun videos and photos to share.  The video you have been waiting for:  The Saturn Awards highlights including my questions I posed to Anna Torv backstage.  Other fun moments include my veeerrrrrryyy interesting interview with Hung's Thomas Jane and a playful moment with the Silver Surfer, Doug Jones.  Let me know what you think about the Saturn Awards red carpet and all of the colorful characters I encountered (And don't forget to enter the Caption The Photo Contest with Brandon Routh.  Winner gets an awesome Alien Invasion Kit.  I kid you not.):

Last week, I also hit the set of the EZ Curler with two ladies from The Bachelor franchise, Krisily Kennedy and Natalie Getz.  The infomercial should be hitting your flat screens soon at 2 or 3 AM soon.  (And don't tell me you don't watch infomercials.  I get recognized more for my DRTV work than anything else.  I think we are all a bunch of insomniacs.)

Finally, I was a return guest on Leon Kaplan's show on 790 KABC AM talking all about Toyota's vehicle line-up for 2012.  If you are a fan of alternative fuel vehicles, you are going to have a plethora of choices in about 6 months.  It's an exciting time for the industry and I thrilled to see the shift finally happening.  And yes, Leon likes the ladies.  He snuck in a kiss during our photo.  What a charmer!

Photos 1 & 3:  Property of Kristyn Burtt (Feel free to link the photos)
Photo 2:  Courtesy of Krisily Kennedy

Friday, June 24, 2011

37th Annual Saturn Awards Photos

Lance Reddick, Fringe

I want to thank everyone for following my tweets and sending my personal snapshots out to all of the Fringe fans around the world.  Your response and support has been tremendous.  The red carpet interviews will be up before the end of the weekend and I will dish on my questions to Anna Torv.  In the meantime, enjoy the photos that were captured on Thursday night.  You are all welcome to use the photos on your site, but please remember to credit Mingle Media TV as they own the rights to the photos.  Thank you!

Also, I decided that the photo of me and Brandon Routh deserves a caption.  There is so much going on in the photo, so who can best capture the moment in words?  Whomever comes up with the best caption in the photo will receive an Alien Survival Kit, a companion prize package for the new TNT show, Falling Skies.  It looks just like this, as seen on Mack Collier's site.  So, put your thinking caps on, be creative, and leave a caption in the comments below. Contest ends Thursday, June 30th at 11:59PM PT.  Winner will be announced on Friday, July 1st.  US residents only.  

 Brandon Routh, Superman.  This photo totally deserves a caption.  

 John Noble, Fringe

Rosanna Arquette looks pretty damn good.  She's 51, people!

 My ultimate geek moment:  interviewing Rick Baker and Dave Elsey, Oscar winners for The Wolfman.  I love monster makeup! See my article for Starpulse during Oscars week on the Makeup Symposium.

Christopher Judge

Most bizarre interview ever.  Thomas Jane.

 And my reaction afterward.

 Dean Devlin, Leverage, Independence Day

 Steven DeKnight, Exec Producer of Spartacus and the lovely Erin Cummings who remembered me from our meeting in Detroit and the Gracie Awards. 

 Kurtwood Smith, That 70's Show.

 Claire Coffee from Grimm, but take a look at this true Hollywood moment going on in this photo.  A little evil eye.....

 Michael Biehn!!!!

 One of my favorite interviews of the night with Doug Jones.  How big is it?  

 French Stewart was so sweet and he just married his bride two weeks ago, Vanessa Perkins.

Monday, June 20, 2011

'Cars 2' Premiere

On Saturday night, I was on the red....I mean black carpet for the premiere of Disney Pixar's Cars 2.  A huge stretch of Hollywood Boulevard was closed off to make room for the Grand Prix raceway and all of our favorite characters from the beloved first movie like Lightning McQueen, Sally, and of course, Mater were there.  I'm seeing the film tonight at the El Capitan, so I will be sure to give you a full report upon my return.  "Git-R-Done!"

Check out my video interviews:

 Edie McClurg plays "Mini" AKA the Minivan.

 If you are 11-years-old, you know that this is Caroline Sunshine who plays "Tinka on Disney Channel's Shake it Up!.  She kindly gave a shout out for my niece.  I get to be the cool aunt for a day.

 Sig Hansen from Deadliest Catch plays "Crabby".

 Whoa!  I've now interviewed two people from Blossom this summer. (Happy Dance!).  Joey Lawrence currently stars on ABC Family's Melissa and Joey.  He has NO wrinkles.  I'm talking seriously flawless skin. I wanted to ask him his skin care secrets.

I'm here!

 My producer, JD, sporting his summer hair.

 Under the marquee.....

 Vincent Martella is the voice of Phineas on Phineas and Ferb.

Little Daniella Baltodano from Desperate Housewives. She's cute, but Kathryn Joosten is still my favorite interviewee  from this show.

 Hanging with Mater.

Our spot on the black carpet!

Photos are property of Kristyn Burtt and Mingle Media TV's Red Carpet Report.

Friday, June 17, 2011

Saturn Awards: Send Me Your Questions!

The Saturn Awards are coming up next Thursday, June 23rd and I know many of the fans are excited.  The reactions I received from last year's coverage were fantastic, so I am looking forward to hearing from you about this year's show.  I was contacted by Fringe Toast on Twitter asking if the fans could tweet me questions for Anna Torv.  I am happy to oblige!  She attended the show last year along with her Fringe cast member, Lance Reddick, and she is tentatively slated to appear again in 2011.  I want to keep all of the questions centralized in one location, so please put all of your questions in the comments section below.  If you want to see who else is appearing, you can read the press release here and here. I will take questions for any celebrity of your choice.

Thanks for your interest, it is going to be a fun red carpet!

Thursday, June 16, 2011

So You Think You Can Dance

Okay, So You Think You Can Dance Fans (SYTYCD), Season 8 is upon us and the live shows began last night on FOX.  Earlier this week, I was lucky enough to interview judges, Mary Murphy and Nigel Lythgoe, about the Top 20 dancers and their predictions for this season.  They both mentioned that the talent is top notch and the talent is better than ever, but remember, they have the luxury of watching the 7 previous seasons.  Let's hope that the contestants did their homework! Check out my short video interview with them on a hot Hollywood day:

Photos courtesy of Mingle Media TV.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Behind the Scenes Photos: The Tony Awards

Need some socks?  Um, there was a street fair in front of the theatre only hours before...that would never happen in LA.

Here are my final photos from the 65th Annual Tony Awards red carpet.  These are truly behind the scenes photos so you can see what it was really like to be there.  It may look glamorous on TV, but sometimes things are a little different in real life.  If you missed my Starpulse article, read here first.  Then come on back to this page for a more nitty gritty details of the evening.

Interviews:  If you missed my red carpet videos, click here.

 Annie, my amazing camerawoman, in front of the theatre the morning of the show.

Setting up the red carpet.......

 Although I was carb-free all week, I did eat a cupcake the night before.  Magnolia Bakery is too good to resist, Annie had never had one, and how dare I deny the girl a cupcake?

The lovely Ellen Zolezzi who did my incredible hair and makeup for the evening.

 The red carpet can be a hectic place........

 James Earl Jones!  My commencement speaker when I graduated from NYU.

 Kelsey Grammer was very kind, but I watched a little too much of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills last season to not think scandalous thoughts while interviewing him. 

 I loved my high pony that night.

 Best Dressed in my book:  Hannah Yelland, nominee for Brief Encounter.

 My favorite photo from the weekend.  Last minute studying before the carpet begins.

 Annie is working hard at her job!  Audio is important.

 Edie Falco looked great, but I think I captured a truly random moment.

 Kathleen Marshall, winner of Best Choreography for Anything Goes, was pretty awesome.  She loved that we were both blondes wearing navy blue.  I'll take that as a huge compliment.

I told you I was obsessed!  Okay, I thought his new bride was lovely, despite how their relationship began.

 Bobby Cannavale is delicious.  That is all.

 It really was Sutton Foster's night.  She wins a Tony for Anything Goes and she goes home with Bobby.

 The media check-in line was looooooonnnnnng. 

 The fans on the other side of the street lining up to see the stars.  This is tremendously close.  You cannot get this close at the Academy Awards.

 Annie and I worked so hard on that red carpet.  Our notes were a disaster by the end of the night.

 Team Tony Awards!

There's a lot going on in this photo.  To my right:  notice the protestors with signs who are there to picket the show, Scottsboro Boys.  To my left:  a gussied up NYPD officer acting not so subtle. 

Best glass of wine at the end of the night.  

I know you like to hear who was the nicest and who wasn't the nicest on the red carpet. I will say everyone was on their best behavior except one.  Here's a blind item for you to guess:  Rudest celebrity on the red carpet......this one used to be much smaller, but now he's too big for his britches.  He may be funny on TV, but he's prouder than a peacock in real life.  His gruffness was appalling, it left a bad taste in my mouth like sour lemons.  There are a lot of clues, so read carefully.  And yes, I will reveal who it is if someone guesses correctly in the comments below.

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