Friday, October 29, 2010

October: Monthly Wrap-Up

It's been a week of premieres, panels, and infomercials, so my posting has been a bit lax.  I will be back with a vengeance on Monday and I will post more on my awesome week on set in Nashville with an infomercial icon.  In the meantime, here is what you were reading this month on Red Carpet Closet:

Top 5 Posts:

1.  Dos and Don'ts on the Red Carpet: The Sequel:  This continues to be a heavy hitter with a majority of the readers coming from overseas.  I'm not sure what is drawing them in as awards season is still six weeks away, but I appreciate everyone stopping by to learn a little about putting your best foot forward on the red carpet.

2.  GQ/Glee Controversy:  The photos are all here, you can chime in with your opinions on Lea Michele's spread-eagle photo spread.

3.  Happy 20th Anniversary, 90210!:  A lot of you certainly remember the Brenda years and those delightful mom jeans.

4.  Disneyland's Club 33:  This post continually makes the monthly Top 5 list, but it slid a few numbers down.  Maybe you are finally tiring of this topic?

5.  Behind the Scenes with Taryn Southern:  This lovely lady is a multi-hyphenate:  actress, producer, writer, singer, and host.  Learn a little more about my pal, Taryn.

I decided to also do something new for this monthly wrap-up:  The Top 5 Most Absurd Searches:

1.  "Berbank Delai":  Um, not sure what this means, but it sure is close to this post about getting stuck at an airport.

2. "Can You Have Carpet for Kinect?":  Okay, this isn't a video game blog, but I did attend the launch of XBox 360 Kinect.  Even armed with that knowledge, I have no idea if you have to have hardwood floors or carpeting to play a video game.  That would seem a bit exclusionary, no?

3.  "Glasses Mark Gantt Wears":  Well, I do know Mark Gantt, but I don't know about his glasses.  He is the super hot star of The Bannen Way.  Do you want me to ask him what kind of glasses he wears?  Mark, maybe you could chime in the comments section.

4.  "Something Serious in Olga Kay's Life Right Now":  Yep, I know YouTube sensation, Olga Kay, too.  I think she is okay, but thanks for your concern.  Maybe Olga can reassure all of her fans with a comment below.  Olga, are you okay?

5.  "Smarties Halloween Treat Holder":  That's some interesting phrasing, but is this what you were looking for?

Have a safe and sweet Halloween!  See you on Monday at Red Carpet Closet.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

The Legend of Neil Series Finale Party

I was honored to be invited to's series finale party for the web series, The Legend of Neil at the Downtown Independent last night.  Sandeep Parikh and Tony Janning created a spectacular Season 3 filled with special effects and a conclusion that no one will be disappointed with.  It is a really fitting ending to a terrific series.  I cannot wait to see what Sandeep and Tony create next, it will be well worth the wait.  If you missed my Web Files interview with the guys earlier this year, you can find my interview and behind the scenes look here. Be sure to head over to to see The Legend of Neil today.  Congratulations, Sandeep and Tony!

Me and creator of The Legend of Neil, Sandeep Parikh.

With Bernie Su, writer extraordinaire of Compulsions.

My partner-in-crime last night, Julie Tyler. 

You might remember this DVF dress from Fashion's Night Out.  I wore these Steve Madden black shoes with it.  
Photos 2-4:  Courtesy of Bernie Su.
Photo 5:  Courtesy of Julie Tyler.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Web TV Workshop

Last night I had the opportunity to speak on a panel at Web TV Workshop moderated by one of its co-founders, Damian Pelliccione, and TechZulu host, Amanda Coolong.  It was a terrific panel that focused on all aspects of creating a web series from the ground up:  branding, film festivals, media, producing, and advertising.  I was joined by an impressive group on the panel:

Matt Bolish:  Director of Programming, Anaheim Film Festival
Michael Redford Carney:  Writer/Actor, Flashing Lives
Jeremiah McMillan:  Founder, Global Content Group

If you missed the panel, it is archived over at TechZulu or check it below.  The panel is a little over an hour and it ends with a big finish--the Electric Slide!  (You have to watch to see how that one evolved.)  Thank you to Diahnna Nicole Baxter and Damian for inviting me to speak on the panel.  It was an inspiring night!

I will also be speaking at a FREE panel tomorrow night about putting your best foot forward on the red carpet. You can either watch it live online at Mingle Media TV or if you are in LA, come join us at Showbiz Cafe from 6:30-8:30 PM.  Make sure to RSVP, all of the details are here.  

Monday, October 25, 2010

Scenes from a Sunday Afternoon Hike

After a morning on location reporting for The Vintage Vehicle Show, I decided that my puppy needed some serious exercise after a rainy week in Los Angeles.  So I strapped on my hiking boots and off we went into the Santa Monica Mountains.  What I wasn't prepared for was the rain that decided to fall from the sky the second we hit the trail.  I didn't let that stop us as we traipsed through a foggy wonderland and enjoyed the crisp fall air.  It was a refreshing way to start the week:  soggy, muddy, and full of excitement for the week ahead.

Signs of a good hike=Muddy Paws

Friday, October 22, 2010

The GQ/Glee Controversy

Well, the controversy of the week belongs to GQ Magazine and the cast of Glee.  Someone has to be a part of a media's salacious story of the week and I imagine Lea Michele and Dianna Agron are wishing it would go away or that the cast of Hellcats would do something tabloid-worthy.  If you missed all of the controversy, the Parents Television Council "denounced the makers of the TV show 'Glee' for a hyper-sexualized GQ photo shoot that will be featured in the November issue.”  Words like "pedophilia" have been thrown around in the press and Dianna Agron took to her blog and apologized to those that are offended by the shoot. 

Many people have weighed in on the photos adding that the cast members involved in the shoot are all in their 20's and that Glee really isn't a show for the young set.  I think what people are failing to realize is that they are missing the real point of this controversy.  We get it:  GQ is a men's magazine, Glee is a hot, and sometimes racy, show, and parents to need monitor what their kids are watching on TV or reading in magazines.  The real tragedy is the handlers for these young stars.  I am sure there was a network publicist or an agent/assistant/manager to one of these young stars on set that day.  Who decided that Lea Michele posing with her crotch open to the camera in white panties would be great for her career?  I realize at 24 years of age, she is an adult, but she has been thrust into the spotlight and things are happening around her quickly.  That is when you need a strong advocate on your team and they failed the young stars of Glee that day.  

Look, I think that the Dianna Agron pictures aren't that bad. She is dressed like every video vixen from the 1980's and Cory Monteith gets off easy because he is a guy.  It's Lea Michele who really gets stuck.  Her body looks amazing, but she really needed someone in her corner that day.  Unless you have a contract to pose for Playboy or Penthouse, you should never spread eagle in front of the camera.  I actually feel bad for her.  If you want to know what happens to young Hollywood, it starts with all of the handlers saying "yes" to everything for fear jeopardizing their young star's career and the cash flow that is coming in so quickly.  When people learn to say "no", you have a career like Anne Hathaway, not Lindsay Lohan.  The bottom line, young actors have to start understanding show business is just that:  a business that is dying for you to put on a show.  

Take a look at more of the photos from the November issue of GQ.  Weigh in. I want to know what you think:

**All photos are property of GQ Magazine.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Halloween for the Pets

We know I am not a fan of dressing up for Halloween, but that doesn't mean I don't enjoy dressing my pets. Yes, I have become one of those crazy pet owners who loves to put outfits on my cat and dog.
I have learned through the past few holidays what works and what does not, here are a few tips:
Indy at Petco trying on Christmas wardrobe.
1. They do not want anything covering their heads or ears. I think because it such a strong part of their sensory system, they need to keep their ears and whiskers open. A hat on the cat or dog will barely last long enough to snap a photo.

2. A comfortable elasticized collar with a costume attached to it works well. Dogs and cats are accustomed to having something on their neck, so this is often the best route to take. Just make sure it is the right size (Most pet costumes come in S, M, L) and the costume doesn't stick too far out into their peripheral vision.
Christmas 2008-Indy doesn't like bells on her collar.
3. Take your animal's personality into consideration because any type of sound adornment can be stressful to the animal. For instance, my cat loves bells on her collar, but for the dog, it is a source of irritation. What is right for one animal may not be right for another.

Finally, Halloween 2010:

Beans the Kitty as a Spider:

Indy the Dog as Count Barkula:
Am I the only crazy one dressing up their dog and cat?  Please tell me one of you is joining me in the Wacky Pet Owner Club.  

Don't forget to follow me on Twitter, Facebook, or Bloglovin.  

Tuesday, October 19, 2010


Yes, I took the day off from blogging yesterday. I was having trouble loading photos to Blogger, so I decided it was a sign to rest and relax after being out of town for the month. I spent the day cozying up on a rainy day to my favorite farm animals, getting a facial, and making a pot of Texas chili with sweet cornbread muffins.

I was also lucky enough to come home to my BF and lots of presents from his trip to Oktoberfest and Prague (Yes, while I was working in Dallas, he was in Europe-not a fair trade!). I was dying to see what he got me and it was an eclectic mix of treasures, just the way I like it.

Starting off with a gift from Oktoberfest, I am hoping my pal, Lydia, chimes in on this one, but I guess all the ladies wear these cookie necklaces during the festival. A guy gives it to his girl to wear and it means something like "You have my heart". Okay, that is what I was told, but I am hoping for a little more clarity, so chime in the comments section if you have more information. It also made me laugh that many girls are seen stomping on their cookies if their boyfriends piss them off after a few beers. Oh, and if you see a little puncture hole at the bottom of the cookie, it is Indy's little teeth. She tried to eat my cookie.
A charming little Santa to add to my Christmas ornament collection. At the rate I am going, we we will need two trees this year. I think Santa looks like a 1970's version of a Weeble.
A beautiful handcrafted glass tea light holder. It matches perfectly with the dining room decor.
And jackpot! Some cool pieces from Prague, a big chunky Amber ring and a garnet pendant necklace. They complement each other well, so I have been wearing them together. My BF has good taste. Uh, and my hand modeling job in this photo is atrocious. My former co-workers at ShopNBC would be so disappointed, never mind the bad manicure which is getting fixed today, I promise!
Well,'s good to be home even if it is for just a week and a half. My next trip is to Nashville to work with this gentleman. I will have more details about that job once I shoot the infomercial, but I am thrilled to be working with such an icon in the field of electronic retailing. See you tomorrow at Red Carpet Closet!

Monday, October 18, 2010

Thank You, Dallas! Good Night!

The day has finally come, I get to fly home after 25 show days, 5 yellow shirts, and 1 Fletcher's Corny Dog.  This year was a lot more fun after have 24 days of sunshine versus only 7 days last year, especially when you are working outside.  Here are a couple of things I learned while visiting the great state of Texas:

1.  Tex-Mex food is by far tastier than Cal-Mex.  I should know, I ate a lot of guacamole and salsa verde enchiladas.

2.  Texas is another state that does not believe in recycling or toilet seat covers in the restrooms. (Michigan and Illinois are also guilty of the this.)

3.  I really think the dress and cowboy boot trend is cute.  If I can accomplish the look without looking like Britney Spears or Miley Cyrus, I think I may dust off my cowboy boots for fall.

4.  Football is a religion.  Friday Night Lights.  We do it bigger and better in Texas (regarding football). Well, it's all true.  Football is a business in this state and if you can't beat them,  you join them.  Yes, I attended my first high school football game in Texas.  I went to a New England prep school where lacrosse and hockey ruled and then I headed to NYU where the team name is the Violets.  Need I say more?

5.  Even with AT&T World Headquarters across the street from my hotel, the phone and data service was atrocious.  Verizon is getting the iPad this month and hopefully, the iPhone in March 2011.  Sign me up.

6.  As much as I love to annoy my co-host, Matt Troyer, he really is the best co-host in the business and a great friend to boot.  Enjoy your photo, Matt!

7.  Dorothy was right, "There's no place like home."

It was a great month, Texas.  Your hospitality and sunshine was appreciated.  Thank you, Dallas!  Good Night!

Friday, October 15, 2010


I travel a lot for work two days here, ten days there, but the State Fair of Texas is my hardest job of the year.  It is 27 days from airport to airport.  This year was much easier than last year because the weather was amazing.  Last year, we endured 18 days of rain while working outside.  Lots of time was spent sweeping away flood waters while waiting for the crowds to arrive.  It was a lot of waiting.  I'm now down to my last three days.  This is when it gets hard.  So close to being done, yet three busy days to tackle.  I'm ready to go home:

Have a great weekend and I will see you on Monday at Red Carpet Closet!

Thursday, October 14, 2010

The Truth About (my) Halloween

Okay, I know I am going to get a few snarky comments about what I'm about to say:  I don't like Halloween.  I don't mind handing out candy and I certainly don't mind eating the candy, but the holiday makes me want to go into hiding from October 31st until November 1st.  I hate to be such a grinch, but I don't want to dress up.  It has become such a big deal for adults, the parties have gotten bigger and bigger each year, and the costumes more elaborate and expensive.  The holiday drops at a really busy time of year for me and I just don't find it fun (for me).  For you, I know it is your favorite of the year.

Yesterday, the crew that has been with me for the last 23 days in Dallas wanted to throw a pre-Halloween bash.  I cringed at having to come up with a costume until a co-worker came up with some fantastic and cheap "play on words" costume ideas:
      -Nickelback:  The band or a nickel taped to your back.
      -Quarterback:  A football player or you guessed it, a quarter taped on your back.
      -Babysitter:  A really hot girl to take care of your kids or a baby doll attached to your behind.
      -Condiment:  A delicious topping on your cheeseburger or a condom + mints pinned to your t-shirt.  
                            (This was one was used last night, see photo below)
      -Smarty Pants:  Someone who thinks they know it all or a bunch of Smarties candies pinned to your
                               jeans.  (And, bingo!  I found my costume.)
Your Condiment or Condom + Mint
For $4.17 for Smarties candies and a few safety pins at CVS, I had a costume.  It took me about 10 minutes to strategically pin my candies, put on my new cute shoes, and I was out the door!  Of course, someone guessed my costume was "Smart Ass".  Okay, that works too!  The real costumes that walked in the door were really creative from a piñata to Snooki to the Double Rainbow guy.  Everyone had a good time, no one yelled at me for not having a costume, and people asked for a sampling of Smarties all night. I just unpinned them and my costume got lighter as the evening went along.  Everyone loves Smarties candies!
This is about as Halloween as I get.
Now, I am not a total Bah Humbug on this. I want to hear what you are doing for Halloween. Let me know and don't worry, if you ring my doorbell, I have a ton of candy to share.  Trick or Treat!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Rockin' the Leg Warmers

The best look in fashion in the 1980's was introduced with the movie, Flashdance.  All a girl needs is a pair of leg warmers and a ripped sweatshirt, add a few accessories, jeans, heels, and you are good to go.  I decided to bring back the leg warmer to my own closet two years ago after finding a great pair at American Apparel.  For the last two years, I have rocked a leg warmer on my way to my show with a pair of sneakers or my Uggs.  Hey, it's cold in Detroit and Chicago in the January and February.  I may not be the most fashionable girl with that look, but I am still rockin' my leg warmers.
Yep, I wore this in NY. I had to walk about twenty blocks to work in my wardrobe each day. So, I worked Flashdance and Working Girl all into one look.
I am happy to say the leg warmer is officially back this season, so I will be adding a few affordable pairs to my collection this fall.  Below is my American Apparel leg warmers that I bought a few years ago.  I am not a fan of the AA "model shots", but the leg warmers are a great buy at $16.
American Apparel, Black and White, $16
There are a lot of sophisticated choices out there, check out a few looks for fall:
1.  Forest Green Cinched Leg Warmers:  $9.99 Ruche
2.  Button Up Leg Warmers:  $27 Sock Dreams
3.  Eliot Sweater Leg Warmers:  $118 Marc by Marc Jacobs
4.  Heather Grey Chunky Leg Warmers:  $16 Topshop

Mark Your Calendars: Get Red Carpet Ready!

If you have been following this blog for awhile, you know I am always trying to give pointers to talent on the red carpet:  from having the best publicity to shining in your red carpet interview to putting your best fashion foot forward to red carpet etiquette.  Well, all of my red carpet dreams are about to come true on Wednesday, October 27th, as I take part in a panel called "Get Red Carpet Ready" sponsored by Mingle Media TV and Showbiz Store & Cafe.  I am honored to be on the panel with a group of extremely talented entertainment professionals and I hope you can join us either in person or via the live stream.  Here is all the information:

More and more red carpet events are being held and with the insurgence of new talent from acting, creating, music and fashion, walking the Red Carpet it's important to keep an eye on what you are really there for, publicity. Presenting yourself on the carpet takes preparation from fashion to what you're going to talk about. This panel of experts will share their expertise as it relates to fashion, prepping talent for events, how the red carpet is run and how to respect it and how to have a good interview and get a sound bite that people will be talking about. Get Red Carpet Ready and Rock it by attending our live event on Wednesday, October 27th at 6:30 PM - 8:30 PM or watch live streaming on Mingle Media TV.

Cost:  FREE

Showbiz Store & Cafe LA
500 S Sepulveda
Ground Floor 

Our panelists are as follows:

Moderator: Jeff Rago, Entertainment Reporter

Jeff's a seasoned entertainment reporter and producer who has contributed to both national (Extra) and international (CNN International) news programs as well as entertainment websites. From red carpets to one-on-one rooms to intimate sit-downs, Jeff has gotten up close and personal with some of the biggest names in Hollywood including Johnny Depp, Zach Braff and Beyonce.

Alexandra Lippin, Vice President / Public Relations

The Lippin Group is one of the largest independent entertainment and media public relations agencies in the world, representing clients in the United States and abroad. Headquartered in Los Angeles with additional wholly owned and operated offices in New York and London, The Lippin Group represents many of the entertainment industry's major studios, leading associations as well as work for independent production and distribution companies, across all distribution platforms in the United States and many countries abroad. The Company also conducts industry and consumer campaigns on network, cable and syndicated television programs, studio and independent films, music CDs and tours, DVD/home entertainment, online and mobile content. In addition, The Lippin Group, through its wholly owned unit, Brand2Hollywood, serves as the bridge between consumer brands looking to establish a presence in Hollywood with key entertainment industry award shows and events.

Ann Deal
Founder and CEO of Fashion Forms
As founder of Fashion Forms, a fashion bras and intimate apparel accessory company, Ms. Deal is passionate about her business.  "It's so exciting to be involved in the development of hew shapes and items that women need but were never before available.  Her life's work is to help women look and feel shapelier, sexier and more physically free.  In less than 10 years, Fashion Forms has become the nation's leader in bra accessories, constantly introducing new and useful Intimate Apparel accessories like water push up pads, shoulder cushions, adhesive bras and more.

Kristyn Burtt
Host/Show Creator of online entertainment show, The Web Files
Author of the Red Carpet Closet
Award-winning new media, web TV show host and producer, Kristyn Burtt talks and writes about the world of Celebrity Red Carpets from Awards shows to Photo ops, stylists, designers, caterers, event planners and more.  She also works as a host for Mattel, Toyota and other brands and is as fluent in tech-speak as she is in fashion-speak.

Kallah Maguire, Stylist
Kallah Maguire is a seasoned fashion expert who brings a wealth of knowledge and a keen eye for current fashion to her clients. Her Los Angeles based company The Emerald Scarab offers a wide range of personal styling and shopping services for men and women alike. Kallah attended the Fashion Institute for Design and Merchandising, and has worked in both the European and American fashion industry and consumer markets. She's styled it all: from magazines, models, red carpet, and celebs, to moms on the go, and CEO's.

Arturo D. Chavez
Fashion Stylist
Arturo has styled celebrities such as Arriana Huffington, Brad Paisley, The Cheetah Girls, Colin Firth, Helen Hunt, Janice Dickinson, Jared Padalecki, Kelly Hu, Melora Hardin, Rainn Wilson, Scott Caan, and Vanessa Minnillo. His work has been published in numerous publications such as 944 Magazine, Beverly Hills Lifestyle Magazine, BOP Magazine, Flaunt, OK! Magazine, Parade, People, Star, Teen, Tiger Beat, Us Weekly, Vegas Magazine, and Worth Magazine. He's worked with scores of photographers and had dressed hundreds for fashion advertising for retailers like Bloomingdale's, Wet N Wild Cosmetics, Guess and more. You've seen his work on Television and movies as well as on the runway and of course, the Red Carpet! 

Monday, October 11, 2010

Scenes from a Weekend at The State Fair of Texas

I have officially completed 18 days so far at the State Fair of Texas and I have to say, it is much easier the second time around.  I have to thank the weather for cooperating this year; gone are the fleeces, gloves, hats, and scarves from last year.  I can't believe I will be home in one week after a month in Texas! Catch a glimpse of my weekend in photos:

Here I am, eating the famous Fletcher's Corny Dog.  Now, the Fletcher Family claims they invented the corn dog.  I don't who invented it, but it's delicious.  Read the history of the corn dog here.

My co-host decided to hijack my iPhone and change my wallpaper to his lovely mug.  I decided that he must really want his photos published, so I tagged him on my private Facebook page.  Let me tell you, he really enjoyed that one.  Little does he know, he's on my blog too!

Here's where I get a little grumpy at the city of Dallas, DART, their transportation system, had a huge debacle last year during the UT/OU game with getting people to the fair and the game on time.  They did a great job at the game this year, however, this weekend was even busier than game weekend.  Did they learn their lesson?  Nope, here are the crowds waiting to get on an available train.  Sigh.  

Larry at the ice cream stand is my best friend at the fair.  He kindly hooks me up with a vanilla soft serve every once in awhile.  Perfect for a hot summer day!  (By the way, notice my millions of freckles on my face!  I wear a hat and SPF 85 every day.  Geez!)

Happy 10th Birthday to the Toyota Prius--10.10.10!  My favorite car and probably one of the most innovative technological breakthroughs of the last decade.  This car was a game-changer back in 2000 when it was launched. Toyota hoped to sell about 12, 000 units that year.  Now, over a million Prius have been sold worldwide and over 650 MILLION gallons of gas have been saved.  

Yes, I am so strong, I can hold up a Dodge Ram with only two hands.  We're that strong at Toyota.

Um, attractive picture of my nap.  Yes, this wound up on Facebook too, all thanks to my co-host, Matt Troyer.  Hey, it was a long weekend and I needed to recharge.  I hope your weekend was just as much fun!

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