Friday, October 22, 2010

The GQ/Glee Controversy

Well, the controversy of the week belongs to GQ Magazine and the cast of Glee.  Someone has to be a part of a media's salacious story of the week and I imagine Lea Michele and Dianna Agron are wishing it would go away or that the cast of Hellcats would do something tabloid-worthy.  If you missed all of the controversy, the Parents Television Council "denounced the makers of the TV show 'Glee' for a hyper-sexualized GQ photo shoot that will be featured in the November issue.”  Words like "pedophilia" have been thrown around in the press and Dianna Agron took to her blog and apologized to those that are offended by the shoot. 

Many people have weighed in on the photos adding that the cast members involved in the shoot are all in their 20's and that Glee really isn't a show for the young set.  I think what people are failing to realize is that they are missing the real point of this controversy.  We get it:  GQ is a men's magazine, Glee is a hot, and sometimes racy, show, and parents to need monitor what their kids are watching on TV or reading in magazines.  The real tragedy is the handlers for these young stars.  I am sure there was a network publicist or an agent/assistant/manager to one of these young stars on set that day.  Who decided that Lea Michele posing with her crotch open to the camera in white panties would be great for her career?  I realize at 24 years of age, she is an adult, but she has been thrust into the spotlight and things are happening around her quickly.  That is when you need a strong advocate on your team and they failed the young stars of Glee that day.  

Look, I think that the Dianna Agron pictures aren't that bad. She is dressed like every video vixen from the 1980's and Cory Monteith gets off easy because he is a guy.  It's Lea Michele who really gets stuck.  Her body looks amazing, but she really needed someone in her corner that day.  Unless you have a contract to pose for Playboy or Penthouse, you should never spread eagle in front of the camera.  I actually feel bad for her.  If you want to know what happens to young Hollywood, it starts with all of the handlers saying "yes" to everything for fear jeopardizing their young star's career and the cash flow that is coming in so quickly.  When people learn to say "no", you have a career like Anne Hathaway, not Lindsay Lohan.  The bottom line, young actors have to start understanding show business is just that:  a business that is dying for you to put on a show.  

Take a look at more of the photos from the November issue of GQ.  Weigh in. I want to know what you think:

**All photos are property of GQ Magazine.


  1. Wow. Lea Michele does get the worst of this--and I get why people are upset about the sexualizing of characters that are supposed to be in high school. My thoughts--the pics are tacky, Lea Michele's were a dumb move for her. Agreed.

  2. I totally agree - some of these photos are not appropriate (spread eagle especially!). As much as I'd like to say the fans are in their 20's I can guarantee you that many are middle school aged... and this is the Internet and seeing these photos creates an image and that image is personified in life. Your analogy of Lindsay vs Anne - so true... and the handlers/publicists need to watch out for the long-term value of the "Brand"....

  3. @Steph: You make a really good point....brand. Hollywood and marketing are so strongly tied together. You always have to be looking out for your brand. Since Lea is already a Broadway veteran, she has the potential for a long career in several mediums. I'm really surprised some of these shots even happened.

  4. WOW! I usually think people are over-reacting when they get all crazy about a photo shoot or pics in a magazine but these are out there. Frankly, I think they are just bad, cheesy, tacky pictures with no point. I don't find them hot at all but kind of gross. Not sure if it's the color correction or what. I completely agree with someone above said and think the word to sum up these pics is...TACKY! It's really too bad.

  5. I agree that Lea is totally out there! WHat was she thinking??

  6. Honestly, the photoshoot doesn't bother me as much as the size and number of tattoos those two girl's have on their bodies. I will never understand the need to get a paragraph tattooed on one's body, especially for an actor/actress.

  7. Thanks for chiming in with the male perspective, Mathieas. I just wonder what Lea's dad thinks. LOL.

    I know Lea's handlers probably saw this as a huge opportunity and the press from the controversy will only make her career hotter, but there has to be some line drawn were some shots are NOT okay.

    More discussion on this topic happening here:

  8. well, after this, i am sure no teens will watch the show.



  9. I want to fuck those girls! That's what I think of the pictures!

  10. @milowent: Yes, they are turning away from the show in droves now. ;)

    @Anon: We have officially hit all ends of the spectrum of opinions. My work is complete. :)

  11. I'm a bit late to this debate. I don't really care who these people are. As far as I'm concerned, they are all well over the age of 16, so I don't see why people are freaking out. If sane people cannot separate TV characters from the actors who play them, they have bigger problems to worry about.

    My main point of criticism is the photography. It just looks like a cheap porn site and not the work of a professional photographer. They would've been better off doing something with Playboy with clothes on.

  12.'s a great point. It's a cheap looking photo shoot.


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