Friday, October 8, 2010

My Exercise Wish List

The hardest thing about my job is being on the road and eating out....a lot.  It's easier to grab that bag of chips at the end of the day versus rising up an hour early to work out on the hotel treadmill.  And then, BAM!,  all of a sudden, you have five extra pounds creeping up on you.  I think many of you understand as we all struggle to balance, work, family, life, etc, and then try to squeeze a workout somewhere in there.  Well, one documentary changed my mind this summer:  Food, Inc.  The documentary was nominated for an Academy Award and it discloses the food practices and manufacturing in the US.  While I have always been a relatively decent eater, this movie changed my mind for good in less than 90 minutes.  Along with a change in the food I am putting in my mouth, I rededicated myself to a semi-regular workout routine out on the road.  It isn't always easy, but I feel so much better on the days I get my butt to the gym.  

We feel good in our Lululemons! On set
with fitness personality, Jennifer Galardi,
for the Rhythm Rocker
So, in order to feel better at the gym, I've decided to save up for some expensive, but over-the-top comfortable workout gear, Lululemon. A pair of their workout pants averages from $80-$100, but it's is worth every penny.  I first came across Lululemon when I was on the location shooting the Rhythm Rocker infomercial.  The wardrobe department took us to the Lululemon store in San Diego and had me try on a plethora of different styles.  When I saw how tight the pants were on the mannequins, I thought, "Uh oh, my butt is going to look ginormous!"  Well, I have to say, my butt never looked better in these pants, especially coming from someone like me who likes to wear baggy pants to my workout.  I was hoping that wardrobe would gift me with the pants at the end of the shoot, but darn, I had to return them.  It is now my mission to get a pair for my wardrobe since I feel like a million bucks in them.  I am already planning a trip to the Beverly Hills store upon my return to LA.  

My workout gear wish list.
Feel free to add any other workout wardrobe suggestions in the comments below as I am always in search of that piece gives me the illusion of being really fit. I would also love to hear your opinions on Food, Inc.  If you haven't seen the movie yet, add it to your Netflix queue.  Have a great weekend and I will see you on Monday at Red Carpet Closet!


  1. hey girl!
    haven't seen food, inc. but i obviously have to...sounds like a must-see. and i totally understand why the working out is so hard. there are 1. not enough hours in the day and 2. not enough energy in my body for exercise. but i force myself to do it anyway! i walk regularly on the treadmill and lift weights for toned arms. used to do ab work too, but i am so tired i just never get to it. ha! talk soon :)


  2. Hey Jenna! I have just started to add some weights to my regime. That is the area I need some help!! Hope school is going well. :)


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