Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Did I Just Buy More Shoes?

When I am on the road for a long time, I find the most dangerous thing for me is the internet, specifically internet shopping.  In fact, while resting in my room last Saturday night, I bought these (see photo below) after running into a girl in the elevator with them on.  They were hot, I asked her who the designer was, I ran upstairs and then I bought them all in a matter of 15 minutes.  That's why the internet at the hotel is dangerous when you are away for 27 days.
Viciious in Black Suede by Steve Madden.  Currently on sale for $76.95
After buying the shoes, I decided that it was time to also buy the Jessica Simpson clogs I have been coveting for over a month, so off I went to Macys.com to purchase them.  This is what they look like:
Winsy Clog in Tobacco by Jessica Simpson.  $89 at Macy's
I am always completely embarrassed to admit that I wear Jessica Simpson shoes.  I have several pairs in  my closet now, but I can't get over her tabloid life.  So, here's my advice to Jessica:  stick to designing because you do it well, get over dating athletes because it's a dead end, and don't talk about your relationships otherwise US Weekly will turn you into the next Jennifer Aniston. (The oh-so-desperate to marry 40-ish woman but can never find the right man, according to the tabloids....which I find SO annoying.)

My other problem lately? I have bought 4 pairs of shoes in the last four weeks and I have not bought a single article of clothing to go with them.  So, my feet will look fashionable. The rest of me?  Not so much.

Come back tomorrow when I share with you the secret to internet shopping:  a site that has most of the major retailers attached to it and they send you a check for shopping with them each month.  You don't have to pay a membership fee, they are just happy to have you shop with them.  I use it for all of my purchases. Trust me, this is a post you won't want to miss.  See you tomorrow at Red Carpet Closet!  

PS  While I posted the retail price of the shoes, I did NOT pay those prices.  I am a deal hunter with online shopping.  I will share my tips tomorrow. 


  1. absolutely love both of these fabulous shoes. On the Jennifer Aniston subject I adore her. I swear she gets prettier the older she gets. I love Jessica's shoes but sometimes they are just way too high for me. Maybe I need more practice haha! Very cute and interesting blog. :)


  2. Thanks, Danielle. Jessica's shoes are really high. I am only 5'3", so I try and grab a few inches whenever I can! Are you a fellow Bostonian? (I see you are a Bruins fan!)
    :) KB


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