Thursday, October 21, 2010

Halloween for the Pets

We know I am not a fan of dressing up for Halloween, but that doesn't mean I don't enjoy dressing my pets. Yes, I have become one of those crazy pet owners who loves to put outfits on my cat and dog.
I have learned through the past few holidays what works and what does not, here are a few tips:
Indy at Petco trying on Christmas wardrobe.
1. They do not want anything covering their heads or ears. I think because it such a strong part of their sensory system, they need to keep their ears and whiskers open. A hat on the cat or dog will barely last long enough to snap a photo.

2. A comfortable elasticized collar with a costume attached to it works well. Dogs and cats are accustomed to having something on their neck, so this is often the best route to take. Just make sure it is the right size (Most pet costumes come in S, M, L) and the costume doesn't stick too far out into their peripheral vision.
Christmas 2008-Indy doesn't like bells on her collar.
3. Take your animal's personality into consideration because any type of sound adornment can be stressful to the animal. For instance, my cat loves bells on her collar, but for the dog, it is a source of irritation. What is right for one animal may not be right for another.

Finally, Halloween 2010:

Beans the Kitty as a Spider:

Indy the Dog as Count Barkula:
Am I the only crazy one dressing up their dog and cat?  Please tell me one of you is joining me in the Wacky Pet Owner Club.  

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  1. Kitty Spider is good.

    but count barkula? cmon!

  2. Just wait until you meet Indy, JD. You will know why she has a Count Barkula cape on.


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