Wednesday, November 27, 2013

AfterBuzz TV DWTS: Tristan MacManus

I cannot believe the end of the season is here. I want to thank all of our guests who took the time out to visit this season: Sharna Burgess, Henry Byalikov, Julz Tocker, Lindsay Arnold, Witney Carson, Tyne Stecklein, Tony Dovolani, Gleb Savchenko, Toni Basil, Sonny Pederson and Tristan MacManus. 

I think it's the most guest-heavy season we've ever had. For those of you who have been around since Season 15 when it was just me and Suri, you know how far we've come. We are still a work in progress, but I loved how our team really jelled this season. Anna and Jake were great additions to AfterBuzz in Season 16 and we hope to all be back together (with Baby Trebunskaya!) in Season 18. 

Thank you for all of your comments and support. It means a lot to us. We have worked hard to bring you the best shows possible. So, here's to Season 18.

Have a great holiday season and see you all in March!

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

AfterBuzz TV DWTS: The Finale Preview

What a finale! I really enjoyed this finale more than other seasons in recent memory. I feel like the pros came into this season with a renewed sense of energy and purpose. The celebs all had great stories and reasons for taking on the show.

We have so much to talk about tomorrow on AfterBuzz TV, so I am going to open the forum to you. We are not having any guests, just the AfterBuzz team talking about the Top 4 dances and the season in general. If you have a hot topic you want us to talk about, let me know in the comments below.

Just a reminder that our show is live tomorrow at 2pm PT at AfterBuzz TV. We can't wait to hear from all of you!

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

AfterBuzz TV DWTS: Julz Tocker

Hello, Everyone! It was so great to be back in studio with the entire DWTS AfterBuzz TV team. I missed them and I missed you.

I see your comments coming in, so I want to clarify a few things so they make sense to you.

--Sean Cheesman/Derek Hough choreography: I was in NO way implying Derek copied Sean. There are a ton of differences to the routine. The beginning table work reminded me of Sean's choreography, but you can clearly see the the direction each choreographer took. Watch Sean's routine here.

--Debbie Allen: Were you just as shocked as I was to learn about Corbin's dance experience with Debbie Allen? Ms. Allen's school is legendary for producing quality dancers, so I know it shouldn't surprise me…but…wow! It explains a lot about this season.

--Predictions:  We made predictions for next week's possible winner, but as I like to say, "it ain't over until that freestyle hits the floor." I'm expecting top level choreography from Karina and Derek, so it should be a great night of dance. If fans are voting for the best dancer, Corbin or Amber will be the winners. If fans rally around their favorite dancer based on story, Jack or Bill could have a serious shot. (Although I think the judges' scores will not allow this scenario to happen, but we know stranger things have happened.)

--Victor Ortiz: If you missed his appearance last season, you can watch how he mauled the pillows on the AfterBuzz couch during the interview. The chat room fans call it the "Victor Ortiz couch."

We loved having Julz Tocker back in studio. His energy and insight always bring so much to the table. It was really appreciated!

If you missed the show, you can listen here or watch below:

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

DWTS Week 10

This is it! The Top 4 have been announced for next week's finale and we are ready to talk about what happened last night. We tried to get Tristan MacManus on this week, but his rehearsal schedule is going to prevent him from appearing. Sasha Farber was also in the mix, but he's heading to New Jersey today to rehearse with Snooki. This is the first day many of the eliminated pros are being reunited with their celebs for the finale, so it was a challenge nailing them down.

However, we do have a return guest who kicked off our season, Julz Tocker! He's here in the U.S. this week and I thought we had to take advantage of that…and to all of the people who were tweeting me to get him on--I heard you!

So get those questions in for Julz who was at the show last night (And sitting behind Carrie Ann, did you see him?)
I'm open to taking questions for Anna, too. (And see at how amazing our Mama-to-be looks in Us Weekly.)

The whole crew will be back in studio this week and for the finale next week. It will be a great way to wrap up the season.

Get your questions in the comments section below. See you tonight on AfterBuzz TV at 8 p.m. PT!

NOTE: Next week's show will be at a special time due to the 2-night finale. Finale show is on Wednesday, Nov. 27 at 2 p.m. PT.

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

My Thoughts on DWTS This Week: Just The Facts

It's been a very long day. I was working all day and my phone was blowing up. I had a feeling I knew why, but the level it escalated to was astonishing.  I have a busy week of work ahead of me and I can't go around to every site and respond to comments. I will do it here only once. No Twitter, no Facebook, no YouTube…only here.

I am actually going to leave emotion out of it as much as possible because no one wins on either side of the argument. Here are the facts:

1. The lead host for AfterBuzz TV books the guests, in most cases. The weeks I have been out of town, Suri has held down the fort and secured guests for us. I am working in Florida this week and Tony Dovolani kindly agreed to come on the show.

2. He is the ONLY pro who has come on twice very late in the season. Season 15, Week 6 and this week. The only other pro to come on while she was still on the show was Sharna Burgess during Season 16, Week 1. It is very difficult to come in the middle of their season, week 1 or week 9. We are grateful to anyone who takes the time out to appear on our show…but the extra effort late in the game is more than appreciated.

3. While many of you were upset, there were many who were happy to see our guests this week. Thank you for your kind words. We try to appeal to all sides of DWTS…and there are many sides as you all know.

4. I have a pretty thick skin, but others do not and some of your words really hurt them. It made me sad to see my friends and co-hosts feeling so down. We are a team…we rise and fall together. They all know I love them very much and they have my support.

5. We always take your comments into consideration for our show. However, if a pro becomes available mid-season while they are still competing, we want them on the show--no matter what.

You are welcome to leave comments here on my blog.  I won't be able to comment on Twitter or other places since my work schedule is nuts this week. I hope you all understand.

Everyone will be back in studio and we will be working hard to deliver the best show possible to you for Week 10. See you all on Tuesday!

xo KB

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Derek Hough: Your Thoughts On The BuddyTV Article

Yesterday, I was forwarded an article (Thanks, Catherine!) from BuddyTV entitled "Should Derek Hough Retire from 'Dancing with the Stars'?" Let's be honest, this author knew that a controversial article would draw a ton of attention and comments. I wanted to hear what the Twitter audience had to say and I was surprised that many of his fans wanted him to go on to bigger things.

The one quote that stood out to me was, "The point is that Derek has become bigger than the show…" I purposely cut out the second half of that quote which was "...and it seems like an unfair advantage" because when has DWTS ever been fair? Never. I actually agree with the first half of the quote because he is bigger than the show in many ways…popularity, talent and an Emmy win. This season his star wattage does seem bigger than the ABC show.

Many of you told me that you thought it should be his choice to stay or go, but I think argument is a moot point. Derek is welcome on the show as long as he wants to stay and ABC wants (needs?) him to stay on the show.

A part of me would like Derek to go on to bigger things while keeping a presence on the show. I think of SYTYCD's Spencer Liff. He has a great career outside of the FOX dance show, but he still comes back to choreograph numbers for the contestants. He is currently the choreographer for the revival of Hedwig and the Angry Inch that's headed to Broadway with Neil Patrick Harris and he's NPH's go-to guy for awards shows and dance pieces on How I Met Your Mother. I would love to see Derek choreographing a Broadway show or film, but somehow come back to mount opening numbers or artist performance pieces on DWTS.

On the flip side, fans wouldn't get to see him dance each and every week with a celebrity partner and that's the draw to many viewers who watch the show. If Derek isn't on, DWTS loses a bit of its magic. Even with Val, Karina and other longtime pros bringing their fans to the table, ABC probably wants to hang onto Derek for as long as possible.

I thought I would share with you some (There were a ton!) of the responses that resonated with me on Twitter. Do you agree? Let me know in the comments below:

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

AfterBuzz TV DWTS: Tyne Stecklein

I will totally admit that I was really excited to have Tyne Stecklein in the studio. She has such an incredible résumé as a performer and I'd be lying if I didn't admit that the fact that she was a part of the Michael Jackson This Is It tour was a huge part of the reason I was excited to meet her.

I loved having the opportunity to get to know her on AfterBuzz TV. She provided some great insight and she was the perfect person to have on for Cher week. It certainly wasn't planned, it just worked out that way.

We talked a bit more about Elizabeth this week and the struggles we have had with her. I really like her, but I feel like she's working too hard. However, I understand her mindset and I know she loves being on the show and she really wants to do well. As a fellow Type A person, I get it. It can be hard to let go and let that freedom take over. She's done it a few weeks, but then she starts holding on again. I think it's very important to her to make it to the finale. I don't want to see her face if she's eliminated because Snooki already made me sad…I think Liz would have the same reaction.

Next week, Suri will be leading the way with Jake in studio. I will be joining the crew from Orlando while Anna will be on vacation. Our guest will be announced soon….

If you missed the show, you can watch below:

Friday, November 1, 2013

DWTS Season 17: Week 8 Preview

We've had such a great season filled with amazing guests so far, but this particular pro was one I really wanted to book on our show.  Even though Tyne Stecklein had a Week 3 exit with Bill Nye, I don't think anyone had a bigger splash in Week 1 than this pair. Their Cha-cha-cha was watched by millions on YouTube. 

Besides DWTS, Tyne has been seen in Burlesque with Cher (Good week to have her on!), Rock of Ages and High School Musical 2. Just this week, Virgin America launched their new safety video, #VXsafetydance. Can you spot Tyne in the video?

 Before you submit all of your questions in the comments below, be sure to read this awesome Dance magazine article about Tyne and her career. What a talent!

And for your final homework, watch this segment from Michael Jackson's This Is It called "Meet the Dancers". It's about a 30-minute piece. Tyne comes in at the 12:54 mark, but it's so good you will want to watch the entire clip. (The embedding was disabled on YT, so click the link above.)

I know I left you all with a lot of work to do, but it's fun and her story is fascinating.

See you all on Tuesday at 8 p.m. on AfterBuzz TV!

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