Wednesday, November 6, 2013

AfterBuzz TV DWTS: Tyne Stecklein

I will totally admit that I was really excited to have Tyne Stecklein in the studio. She has such an incredible résumé as a performer and I'd be lying if I didn't admit that the fact that she was a part of the Michael Jackson This Is It tour was a huge part of the reason I was excited to meet her.

I loved having the opportunity to get to know her on AfterBuzz TV. She provided some great insight and she was the perfect person to have on for Cher week. It certainly wasn't planned, it just worked out that way.

We talked a bit more about Elizabeth this week and the struggles we have had with her. I really like her, but I feel like she's working too hard. However, I understand her mindset and I know she loves being on the show and she really wants to do well. As a fellow Type A person, I get it. It can be hard to let go and let that freedom take over. She's done it a few weeks, but then she starts holding on again. I think it's very important to her to make it to the finale. I don't want to see her face if she's eliminated because Snooki already made me sad…I think Liz would have the same reaction.

Next week, Suri will be leading the way with Jake in studio. I will be joining the crew from Orlando while Anna will be on vacation. Our guest will be announced soon….

If you missed the show, you can watch below:


  1. I agree about Elizabeth working too hard and not letting go. Being a perfectionist, I totally get what's happening and it's a big reason why I don't want her to leave yet. (Being a Val fan is the other I really want to see her to find that happy, freeing place and see the joy in her dancing.

    There were glimpses of her having fun with the Samba and definitely in her Cha Cha. When she did the little improvised bit with Corbin on Monday night, you could tell she was having fun with it. I'm hoping that the trio salsa will be a breakthrough dance for her. I think Gleb will help bring some lightness in and help balance her and Val's intensity.

    Val said in an interview a few weeks ago that she is even more intense than him and he needs her to be the ying to his yang. I think, as fans, we got a little spoiled by Val's previous partners (Sherry, Kelly, & Zendaya) because they were able to cut his intensity and brought his fun & lighthearted side out--sort of like Kirstie with Maks.

    1. Lesley! You put it in words better than I did. I really, really like Val and I wanted this partnership to be magical. It's been hard to watch Liz beat herself up. Makes me a little sad for her.

      You are right on the dance challenge with Corbin and other Samba/Cha-cha weeks. We see it and then she retreats. I agree that the trio might lighten her up. Gleb will add some fun.

      A friend of mine sat next to Liz's husband on a plane a few weeks ago. She said he was incredibly nice and excited that she was doing DWTS. I'm glad she has support from her family. That's so important.

  2. My first crush was for Val and kelly is thanks to her that I watch usa version ... there was so much magic! with the two! but I can not find that same magic if val is always so beautiful to look at with his partner missing something but I do not know what...
    but I think some couples are favored while the dances are not always good and without more

    I hope Val will win one day! lol it's a great choreographer's dances will always lots the emotion!

    great job yet for the gang afterbuzz dwts !!! kiss to all


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