Tuesday, November 26, 2013

AfterBuzz TV DWTS: The Finale Preview

What a finale! I really enjoyed this finale more than other seasons in recent memory. I feel like the pros came into this season with a renewed sense of energy and purpose. The celebs all had great stories and reasons for taking on the show.

We have so much to talk about tomorrow on AfterBuzz TV, so I am going to open the forum to you. We are not having any guests, just the AfterBuzz team talking about the Top 4 dances and the season in general. If you have a hot topic you want us to talk about, let me know in the comments below.

Just a reminder that our show is live tomorrow at 2pm PT at AfterBuzz TV. We can't wait to hear from all of you!


  1. Do you guys think the early shocking exit of Christina/Mark made the pros up their game?

  2. From Catherine L Question for Jake: Apart from the 2 dances you already do, which ballroom dance style describes you the best and why?

  3. Question for all of you: Even though this has been a really great season, is there part of the season that you have felt "this is tough"

  4. Hey everyone! Can't believe another season has gone by. What can I say? I'm a huge Derek fan and in my eyes the man is an absolute genius. He's so good that it makes me wonder if he has more fans than his celebrity partners at this point. As for Jack and Corbin, they both were fantastic. I have to say that towards the end my heart was kind of leaning towards Jack because he truly embodies this whole idea of never danced before and having the best journey. As for Corbin, I think he is probably one of the best celebrity dancers this show has seen but I fear his biggest disadvantage was not being able to connect with the audience (Jake said it a lot and he was right) and for me a big blow was putting Debbie Allen in one of his packages. Big no, no. It made us see that he was professionally trained. But after all that, the three that were up there were the ones who deserved it the most. What I actually appreciated about this season is that I didn't see as much STUPIDITY like last season when it came down to the competitive side. It was a lot easy going this time.

    As for the new format:
    Stay at one day worked. The Glitter Pit has to go. The judges' desk has to go back to where it was. And bring back the confessionals, those were always hilarious.

    As for you guys at afterbuzz, what more can be said? You are all amazing. Living in Barcelona I never get to see you live, but you're with me at breakfast and I enjoy the show very much. I absolutely loved Jake this season. He had more opinions, insights and nailed a lot of the predictions. As for Anna, her blunt honesty is what I appreciate the most. Suri, I have to say I kind of missed her sharp comments, "The Familia" Suri. Come back to us next season. As for you Kristyn, all I can really say is that I watch other shows on afterbuzz and you are without a doubt the best host on afterbuzz.

    Thanks for great insights and I wish you all a great holiday season.

    Much love,


    PS: By far the best tweet of the night was Kellie Pickler's when she called Derek "Mr. 5 Balls". Love her!! Derek said she would be her good luck charm.

    1. Thanks so much, Ana! I love doing the DWTS show. Our team is such a blast to work with.

      And yes…..NO more Glitter Pitt and fix that judges' table. I agree with you!

  5. From Victoria: After watching the finale I was so mad because Derek won again! I wasn't thinking about Amber or Corbin or Jack, I was thinking that Derek won once again... Do you think that the show is not about "the stars" but about the professional dancers? What is your take on this ?

    Much love from Argentina!

    1. I'm also from Argentina but live in Barcelona!!! :D I feel the same way you do. The show has become about the pro dancers!

  6. From a viewer's perspective, I love the one night show. I much prefer the 5 minute elimination to the dragged out one.

    How do the pros/troupe think the one night changed the dynamics of practicing/preparation? In previous seasons, was Tuesday's focus solely on that night's show, or would they already be using practice during that day to think of next week?

    Did we see higher quality dancing this season because of that extra day of preparation?


  7. What i like about ABTV Dancing with the Stars is Jake's always so happy and he gives good honest critiques, He makes me smile listening to him or seeing him. I think Kristyn is the hostest with the mostest. I love Suri's "my familia" stuff and she usually speaks her minds, come back to us Suri! Anna and baby bump T, are brutally honest and I love her critique of dances plus she gives us a lot more insight into what we should be seeing with the dances. I think it's a great crew who balance each other out. But Jake is the "bomb" and is my crush of the season. Gonna miss you guys! Happy Holidays to you and your family.


    1. Thanks, Cat! We all love Jake, too. Happy Holidays!

  8. hi to all !!!
    just just thank you the team afterbuzz
    and just a HELLO ! for vivi lool for the end please !!!! love it you 4 !!!! mhwaaaaa and a big kiss to TRISTAN xxxxx from France xx
    you are all 4 genial thank you for all the wonderful time with you on this show xxxx you make a exelent work and thank you for always making us participate! and even be you!
    Good luck Anna soon to his new role of mom xxx

  9. I will miss you xxxxxxx Vivi xxxxxx

  10. Question for Tristan and Anna:
    Do you think that it is fair that celebrities who have previous dance experience/training are on the show? From a viewer standpoint, it is much more enjoyable when all the stars are on an even playing field. I think either they should all have some dance experience or no experience at all. For me, it was much more enjoyable watching Jack and Bill improve each week than someone who has recent dance experience. Thanks for answering and hope to see both of you back for season 18!

  11. It's the last show of the season again and I'll get to watch you online this time - yaaaay for me :) (I usually watch you a day later because of the time difference).

    Thank you so much for this season, you were all great and even got us some amazing guests!

    I have mad respect for all the contestants. The TOP 4 was favorite final 4 (or 3) in a long time, they were all so deserving, for different reasons, and just seem to be great people. I wasn't surprised Bill went home after Monday night, but I kinda expected Jack to sneak to the final 2. I enjoyed all the freestyles, although I had mixed feelings from Corbin. He somehow wowed me yet left me underwhelmed in the same time? Perhaps because they showed the super cool tricks from the Vegas dancers in his package and I expected more? I know it was a super difficult number, but it just didn't make me want to watch it again :/

    I have to admit I'm a huge Derek fan, but I was simply team Amber this season. I signed up for dancing lessons after I saw her the first week of competition. It is something I always wanted to do, but was scared of because I'm terribly clumsy. I once broke my leg on the tiniest stair in Málaga :) Amber was such an inspiration and my own little experience made me admire all the contestants even more. Dancing is HARD! But I love every second of it :D

    What makes me sad is the backlash and hate that some of the pros and stars get. The biggest part of it is right now towards Derek and Amber, but Corbin, Leah and Bill got their "fair" share of it too. I understand being upset over the results, constructive criticism and different opinions are fine, we can't all like the same things :) But hating on the pros and contestants? That's despicable. They are real human beings with feelings, not fictional characters. I know you tasted a bit of this few weeks ago on your show yourselves :( I feel actually sorry for the people who can't focus on the things they liked and rather keep on insulting and blaming other people. It is just a TV show, imagine how they deal with real life problems ...

    I'm sure there will be a huge discussion in the social media whether Derek should leave DWTS. I would compare it to soccer - if you are owner of FC Barcelona and one of your players is Lionel Messi (aka the best one in the world), you don't let him sit on the bench nor do you make him a goalie. You let your biggest asset do his thing. That's just my opinion :)

    Happy holidays to you all!!!

    Veronika from Czech republic

    1. Hi Veronika! I love the Czech Republic…it's so pretty there. Thanks for all of your comments. You are right. We are all human and have feelings. We have to be respectful of each other and our differences of opinion.

      Amber had a great finale. She proved that you can win DWTS with an injury or if you are curvy. She powered through like no one I have ever seen. It was impressive.

      The show would be lost without Derek, but I know he also has a lot of opportunities coming his way. It will be great to see what he tackles in the off-season.

      Happy Holidays

  12. Having trouble getting today's afterbuzz. I saw a bit of the middle of it. Now the afterbuzz site is telling me that the hosts are prepping and won't let me see any of it. I can't find it on youtube. Help.

    1. Here's the link to the archived show: http://bit.ly/1b5RAsy


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