Wednesday, November 13, 2013

My Thoughts on DWTS This Week: Just The Facts

It's been a very long day. I was working all day and my phone was blowing up. I had a feeling I knew why, but the level it escalated to was astonishing.  I have a busy week of work ahead of me and I can't go around to every site and respond to comments. I will do it here only once. No Twitter, no Facebook, no YouTube…only here.

I am actually going to leave emotion out of it as much as possible because no one wins on either side of the argument. Here are the facts:

1. The lead host for AfterBuzz TV books the guests, in most cases. The weeks I have been out of town, Suri has held down the fort and secured guests for us. I am working in Florida this week and Tony Dovolani kindly agreed to come on the show.

2. He is the ONLY pro who has come on twice very late in the season. Season 15, Week 6 and this week. The only other pro to come on while she was still on the show was Sharna Burgess during Season 16, Week 1. It is very difficult to come in the middle of their season, week 1 or week 9. We are grateful to anyone who takes the time out to appear on our show…but the extra effort late in the game is more than appreciated.

3. While many of you were upset, there were many who were happy to see our guests this week. Thank you for your kind words. We try to appeal to all sides of DWTS…and there are many sides as you all know.

4. I have a pretty thick skin, but others do not and some of your words really hurt them. It made me sad to see my friends and co-hosts feeling so down. We are a team…we rise and fall together. They all know I love them very much and they have my support.

5. We always take your comments into consideration for our show. However, if a pro becomes available mid-season while they are still competing, we want them on the show--no matter what.

You are welcome to leave comments here on my blog.  I won't be able to comment on Twitter or other places since my work schedule is nuts this week. I hope you all understand.

Everyone will be back in studio and we will be working hard to deliver the best show possible to you for Week 10. See you all on Tuesday!

xo KB


  1. I don't understand, granted I don't spend a lot of time on Dancing with the Stars message boards (are there Dancing with the Stars message boards?) since I mostly use the Internet for cat video, but who was upset about Tony being on the show and why were they upset. If I had to guess, I imagine it has something to do with him still being in the competition (Mayhaps the thinking being that it give Leah and him some type of advantage) and or people were hoping you would 'rip' into Tony and Leah's performances and because of his presence did not (thus depriving them of their vicarious vitriol.)

    Either argument is crap.

    Of course you want people who are still on the show to come on as guests. No disrespect to the other guests but I think people still 'in the thick of things' have the most insight. Also, it seems to me that those are people, people tuning in are most likely to want to see. Also, it isn't as if the guests dominate the show, I thought Tony and Henry were rather subdued and in no one over-powered the show.

    *climbing on soap box

    Are we really at the point where the only thing people want is to watch other people argue and tear things down? Is there no joy in simply enjoying a discussion of a particular topic without it devolving into snark and shade?

    *climbing down

    If you have read this far, congratulations, you deserve a pony.

    I don't get why people would be upset, and I don't see why they would take it out on the (I'm just guessing) volunteer hosts of a TV chat show. There are lots and lots of things to be upset about, if this is what you picked, then you need to reevaluate your life choices.

  2. The first commenter obviously didn't watch the show. I thought Tony was very dominant in the conversation, talking up Leah every chance he got, and no one challenged his comments. Even when Jake offered up a critique, he did so timidly. These are reasons why a still-competing pro should not be on the panel. The show has been fine when troupe members or choreographers have been on the show. Maybe Tony was nice enough to be available for the show so late in the season, but he clearly had an agenda.

    1. Obviously, you don't like Leah or Tony so your reality is filtered through that prism, which is fine, wrong but fine.

  3. Well i dont agree nobody bashed them
    It was a bad show we commented on it
    If you cant take criticisms dont to this show

    1. Actually MANY people bashed them…that is why I had to support my team. We are NOT beyond criticism. (Heck, we dish it out every week.) It's okay not to like the show, the guest or even us. However, to make it personal beyond the "I did not like the show because…" just is cruel. Humanity has to be kinder than that. I truly believe that.

    2. I hope you understand most of us do love the show, but when one guest is acting completely insecure and preventing anyone from constructively criticizing his partner, it takes away from the whole point of the show. Every Wednesday morning, the first thing I do is watch the show, and it was such a disappointment this week.

    3. It's totally fine to not like a guest or their appearance. It's okay to not like the show or the hosts. It's not okay to make it personal and tell people they are stupid, etc. That's what I am addressing. We are not beyond criticism, especially since we dish it out every week…but bullying versus offering an opinion are two very different things.

  4. it was a show if you do not like then do not watch the show .. there are far worse things in the world right now for this unleashed on a team that always respects the viewers of all countries and leaves us always participated ...
    make its broadcasts as it's work .... Just follow its

    thanks team afterbuzz kiss xxxx good job

  5. Hi Kristyn,
    I didn't watch AB this week even though I usually love the show. I have seen Tony on other shows and I find him a bit of a bully with a chip on his shoulder. You just have to watch his body language when others are dancing or being judged or listen to his packages to know what he is going to say. Definitely not my cup of tea! His behaviour could not have been a surprise to those who decided to book him. I guess the backlash was! People want to hear your team's and your guests' unbiased critiques of the last show. That's impossible to do with any pro still in the competition there, but especially with someone who has a chip on his shoulder to begin with - lots of chips in imho.
    I read that Tristan will be on next week. So looking forward to him. He is the perfect guest! :)

  6. Thanks for posting this, Kristyn. I really do love the DWTS Afterbuzz TV. I personally love the dance world and behind the scenes in the TV world, so this show really combins my interests. I can't watch the show live because I'm on the east coast and I have a normal 9-5, but I download the podcast every Wednesday morning and listen to the podcast on my way into Boston for work.

    I think as it gets further into the season, it becomes more challenging whether there is a guest or not. Everybody has their favorites at this point and becomes passionate about what they want to see. I will admit that when I saw that Tony was going to be the guest I was a bit disappointed. This was for no reason against Tony himself, but the reason I love the show is because of just how honest it is. If everybody loves a dance, another person isn't afraid to speak their mind and state they may not have enjoyed it. I think with a competing pro there, it makes hard to be as candid as normal. Earlier in the season is a bit different because everybody is still in the learning process, but when we're 2 weeks away from finding out the winner it's a bit uncomfortable to watch.

    I think not having you there, Kristyn, could have a lot to do with it. Over the past couple seasons you've become a fabulous host of this show and really know how it flows. And even though you're not the lead host for SYTYCD, you basically take the reigns there as well. I think with Suri leading the show, she might not have had the experience to know when to jump in and move things along when necessary. With Tony being her friend, it made things more difficult to take the spotlight away from him.

    In the end, I think a lot of my disappointment lies in Tony. As I mentioned, I'm a huge fan of the dance world since I danced contemporary/jazz competitively until I was 18. This summer, I was lucky enough to meet Tony at a festival here in MA and he was so sweet. I started watching DWTS because I love Melissa Rycroft and fell in love with their partnership. When he said comments about how the finals will be someone with dance experience and the three hard workers it mad it seem like Corbin and Amber don't work their butts off and it kind of sat the wrong way with me. Also, when Derek and Amber's dances were brought up and he just said "next!" it was a dig. I just think of other pros that are remaining and I can't see any of them making a dig at another pair like that.

    Sorry for the long comment. I only wanted to let you know that I was upset because I really do care about this a lot. Thanks for giving us the opportunity to comment and let you know our thoughts. I can't wait for a better show next week :)

    1. Thanks for commenting. I totally understand and know that Tony is a divisive guest. It just got ugly when people started personally attacking my co-hosts for things outside of the show. We put ourselves out there, so we have to take show criticism…it's the only way to improve. The things I was responding to were personal attacks.

    2. That's crazy. I didn't look through comments too much after my own post on YouTube, so I wasn't aware of that. Yes, the show wasn't my favorite of the season, but I still enjoy You, Jake and Suri (and Anna plus baby!) and appreciate all you do to have this show for us! Thanks again :)

  7. I posted something similar on the youtube page but wanted to bring it here so you see it.

    Whether or not you are a fan of a particular episode/guest I think everyone should realize this is a fun, entertaining show you and the panel provide each week so there is no reason to hurl insults. At the end of the day, we are talking about a reality show that makes celebs dance ballroom! This isn't a presidential debate we are analyzing here hahaha!

    With no results show this season I think AfterBuzz has almost BECOME our results show, which is why everyone looks forward to it each week and cares about it so much! I personally would have liked to hear more about the panels thoughts on Elizabeth's elimination and more analysis about why you think she was voted off, considering she was a favorite going into the season. At the end of the day what is more important, how good of a dancer you are (Elizabeth) or how much you improve and connect with the audience (Bill, Leah, and Jack)? I think in her instance it really came down to chemistry with Val and think it would be a good opportunity to talk further about how important chemistry really is on this show. Can it be faked? What do you do as a pro if you know you aren't clicking with your partner? There was so much talk about her and Gleb after their trio and how she might have been better off with him but part of me wonders if it was Val's fan base that got them this far.

    Elizabeth would have danced well with whomever she was partnered with but if the audience doesn't connect to a celeb/partnership they aren't going to vote for them, doesn't matter how good they look on the floor. Look how far Val and Kelly went! I thought Kelly improved greatly as the season went on but compared to the rest of the competition that year and fan bases I don't think a lot of people would have pegged them for the finals (or even Melissa winning)!

    I know next week's show will be jammed packed going into the finals and discussing whoever is eliminated after the semis but if there is a time I would love for you guys to briefly revisit Elizabeth's elimination and how chemistry plays a part in this show (or even on your blog, whatever is easiest).

    Hope you are having fun in Florida!

    1. Hi Stephanie! I will definitely address chemistry. Would love to discuss it more since it played a big part in this season. Probably will do a blog since I know we have two big final weeks ahead of us with DWTS. Thanks!

    2. Kristyn, Your are sooo talented. Very good at your craft. You have addressed Val and Elizabeth's chemistry to death. Please, give me a break. Are people blind to the editing process that goes on in the show. Were people really not seeing that these two really had a great connection, although they were both intense. The negative side of their chemistry was played up and the positive side played down. The problem this week was that your fan base is not used to you guys being so nonbiased. You are a pro Derek site. Suri tried to say you arent but you are. You are a site that digs for trash agains Val and Tony. I think you see this. Some people can't see things like this. If you want people to be nice and respect you, you should do the same for the pros and their stars. Your shaking of the jive pills while Suri laughed is just one example of the multipl disrespectful digs at Elizabeth Berkley. Not to mention the weekly dissing of her emotions. I know one fact, If she were Dereks partner and looked emotionally disconnected on the dance floor( she did not look half as stressed as Kellie Picler) you would not have mentioned it. That is simply the truth. This was your best show because it was nonbiased. I did think Tony's dis of Derek and Mark was uncalled for "Next" but he may have been counteracting all of the really mean comments that your guys have made of his work with Leah.

  8. This comments can be summed up easily....

    I don't like Leah
    I want to watch people bash Leah
    I didn't get to watch people bash Leah
    I want to complain

  9. The negative comments basically amount to I don't like that you didn't bash Leah because I don't like Leah so now I am going to complain about it.

  10. I'm sorry that the hosts felt they were being attacked based on the comments of the episode. Welcome to journalism. If anything, they should chalk this up as a learning experience and expect to meet this several more times in their career. This is from someone who started out in that field and decided to move to marketing. People can be rude and although sometimes it may not be intentional everyone is not great at communicating their thoughts tactfully. Although, I've liked Tony and I did not enjoy this particular episode reason being his domination, he was clearly promoting he and Leah. He unfortunately at times seem to take constructive criticism as hate towards him and I think that's why a lot of people do not care for him.

    From what I've read it seems like people were a little disappointed in the hosts because it appeared that they allowed Tony to dominate and maybe lost focus. From my view, I understand that out of respect and gratitude they did not want to hurt his feelings but I felt at times they could have somehow, with tact of course express their true opinions as they always have. (Note: this is not hate. Please accept this as constructive feedback) If this was any other show, you know their host would have torn him to pieces but ABTV is not about that.

    I would say to Suri and Jake, out of every negativity there is positivity lurking. See what you can learn from this. We still love you. On to the next episode.

    1. Thanks for your comments! I think we are all looking forward to a fresh week. :)

  11. Afterbuzz Crew: Kristyn, Suri & Jake -

    I really enjoy your show and I'm irked at the unnecessary attacks you guys have gotten. AB really has become like the results show...something DWTS related to look forward to on Tues. I really appreciate all your insight and opinions every episode. I appreciate the honest feedback on dancing and technique. Many times I will completely disagree with someone on the panel...but I respect their opinion because I know there is no hidden agenda. It's just their opinion.

    Honestly I have to wonder if all the negative feedback is mainly coming from a small group of very vocal super fans? Perhaps these fans didn't enjoy this episode because they don't particularly care for Tony or Leah or their dancing. Perhaps this small group of very vocal super fans are sensitive to any critique of Amber or Derek. A combination of both elements and I'm not surprised they didn't enjoy the episode. I enjoyed this episode. Tony was being Tony and Henry was great as well.

    Honestly the ONLY episode of AB that I have not enjoyed...was the one with Victor Ortiz. Mainly because I don't think he knew where he was or what was going on. Otherwise great job guys. If ANY pro is willing to come on the show during the season don't be discouraged from trying to book them just because SOME fans weren't happy with Tony.

    Lastly....everyone throwing in their 2 cents on how to run YOUR show. Umm sit down. You guys have been doing just fine and keep it going.

    Look forward to next week as always!

    Toni from DC.

    1. Toni…I agree with you. I think we learned a lot from the Victor episode that most celebs do not make great guests. We haven't approached another celeb since. We will definitely take away a lot of lessons learned from the Tony episode as well. Some comments were definitely valid that we can utilize for Season 18. Thanks, T!

  12. I am a huge supporter of AB Dancing with the Stars. I love Jake because he is so open and honest and he usually does constructive dancing critique very well but with his flair...I also enjoy Krysten and well because she seems to know what she is talking about and she is a strong host. Suri, i usually like her honesty and how direct she is but let's be honest...Suri wasnt being Suri in the last show. She let Tony control most of the show and that, i cant abide. He was really catty and he usually comes off as friendly as that but he seemed to have an agenda.

    Since K wasnt running the show, it just felt like everyone was kissing Tony's a$$ and letting him get away with some low down stuff and no one, not my Jake, not honest Suri who seemed to suggest that Amber was faking injuries...well, it ticked me off.

    K, it's good to have your friends and co-workers back, but when they are wrong, they are wrong.

    The only one that was completely doing his job that night was Henry B and i love that man. He tried to be honest and he honestly gave critique about the dances and gave insight into what he saw..Usually Jake does that really well but he let me down. Suri too. K, i honestly didnt get a lot of you in the epi because i felt that you werent in studio so i couldnt get a feel for what you were saying.

    I honestly love it when Anna is on because Anna is brutally honest and I love that about her..I miss her..I dont always agree with what she says, but Anna tells it like it is.

    Saying all that, i still will be watching but you cant expect people not to be upset with your peers and the way the show was ran because it wasnt true to them being how they have been in all the seasons that i have watched ABTV.

    We will move past this but dang it, I expect you guys to toughen up and handle it like the pro's you are..My momma use to tell me that a "hit dog will holler" and all the brew ha ha means that Jake and Suri know that in some part of themselves, they werent being true to themselves with that mess they were spewing on the show. If only one person was upset, it would be different but a lot of people were/are upset so that means that there is something to be said for all this going on after everyone watched the show.


    1. I truly think it's totally fine to not like a guest or their appearance. It's okay to not like the show or the hosts. It's not okay to make it personal and tell people they are stupid, etc. That's what I am addressing. We are not beyond criticism, especially since we dish it out every week…but bullying versus offering an opinion are two very different things. There are always things we can do better, but many of the personal attacks outside of the show (about appearance, how smart someone is, etc) were unwarranted.

    2. Many of you guys criticism is about appearance and In how smart someone did or did not do something in a dance, From the dress to the hair or whatever, Is that not a personal attack on them?

  13. The backlash about Tony is coming from the same group of fans who continually trashed Zendaya last season. We are talking about a group of adults who thought was appropriate to trash talk a 16-year old girl just because she had the nerve to be a great dancer who wasn't partnered with Derek. Tony is on the list of pros they don't like and nothing short of Tony spending 20 minutes talking about Derek's greatness would have kept them from complaining. People need to remember that this is just cheesy, fun, meaningless, entertainment and stop taking it so seriously.

  14. Kristyn, I am a huge fan of the show, I'm a fan because the comments are honest and real no matter who is being talked about. While I do not like nasty and also think it's wrong, I watch many other Afterbuzz shows as well and have seen many host give out harsh and nasty criticism, And to be honest I really didn't mind all the Leah talk either, I'm a big fan of her acting and think she is so funny, I honestly think many people became upset that there was a complete turn around of criticism from weeks past to all of the sudden so great with her partner sitting there. It was pretty transparent to see, and it felt like kind of a cop out. Now I fully understand opinion's can change and do sometimes but not that quick. So to me I have no problem with whatever guest you guys have on the show at any time, Just keep it real.


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