Saturday, July 31, 2010

Weekly Wrap-Up

I didn't post enough this week, but I am going to try and keep the posts going from Monday through Friday to give you the scoop on what is happening here on the West Coast.  So, here's the rundown in case you missed it:
                                                               A Prius on ice.
Monday-Wednesday:  Plug-In Conference 2010:  For those of you who are alternative fuel vehicle minded and like to get your nerd on like me, look no further than this conference in San Jose for the latest in hybrid and battery technology.  With a host of new vehicles coming from Nissan, Chevy, Mitsubishi, Ford, and Toyota, there is going to be a wave of PHV (Plug-In Hybrids) and BEV (Battery Electric Vehicles) coming to help green the Earth.  While I was there with Toyota and my future vehicle of choice, the PHV Prius, I can assure you that most manufacturers are working hard on improving the charging station infrastructure and moving further away from our reliance on oil.  If anyone is looking for more information or wants to engage in a lively and geeky discussion on alternative fuel, be sure to leave a comment below.
                                        Me and my future vehicle, the Toyota PHV Prius.

Wednesday:  MoreWireLess:  It's another week of MoreWireLess sponsored by Broadcom.  This week's episode talks about Bluetooth in Consumer Electronics. It's a short video that is worth a watch so you can make fun of me for the worst Wii Bowling game ever.  My Facebook page also makes an appearance, see if you can spot it in the shot:

Thursday:  ITVFest:  One of my favorite events of the year is the annual Independent Television Festival in Hollywood.  The opening night gala is always a high octane affair and this year did not disappoint.  With Illeana Douglas as the night's honoree, sightings of Desperate Housewives tasty treat, James Denton, and a solid mix of LA, NY, and Texas web series, it was a hot night on the red carpet.  Check out all of the coverage from that evening on Mingle Media TV, but here are a few of my favorite interviews and moments:
James Denton:

Hot on the Red Carpet with Erin Brown (Watch us get kicked OFF of the red carpet for James Denton and Illeana Douglas  Ah, Hollywood, the great equalizer.)


By the way, I have obviously become the biggest hugger on the red carpet.  You will see it in the Squatters interview above and a few caught in the act photos below:
Hugging my pal, Ariel Lazrus, of The Crew.
Now, Brendan Bradley of Squatters and Legend of Neil gets a hug.
                      And the most scandalous (and staged!) one of them all, Bernie Su of Compulsions.
                      Photos courtesy of Mingle Media TV
See you on the next red carpet.  I am ready with a hug!


Friday, July 30, 2010

5th Annual ITVFest

A few weeks ago, I was invited to the press preview panel for the 5th Annual ITVFest to give members of the media some highlights of the series participating in the festival.  It was an excellent opportunity to see where TV pilots and web series in general are heading, especially since 70% of the entries are web series this year.  Last year, the big talk was the fact that web series was carrying equal weight to TV pilots.  My, how things have changed in twelve months.
Interviewing the handsome, James Denton, from Desperate Housewives and the pilot, Twenty Six Miles.

You will notice a few Web Files veterans on the list:  A Good Knight's Quest, SOLO the Series, Squatters, Odd Jobs, The Fall of Kaden, GOLD, and Olga Kay's Circus.  I feel good that we have presented quality shows on The Web Files and they are reaching an even greater audience with the festival.  If you are attending the festival, be on the lookout for some higher profile pilots like Twenty Six Miles featuring the wildly talented, grossly underused, John Schneider as well as Jeffrey Tambor, George Segal, and James Denton.  Another standout to watch is 15 Minutes which gives a behind the scenes look at the world of Hollywood PR.  Creator, Bobby Salomon, mentioned on the panel that he was told by naysayers that, "No one wants to do a show about Hollywood."  Oh really, I beg to differ.  Look for the pilot that features another personal favorite, Allison LaPlaca and John Larroquette.  Finally, don't underestimate the animation category with ITVFest favorite, Stephen Leonard, and his series, Time Traveling Finger.  It's his third year here and given the super secret news he passed along to me at the Gala last night, this won't be the last you see his work.  
                                       Me and Melody Freeman on the red carpet last night.

I will be back with all of the coverage and photos from last night's red carpet gala with Mingle Media TV soon, so come back and visit Red Carpet Closet.  Be sure to check out the schedule below (double click to zoom in.) and get out there and support independent TV and web series.  Congratulations to all of the creators!

Friday, July 23, 2010

Weekly Wrap-Up

Oh, what a week it has pong, reality stars, and All That Jazz.  Here's a quick round-up of what happened this week:
Me and my pal, Maria, at the opening night of SPiN Hollywood.  We dressed up that night, but I only got a picture of our shoulder straps.  Oh well.  

1.  A visit to the opening of SPiN Hollywood courtesy of Lexus Dark Ride.  Thanks for the invite, guys!  We saw Susan and Vienna and Michael, oh my! (An Oscar winner and a couple of train wrecks all in one sentence.)

2.  It's week 6 of MoreWireLess and we take you right into High Speed Bluetooth.  Hope you're learning something, kids.  Sponsored by Broadcom:

3. Stupid for Movies:  I was lucky enough to visit the set of Stupid for Movies back in April where I interviewed Mike Rotman, Mark Keizer, and Wade Major for The Web Files.  They kindly invited me back and let me pick a movie to discuss.  So, here's the show, All That Jazz, and the story of my highly inappropriate dance routine in junior high:

4.  While I was on Stupid for Movies, I talked about a website I am obsessed with:  Cupcakes and Cashmere.  The content is definitely for the fashionista who is ultra-girly, but I am a huge fan of the site and its creator, Emily Schuman.

5.  Official Blog Roll Call:  I think I am going to start an official blog roll, so if you are interested in linking together, let me know in the comment section.

Next week, we will have a new episode of The Web Files featuring the talented and handsome, Al Thompson, of Johnny B. Homeless and Lenox Avenue.  I will be covering the Plug-In Conference up in San Jose through Wednesday and then running back down to LA to check out the red carpet of ITVFest.

Enjoy your weekend!  My weekend will be filled with a trunk sale at my favorite store, Roni B., my first show of the season at the Hollywood Bowl (Planet Earth!), and a little yoga to relax the mind, body, and spirit.  Let me know in the comment section what you are doing with your weekend.  See you next week at Red Carpet Closet!

My Tabloid Life

Okay, I'm not really leading a tabloid life, but I need to rant here for a little and some of it is my own fault.  See, I have a bit of an addiction to a little US Weekly and perhaps I have Perez Hilton bookmarked on my tool bar.  I'm part of the problem even though I now refuse to read any Kardashian, Lindsay Lohan, Paris Hilton, or Palin Family articles anymore.  I'm just tired.  Give me scoop on Sandra Bullock and her cute baby or Shiloh's "Montenegro" style outfits, but save me from these famous-for-no-reason-people.  I like light and fluffy, not overexposed, talentless hacks, but lately I can't seem to avoid these paparazzi-on-speed-dial-manufactured-"stars".  Besides my willingness to buy the magazine or click on a link, I blame Alexis Neiers.  Why?  She started my tabloid month.

I was in downtown LA at the courthouse sitting on a bench one day (I'm not a criminal, just helping out someone on a case.) when I see this wild-eyed woman walk past me with a huge entourage.  Holy cow! It's that wacky, hippy dippy mom from Pretty Wild on E!.  I scour the crowd and see her daughter, Alexis Neiers, in the middle of the pack.  Ah, she's turning herself in today.  That's what you get for being part of the "Bling Ring" and breaking into Orlando Bloom's home.  (And Mazel Tov to him for getting married yesterday!)  This encounter led to a series of F-list encounters that comes full circle back to Lindsay Lohan and Alexis.

Earlier this week, I head off to the opening of SPiN Hollywood at the Mondrian.  This is a hip new ping pong bar owned by Susan Sarandon. Great, my reality show luck has turned as I see Susan, her gorgeous daughter, Eva Amurri, and a slew of ICM agents circling the VIP table.  An Oscar winner?  Score.  This is an A-list night.  Well, it WAS an A-List night until they all decided to go to dinner and the riff-raff took over.  Over in the far corner stood The Bachelor's, Vienna Girardi.  She looks much softer and prettier in person, but I just wanted to tell her that Jake Pavelka really did ping my gaydar, so she's much better off.  Then, the ultimate F-lister joins us.  Oh yeah, Michael Lohan.  He had been on every news outlet that would have him crying about how upset he was that Lindsay was jailed that day.  Waaahhh, waaaaahhhh.  Yeah, he's so upset that he HAD to attend the opening of a ping pong lounge.  Would you be out partying if your daughter was sent to jail that day?  Just saying.
Yep, that's Michael Lohan at the SPiN Hollywood party. See how upset he looks?  (Snort)  The best part is the SPiN employee's shirt:  "Balls are my business".  Awesome.

That's when we knew it was time to exit the building.  Susan's out, Michael's in, and with that, we hustled right back out onto Sunset Boulevard.  And Lindsay Lohan?  Well, she's sitting in a prison cell right next to Alexis Neiers.  Yep, Lindsay was a victim of the "Bling Ring" too.  Poetic justice or just another day in Hollywood, kids?

**UPDATE** As of Saturday, July 24th, Alexis Neiers has been released from jail.  Uh-oh, do my tabloid run-ins start all over again?  Stay tuned.......


Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Celebrate the Web

Celebrate the Web was created a few days after the 2010 Streamy Awards by Jenni Powell and Kim Evey to give the winners and the web community a supportive environment to honor the work they created.  An even bigger event is happening this weekend in San Diego with panels featuring fantasy/gaming and sci-fi web series.  Some of the series you may recognize from our Web Files episodes, so we have been honoring those participants this week by rerunning some of our favorite shows with them.  Check out the links to their Web Files episodes below.  Now get out there and Celebrate the Web!

The details of the event are here:  Celebrate the Web in San Diego
Please note that tickets are all SOLD OUT, but you can get on the waiting list if you are headed down to Comic Con.  Another great way to participate is to watch the Live Stream on Saturday.

Some of the participants include:
A Comicbook Orange
A Good Knight's Quest
Gold: Knight of the Zombie King
Vamped Out

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Behind the Scenes of The Web Files Buzz, Episode 7

I think this has to our most unique Buzz episode of The Web Files because it was our first tech Buzz.  It was really important for us to feature some of the new technologies that are not only emerging on film, but they are happening in the web series world.   The crew at Safety Geeks:SVI and have lead the way with the first 3D web series while Tyler Malin and Matthew Forrest at Social Animal are pioneering new technology by partnering up with Psychic Bunny for their new web series, Qualia.  Now, let's dig into this episode.

Dave Beeler and Tom Konkle saw the new Acer 3D laptop and knew that this technology would be a good fit for their series, Safety Geeks:SVI.  This forward-thinking duo ultimately created the first 3D web series on the market, something the studios have not even done yet.  It is truly impressive when you think of it on that grand scale.  The way they shoot their series already leant itself to making the 3D possibility happen easier than most shows.  Since everything is done in layers on green screen, the foundation was already there.  In fact, we talked at length about this in our original Web Files interview with them last summer.  Guiding the way to make this happen is Dynamic Digital Depth (DDD) and their website  Jay Wiskerchen, VP of Technical Operations, talked about a "shortage of content" for 3D and how they would love the opportunity to work with other web series creators.  Do you hear that?  A great opportunity for those looking to step outside the box of web series content.
You might also notice that Jay is tall, like super tall.  They actually had to have me stand on an apple box to even remotely match eye lines for the shot.  Be sure to watch the episode to the very end where you catch a glimpse at the height difference.  In true Red Carpet Closet form, we also have some exclusive footage from the episode.  What is the cast's favorite scene in 3D?  Tom and Dave give some great technical scenes to look at while Brittney Powell goes right for the dirty.  I mean, the word is funny!

After our turn at DDD, we headed over to Social Animal to check out this wild 360 degree camera we had seen at the Streamy Awards red carpet.  The footage from the awards show was never released, so we decided to check it out for ourselves.  Tyler Malin, CEO of Social Animal, and Matthew Forrest, COO, gave us a great rundown of how the camera works and the new possibilities in storytelling the camera offers.  Matthew talked about the nine cameras giving you the "ultimate point of view" because you can pick and choose where you want the story to go.  So the viewer ultimately has control over their own experience and they wind up spending more time with your content.  This model has been used primarily in advertising with companies like Scion and Zipfizz, but they announced on The Web Files that they have partnered up with Psychic Bunny to use this in a new narrative web series, Qualia.  You might be familiar with Psychic Bunny's work from their unique comedy, Coma, Period and our Web Files interview with them.  While this technology is expensive, this is another groundbreaking look at the future of filmmaking.
I hope all of the creators out there seize these amazing opportunities that are on the horizon.  These are great ways to stand out amongst a crowded field and help take web series to another level.  Pass this episode along to your friends and fellow artists.  I think it is the strongest Buzz episode we have created to date.  I hope you enjoy as much as I did covering the story:

I'm going to leave you with the talented puppy of Social Animal's Matthew Forrest.  Howwe wowed us with his tricks and it is a great excuse to upload a video to YouTube with a "cute puppy" tag.  May I present, the scene stealer of the day, Howwe:

PS If you want more Brittney, go buy the Safety Geeks:SVI calendar: 

Monday, July 19, 2010

Dos and Don'ts on the Red Carpet, The Sequel

I have received such a strong response to several of my posts on media training, particularly Red Carpet Dos and Don'ts and Publicity and Web Series. To continue with the series, I am going to give you a few more insider tips on red carpet behavior.  I have been hitting the premieres hard lately and there are a few behaviors that keep showing up over and over.  Oddly enough, they are actually self-sabotaging habits in media.  I don't know why anyone would want to self-sabotage on the red carpet, but it is more common than you think.  Here are a few things to avoid:

1.  Self Deprecating Behavior:  Okay, here's a weird one, the act of self deprecation is the "belittling or undervaluing oneself", according to  I get that you may want to appear modest and not boastful of your accomplishments on the big screen, but when it gets to the point of saying "My acting sucks" into the microphone, I start to question why you are even an actor.  Chances are, that clip will make it into the interview because it is so unusual to hear, but I doubt that is the press that you, your agent, or your publicist want for your career.  Sure, be grateful for the art you were allowed to create, talk about challenges of shooting, but darn, don't tell people you weren't good in the role.  They will start to believe it and you are here to build your career, not destroy it.  There are very few people that can get away with self deprecating behavior.  They are usually comedians like Gilbert Gottfried, but hey, that's his schtick, not his real self.  See the difference?  Now, go out there and be positive, you earned your moment in the spotlight!

2.  Sounding. Like. A. Robot.:  In my time on the red carpet, I find the Disney premieres the most challenging.  Why?  Because the Disney Channel kids have all been prepped with one cute sound bite that they repeat and over and over down the press line.  They have been so coached, it comes across as robotic.  After ET or E! has used that clip, it becomes less valuable to the smaller media outlets who may be trying to sell the footage to overseas clients.  There is nothing new or fresh about that interview.  So, if you have to go down the press line and talk to ten, fifteen or even twenty-five reporters, try as hard as you can to be slightly original.  Yes, some things will be repeated, but the worst thing you can say to a reporter is, "I was just asked that before" or "I keep getting that question".  It's hard to be the 25th reporter in line and often times the A-List stars won't stop for press after the Big Three (E!, ET, Access Hollywood).  Just know that the reporters understand you are getting asked the same questions, they have to get certain things answered for their jobs, so pretend you are talking to Reporter #2.  You will be loved forever for it.  Love=favorable media coverage.  It's a game, play it! 

Here's a great example of a bad red carpet interview, courtesy of Mr. Billy Dee Williams.  Yep, he behaved like this all the way down the press line:

3.  Crossing In Front Of Camera:  Okay, time to call out this behavior.  Stop doing it.  It happened at the Streamy Awards, it happened at The Resolve premiere, and it happened at the Egyptian Theatre's Summer Festival of Short Films.  It's just rude.  I don't know how else to say it.  Can you imagine you are being interviewed live by a reporter and a fellow actor crosses in front of the camera blocking your shot?  Yep, it's been happening a lot lately.  Well, on a live broadcast like the Streamys, there is nothing you can do.  With taped footage, we can at least cut it out in post.  If you are on the red carpet, I completely understand that it is exciting and overwhelming.  It is a busy place, but think of like you are crossing the street.  Look both ways, see if someone is shooting.  If they look like they are in the middle of an interview, walk quietly behind them.  It's that simple.  You don't want someone ruining your big interview, so extend that courtesy to your fellow artist.  Publicists and reporters have long memories, trust me.  You want to be that person that people love to cover, it will extend your career by miles even during the lulls.  A little consideration on the red carpet goes a long way in my book.

And the worst kind of blocking on the red carpet?  Spock Blocking!  Watch the whole mess unfold....a big no-no.  Here are a few more details on the event if you want the juicy scoop.

I hope some of these tips are helpful for you the next time you stroll down the press line on the red carpet.  Let me know what other areas of media you would like me to cover here on Red Carpet Closet.  I am going to leave you with one of my favorite recent interviews, Anna Torv of Fringe:  gracious, lovely, and fun.  Enjoy!

Friday, July 16, 2010

Friday Wrap-Up

Even though I spent half of the week sick in bed, here's what happened this week.  Oh, and you do have some fun homework for this blistering hot weekend:

Sunday:  Chicago: Women's Health Magazine: Are You Game?:  
I kicked off my second year as host at Women's Health Magazine's annual fitness extravaganza.  It was a perfect day on North Avenue Beach in Chicago filled with fitness, fashion, food, and free stuff!  My favorite part of the day was introducing Sarina Jain, creator of the Masala Bhangra workout.  It was incredible to watch everyone dance in the sand with their scarves to this upbeat, enthusiastic interpretation of Indian dance straight from Bollywood.  Hey,NYC, you will have your chance to experience this on September 18th, don't miss it!
Wednesday:  The Web Files Buzz, Episode 7:
Our 7th Buzz episode launched on Wednesday and it features the latest in technology for web series:  3D with Safety Geeks:SVI and a 360 degree camera by Social Animal.  Just like the film industry, these techniques are going to be game changers for the web series industry.  Check out the episode:

Wednesday:  MoreWireLess brought to you by Broadcom:
This introduction to Bluetooth continues with Episode 5 and gives advice on wireless tethering to your PC.  It may seem a little basic to my fellow tech nerds, but my mom is learning a lot about the technology.  Oh, and I finally change my shirt--out with the hot pink, in with the baby pink!

Thursday:  Stupid for Movies: Try This at Home:
Okay, here's your homework assignment:  On Thursday, July 22nd, I will be appearing on Stupid for Movies:  Try This at Home segment.  I picked a movie this week and I will be on their show next week at 8PM PST to discuss it with LA Film Critics Association gurus, Mark Keizer and Wade Major.  We featured them on The Web Files in May and their film knowledge never ceases to amaze me.  It's also a fun, interactive show, so watch my pick, and then Skype in or join the chat room to discuss the film.  Here's the announcement at the 1:00:30 mark.  If you're too lazy to watch, click on the comments button below where I will write it in for you. So, please watch because my pick has it all: music, dance, sex, nudity, and a hot orgy!  That's right, even though it is a musical, I still took care of the men out there with my pick.  

Friday:  Something Exciting is Coming!:
Earlier in the week, I announced that "Something Exciting is Coming" to Red Carpet Closet.  I can't announce the details until August 10th, but to get on the inside track and find out first, register here to be eligible to win a prize.  I will have a lot coming your way soon from hair, makeup, shoes, accessories, fashions, movies--everything you would expect in Red Carpet Closet.  That's just a little clue for you to tide you over.  Have a great weekend, stay cool, watch the flick, and we will see you on Monday at Red Carpet Closet.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Behind the Scenes of Vampire Mob

Me and Joe Wilson in front of the Ruskin Theatre

I lied.  I said Vampire Mob week was over, but it's not!  Until now, I hadn't posted my Behind the Scenes look yet, so Vampire Mob gets an extended week and an exclusive clip not seen in The Web Files episode.  So, let's take a bite out of what happened at the premiere.  
The awesome John Colella, star of Vampire Mob who kindly coordinated outfits with me for the premiere.

Joe Wilson, creator of Vampire Mob, has been in contact with me for the past three or four months giving me updates on his show and the launch date.  I knew he had a great cast the second the name Marcia Wallace was dropped.  Hello, Bob Newhart Show!  He also managed to wrangle Kirsten Vangsness from Criminal Minds for the series to help round out the cast with stars, John Colella and Reamy Hall.  While I didn't see anything beyond the trailer in the early months of our talks, I knew his show was going to be funny based on his digital short, Swear Police.  Anyone that hangs around me long enough knows that I rarely drop a four letter word, not because I am morally opposed to swearing, it just isn't in my nature.  So, when I saw the short, you got a lot of "Holy Cows!" out of me.  It really is funny.  
Reamy Hall and me posing away!

Lately, I have been on the red carpet more nights than I can possibly count, so it's nice to go to a different venue with a format that hasn't been done before. (This is also another great example.) The Vampire Mob premiere was held at the Ruskin Theatre by the Santa Monica Airport.  Different venue, check.  Stand-up comedy to open the night? Check.  A lobby filled with red candy, cookies, popcorn, and refreshing treats?  Check.  It was refreshing to go to a new space to cover a red carpet premiere and the Ruskin Theatre offered a nice, intimate room to check out the show.  We walked into the cozy lobby filled with every amazing calorie-laden food imaginable.  It was fantastic to be greeted with the smell of freshly popped popcorn, lots of beverage choices, and a pick-a-mix red candy smorgasbord. (Get it? red candy, vampires, blood).  Okay, as you can see, the way to my heart is through food.  The other aspect that set the tone was an opening act of comedy from four stand-ups before the screening.  When I originally heard that this would be happening, I thought, "Really?", but all four sets were hilarious and it warmed up the audience for the screening.  By the time we viewed episode one, we were raring to go. So, well done, Joe!  
**UPDATE** Behind every smart man, there's an even smarter woman!  Let's give props to Kathryn Zaloga, Joe's "Consulting Producer and WIFE" from Hidden Garden Flowers.  She designed the entire look of the even and,trust me, the floral arrangement on the red carpet was killer.  
Q & A after the screening. Photo Courtesy of Agnes Magyari.

After the screening, I was asked to moderate the Q&A with the cast and crew.  We talked a bit about Joe's idea for the "Inner Circle" (Register here if you want to join and see the episodes before the rest of the world.) and following a view ransom model for Vampire Mob.  View ransom is a technique of holding the release of the next episode until the current episode has reached a set number of views.  For episode one, Joe set 5,000 views as his goal.  As I am typing this, episode two has been released to the Inner Circle, so they must be really close to releasing it to the masses.  It's an interesting way to gather buzz for your show and I can't wait to see how it plays out for Vampire Mob.  
My favorite photo of the night.  What is going on here?  Just ripe for a caption, no? Interviewing Elizabeth Beckwith. Photo Courtesy of Agnes Magyari.

Finally, I love that people are now rehearsing The Web Files regular feature "Your show in 10 words or less description".  Joe was ready for me, so I made him do it in seven words which turned into nine words even with a Mother-in-Law abbreviation. (MIL)  I also learned that it is tough to be a vampire.  You are awake when everyone is asleep, you have a desire to bite people for food, and you give up every delicious meal for blood.  I laughed at some of the answers from the cast when they talked about what they would miss if they were a full-time vampire.  I decided that Elizabeth Beckwith is my new BFF because she would miss cheese, she plays a chiropractor to a vampire in the show, but all she really  wants is to go to the dark side for Season 2. That's my kind of gal!  Check it out in The Web Files episode below:
And, as promised, a Red Carpet Closet Exclusive, check out what Joe's shirt really means.  You see it in the series, hear it from the creator.  

Again, thanks for watching!  Feel free to leave your comments on Vampire Mob below.  I would love to hear your thoughts on the view ransom idea.  Discuss, go!

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Something Exciting is Coming!

I am pretty bad at surprises.  I like to guess what's in the box at Christmas, I am not a fan of surprise parties, and at times, it's hard to keep a secret.  But, I must.  So, here's the good news for all of my awesome readers here at Red Carpet Closet.  I have something good coming your way and it involves prizes.  YAY!  If you notice, I have a badge on the right hand side margin mentioning that "Something Exciting is Coming"!  I promise you it is true!  I have met with the incredible people helping me to coordinate all of this and I am excited to show you what will be coming our way......but we have to wait for the surprise.

I can offer you a little something in the meantime, go visit the site, Something Exciting is Coming, and register to win a prize.  Be sure to mention that I sent you:  Kristyn Burtt and join in on the super, secretive event that is 26 days away.  So, mark August 10th on your calendar, tell your friends, and remember...."Shhhh, it's a secret!"

Friday, July 9, 2010

Women's Health Magazine: Are you Game? 2010

I am honored to be back as the official emcee of Women's Health Magazine's 3rd annual Are You Game?  It's a great day honoring women, health, fitness, and fun!  The first event is Sunday, July 11th in Chicago from 10 AM-4 PM.  So, get on your workout gear and head on down to North Avenue Beach.  Make sure to stop by and say "hi", I will be hanging with the DJ or on the main stage with all of the fashions.  Here's a highlight of my day in New York last year:

Details for the Chicago event:
To register, click here: Women's Health Magazine.

WHAT: Women’s Health’s annual summer festival, Are You Game? is returning to Chicago for the third year. Building on the success of last year’s events in Chicago and New York, which were attended by more than 3,000 people, Are You Game? will allow women to experience the ultimate in outdoor fun. Are You Game? will be open to the public at $10 per person with 50% of that fee going to the Event Beneficiary, FEED Foundation. The event will offer a host of fun activities, such as:
• Fitness Classes
• One-on-One Golf Instruction with a pro in the Oakley Golf Cage
• Mechanical bull
• Oasis Day Spa Chair Massages

• “Workout to Knockout” Makeover Cabana with manicures, skin consultations, hairstyling, and makeup applications.
• Eat Smart Cooking demonstrations 

• Breakfast & Snack Bar sponsored by Special K

• Nutrition Counseling

• Virtual Kayaking sponsored by Subaru

• Fashion Shows

• Happy Hour from 2-4 PM
• Live DJ spinning all day

• All attendees will receive a Women’s Health tote bag

• The first 1,300 women on site will receive a custom Women’s Health Are You Game? eco-friendly yoga mat from Kulae

WHEN: SUNDAY, July 11th, 2010
10 AM – 4 PM
WHERE: North Avenue Beach

WHO: Women’s Health presents Are You Game?
along with sponsors: Asics, Oakley, Skinny Cow, Special K, and Subaru; Partners: Crunch and Oasis Day Spa; and Beneficiary: FEED Foundation.

REGISTRATION: Will open online on June 14th at Attendees will also be able to register and pay on site.


Thursday, July 8, 2010

The Web Files: Vampire Mob

I'm back from vacation and we have a new Web Files episode for you with the premiere of Vampire Mob created by Joe Wilson and starring Marcia Wallace, John Colella, and Reamy Hall.  This premiere really set itself apart from the web series pack which I will talk about in my Behind the Scenes coverage.  I'm still eating delicious candy scooped up from that night.  In the meantime, take a look at our red carpet coverage and find out why it's tough to be a vampire:

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