Thursday, December 31, 2009

2009 in Review: December

Happy New Year! Thank you for an amazing 2009. Here's a final look at December......

In San Diego about an hour before 2010. Not my finest photo, but definitely my last photo of 2009.

At the LA show with my newest friend, Shannon Brown, Jr. For you Lakers fans, this is Shannon Brown's little guy. His daddy was busy signing autographs.

Our farm animals and their official Christmas 2009 photo:

I will be inside these gates on February 1, 2010. Google "Club 33" if you have no idea what I am talking about. Stay tuned for coverage next month.

Splash Mountain on Christmas Day 2009:

Outside the Pantages Theatre before a performance of The Grinch Who Stole Christmas. Thank you, Tiger B., for the amazing tickets! (Yes, that's Tiger B., not Tiger W.)

A Christmas treat in the mail! Thanks to Cookie and Dave for the snacks.

Our last shoot of 2009, Dorm Life! This episode is coming your way soon......

And a little Legend of Neil to start out 2010. This was our second to last shoot of the year.

My birthday and my favorite treat, cupcakes! 1 of 3 that I ate that day.
Here's to a wonderful new year and new decade. May 2010 bring many joys and successes to your life!

2009 in Review: November

I am giving up on 5 photos. Here's 10 photos for you! shoot with Kaily Smith and David Weidoff. I will always have a kinship with Kaily since we went to the same summer camp. Yes, another musical theatre geek! Episode:

If you are following me on Twitter, you know about my obsession with Five Guys burgers. It's a tasty treat!

The Fine Brothers! This episode is coming your way in January 2010, but this was a heated interview. They are very passionate about the web space and they were excited to share their thoughts. Stay tuned......

I don't know how this snapshot came about, but it was a fun night at the Compulsions premiere! Episode: Compulsions.

My favorite snapshot of the year all thanks to Adam Bouska and the NOH8 Campaign. I can't say this enough.......Equality for ALL!

Me and Daphne Brogdon on the teeny-tiny set. I was thrilled we were able to cover a mommy vlogger for The Web Files this year. Daphne is open, honest, and her story is fascinating. Episode: Daphne Brogdon.

I love Shira and Lon. Good people and a great show, This Week in YouTube. Episode: TWIYT.

Definitely the longest title of any show we have covered, Hurtling Through Space at an Alarming Rate. Tons of great green screen shots and familiar web celebs in this episode! Episode: HTSAAAR.

The 2009-2010 Toyota Live official portrait.

My favorite picture of The Web Files crew ever! At the Compulsions premiere, all behind the scenes....

Yep, there was no way to handle this month in 5 photos. It was a great experiment that I failed in a fantastic way. One more month to go!

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

2009 in Review: October

October 2009 reviewed in 8 photos! Most of my time was spent on the road this month between Dallas and Miami. Here are some of my favorite photos of the month.

The fabulous Bernie Su took this photo at a Tubefilter Meetup in October. My first day back in LA after a month in Dallas. I was so happy to be dressed up and out of my muddy clothes.

A super cheesy shot of me and my co-host before another edition of Toyota Live in Miami.....awesomely cheesy.

A shot with publicist, Gabriel del Rio, after The Web Files shoot with FOX Television Studios' 15 Gigs heads, Ilsa Berg and Gabe Marano. Episode: 15 Gigs.

We endured day after day after day of rain in Dallas, so we felt all of the rain we swept into the gutters qualified us for the National Tour of Mary Poppins.

The littlest host for Toyota Live in Dallas and cute as a button!

My brush with the Queen of all Media....Oprah. Yep, it was more a brush-by.

I finally make it back to LA and I get to handle our first NY interview with Jeremy Redleaf of Odd Jobs. We had a lot of fun hanging in the janitorial supply store. Episode: Odd Jobs.

My absolute favorite shot from The Web Files this year. When will Camera Obscura be released? Let's hope 2010 is the year. Episode: Camera Obscura.
I am obviously failing at my 5 photo limit, so come back and join me for 10 photos or under in my 2009 review of November and December. And while you are at it, there is only a day and a half left to vote for The Web Files for Best Web Original Non-Fiction show at Clicker. No registration, no emails required. Just a click of your mouse. Thanks: Vote.

2009 in Review: September

Darn, back to 10 photos for September 2009's review. That's okay, a few of you have asked for more photos, so you are definitely accommodated in this entry. I bit off more than I could chew for September. Take a closer look.......

So, I know I have a month long gig in Dallas ahead of me, so we decide to renovate our home. Most of the renovations happen while I am out of town, but packing in this mess wasn't easy.

So while the renovations are driving everyone at home nuts, I spend my days on an outdoor entertainment stage with a JumboTron at the State Fair of Texas. Turns out to be the wettest fair they have ever had.

Before I left though, we had to shoot The Web Files episodes. In fact, we had to stockpile the episodes in order to get through 6 weeks due to my travel schedule. Here is the cast and crew of one of 2009's most anticipated web series, Compulsions. Episode: Compulsions.

Ah, Tim Street. We freaked people out when he took his glasses off for the interview. This episode remains one of the most informative for the web community that we have ever shot for The Web Files. If you missed the episode, check it out here: Tim Street.

I really enjoyed shooting this episode with Dirty Bomb Diaries in a utility closet at an emergency supply company. Seriously, have you ever shot an episode in a closet? Sandra did a great job with set dressing this one. Rumor has it that there is a Season 2 coming your way in 2010. Episode: Dirty Bomb Diaries.

Showbizzle creators, Charles and Lindsey Rosin. A father/daughter team in the web space, but I have to admit, I was a bit excited to hear the 90210 gossip from the Brenda years. Charles kindly answered my questions off-camera and he delivered with some juicy stories. Episode: Showbizzle.

Somewhere in between all of this madness of Dallas and The Web Files, I found time to fly to Atlanta and work with one of my regular corporate clients, LG Electronics, at the CEDIA convention.

Two NYU alums get into a room to discuss Web TV! Go Violets! Marc Ostrick of eGuiders and I had a good time reminiscing about the old days in the Village when NY was truly dirty and delicious. Episode: eGuiders.

Another one of the most anticipated shows of 2009, The Cabonauts. With a cast including Nichelle Nichols and Hayden Black, I must carryover my anticipation to 2010. Episode: The Cabonauts.

On the set with Asa Shumskas-Tait and Rick Castañeda for the show Coma, Period. We had a blast running through the halls on their little go-karts and a rematch is set for 2010. Episode: Coma,Period.
So, there you go, September in 10 photos. October will be filled with lots of rain, mud, and some more rain and a side of mud. See you tomorrow!

Monday, December 28, 2009

2009 in Review: August

This month will definitely be done in 5 photos although some of you are betting I will break my 5 photo rule again. I have a feeling you are right. August 2009 brought a few of my favorite shoots for The Web Files because we were featuring an international show and one that I picked as an up and comer. (I think I have been proven right on this too! That makes me feel good to see their success.)

Our shoot with Oz Girl in West Hollywood. This was a last minute shoot when we figured it was a great opportunity to grab these talented kids while they were all in from Australia. They were the hit of iTVFest and I look forward to seeing more from the cast. Episode: Oz Girl.

If you know me well enough, you know that I am a musical theatre geek at heart. Here I am with my friend, Crabby, at our annual trip to the Hollywood Bowl to see their musical theatre offering of 2009. This year? Guys and Dolls with Jessica Biel as Sarah Brown. Yes, I said Jessica Biel.

The crew from The Web Files and the crew from Movies You May Have Missed. A show that I pegged as a rising star in the web space and their success has proven me right. With over a million views in December alone, be sure to watch their weekly Wednesday release. Here's our episode with them: MYMHM and the episode I did on their show: Mildred Pierce

Bring your puppy to work day! My puppy loves to hang out on set and she is welcome at Dance Channel TV when I shoot. Here we are shooting a segment for Gotta Dance movie with my puppy at my feet. Here's the segment: Gotta Dance.

Our makeup sponsors came on board in August and we want to thank Ted Rubin at e.l.f. for continuing to offer great support to The Web Files.

See? I did it in 5 today. Find out if I succeed tomorrow with the start of my month long gig in Dallas. Lots of fried food pictures coming your way.

Sunday, December 27, 2009

2009 in Review: July

July arrives and The Web Files officially launches! We had a premiere party, I took off for vacation, and we continued to shoot more episodes all geared for the web space......and I cheated on this entry. I had to do 8 photos to accommodate all of the events surrounding The Web Files:

Kicking off the month with my annual 4th of July trip to the lake. I'm here with my puppy posing for a patriotic photo:

The first official image for The Web Files is launched with our press release and a trailer.

Our most controversial, but one of our most popular episodes with Demi Delia of Mommy XXX. This episode continues to have steady views even 5 months later. Episode: Mommy XXX

The queen of the web space, Felicia Day of The Guild. I guess I didn't need to introduce her, right? She's there with her producer, Kim Evey, on the red carpet of iTVFest. A coming out party for Web TV on the festival circuit. Episode: iTVFest.

One of the most hilarious episodes we have ever shot was with Gary Valentine of Dusty Peacock. We stuck him on a scooter and away we went. He was a great sport and a really nice guy. We are here with one of our makeup artists, Marybeth Bagonghasa. Episode: Dusty Peacock.

We've launched! So it's time to party! A fun night with Ariel Lazarus of The Crew, Stephen Leonard of My Life Plus Animals, and fellow host, Lindsay Caldwell.

In between all of this, I hosted a couple of events for Women's Health Magazine's "Are You Game?" in Chicago and NYC. I took a few minutes off to jump and flip......

Yes, it's Dave and Tom of Safety Geeks: SVI. We had a fun day on set working with the green screen. Check out their episode here: Safety Geeks:SVI
Phew! That's July. I am hoping to stick to the rules and do it in 5 photos or less the rest of the year. Fingers crossed.

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