Monday, December 28, 2009

2009 in Review: August

This month will definitely be done in 5 photos although some of you are betting I will break my 5 photo rule again. I have a feeling you are right. August 2009 brought a few of my favorite shoots for The Web Files because we were featuring an international show and one that I picked as an up and comer. (I think I have been proven right on this too! That makes me feel good to see their success.)

Our shoot with Oz Girl in West Hollywood. This was a last minute shoot when we figured it was a great opportunity to grab these talented kids while they were all in from Australia. They were the hit of iTVFest and I look forward to seeing more from the cast. Episode: Oz Girl.

If you know me well enough, you know that I am a musical theatre geek at heart. Here I am with my friend, Crabby, at our annual trip to the Hollywood Bowl to see their musical theatre offering of 2009. This year? Guys and Dolls with Jessica Biel as Sarah Brown. Yes, I said Jessica Biel.

The crew from The Web Files and the crew from Movies You May Have Missed. A show that I pegged as a rising star in the web space and their success has proven me right. With over a million views in December alone, be sure to watch their weekly Wednesday release. Here's our episode with them: MYMHM and the episode I did on their show: Mildred Pierce

Bring your puppy to work day! My puppy loves to hang out on set and she is welcome at Dance Channel TV when I shoot. Here we are shooting a segment for Gotta Dance movie with my puppy at my feet. Here's the segment: Gotta Dance.

Our makeup sponsors came on board in August and we want to thank Ted Rubin at e.l.f. for continuing to offer great support to The Web Files.

See? I did it in 5 today. Find out if I succeed tomorrow with the start of my month long gig in Dallas. Lots of fried food pictures coming your way.


  1. Thanks! I am so happy we were able to get Oz Girl on The Web Files while they were in town.


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