Monday, June 29, 2015

Product Review: T3Micro Twirl 360 Motion Sensing Styling Iron

I really, really wanted to like this product. It's a heavy-duty styling iron for curling your hair. It's made from a quality hair-tool company and it feels solid — not flimsy like some of the drugstore curling irons.

They offer up a great YouTube tutorial, so I felt like a good handle on what I was doing. The 1.75" barrel should have been perfect for my thick hair. Unfortunately, it was not.

The button that helps to grab the hair and and twirl it up to create those perfect waves, often had difficulty releasing the curl. As a result, the product would smoke and you could smell my burning hair.

While I am not a hair expert, I certainly know my way around a curling iron. I attempted this three times with the same results. Since I never finished a full head of hair because it was scorching my locks, I don't even have a good photo to share with you. So, this is product that gets a thumbs down from me.

Perhaps you will have better luck with than I did. If you would like to check it out, it's available at Sephora for $230 or by using this link:

To take a closer look at the product, here are a few features and benefits listed by the company:

Features and benefits:
- 1.25-inch barrel: perfect for creating on-trend curls and loose waves
- Single “Go“ button: barrel activates with a press of a button and a simple turn of the wrist
- Digital SinglePassTM technology: constantly measures and adjusts the temperature across the entire barrel for accurate, consistent heating while styling
- Mid-length clamp: ideal for curling any length of hair—even if it’s layered
- Cool tip: makes it easy to safely and quickly maneuver the curling iron
- Nine-foot 360° swivel cord: professional-length with swivel prevents cord tangling for hassle-free styling
- Two-year warranty: comprehensive coverage and support options

Disclaimer: I was given a complimentary unit to review this product. Opinions are all my own. 

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