Monday, June 29, 2009

Michael Jackson's Star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame

Hey Everyone,
Well, the video above was shot four days after Michael Jackson's passing and I am stunned at how the
frenzy continues. Fans and the media are flocking to his star on Hollywood Boulevard. It is a mess
of security guards, large metal gates containing the crowds waiting to view the star, and media vans.
Many are trying to capitalize on MJ's death with posters and t-shirts which you will see in the video. It truly
is an unbelievable sight. I also had to drive by the Jackson family's street again today and I was dumbfounded
that the media trucks had spread to the boulevard. The entire family is ensconced in the compound now, so
I guess everyone is looking to get their money shot.

Sigh. I do have to ask: Where was everyone the last 15 years? Fans? Media? Is he worth more dead
than alive? Sadly, I am finding the answer is "yes".

Reporting Live from Los Angeles,

Dance Channel TV's "Can't Miss List"

Good morning, Everyone!
Check out Dance Channel TV's 2nd Episode of the "Can't Miss List". Pass the word on, dancers, this is a fantastic community just for you! This week's episode features SYTYCD gossip with Katie Holmes, Nigel Lythgoe, and Tyce Diorio. Other tidbits include Maguerite Derricks thoughts on LA vs. NY dancers, Daniel Ezralow's upcoming project, and a word on the biggest news of the week, Michael Jackson.
Comment away, we would love to hear your thoughts and what else you want to hear about on the "Can't Miss List".

Reporting Live from Los Angeles,

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Media Surrounds Jackson Family Compound in Encino

Hey Everyone,

As an LA resident, I am accustomed to living around Hollyweird situations.....where Robert Blake shot his wife or jogging past the house where Phil Hartman met his untimely death, or even living near the Jackson Family estate. I hate to be a part of the problem with tabloid journalism, but I was curious as to what was happening on the outside the gates of their estate. Their entire street is blocked off by LAPD, the only cars they were letting through were residents or press with official media passes. Now, you must understand that this street (which I am not going to name for the sake of the residents who live there and who must be ready for the media circus to go away. Google it, if you must.) is a major shortcut to the 405. It is heavily trafficked on morning and evening rush hour commutes. Even with all of the closures on the street, there are throngs of media and fans who walked over from their parked vehicles on the other side of the boulevard to stand outside of the family gates.....waiting and waiting and waiting for something to happen. It can take forever for a vehicle to pass through the gates while the fans scream for recognition and the paparazzi pray for the money shot. Sick? Yes, kind of. Sweet? Well, sort of. Many fans came armed with flowers, photos, t-shirts, and posters proclaiming their love for the King of Pop, a man they had forgotten in the past decade.

Here's my insider's perspective of the scene outside of the Jackson family gates:

Reporting Live from Encino,

KB (proud owner of one silver glove in the 80's)

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Streamy Awards

Hey Everyone,
Here we are with another edition of Red Carpet Closet. It has been a quiet week for me on the red carpet, so I am digging into the March archives. The Streamy Awards. This was a pretty amazing event honoring the best in Web Television. If you haven't watched a webisode on the internet yet, hit me up in the comments section and I will recommend a few shows to you. This was the first annual Streamys and everyone in the industry came out to celebrate an emerging industry. Another first? They streamed the red carpet on the internet so people from around the world tuned in to check out the festivities. Can you imagine the Academy Awards doing that?
Since I got hired for this job at the last minute, I had no time to find a dress. I went straight to my friend, Ali North's, closet. As a former Miss Mississippi 2003, she has a plethora of dresses for me to chose from. Now, I couldn't tell you for the life of me the name of the designer on this dress. If any of you recognize it, let me know so I can add it here. Otherwise, it was a really cute silk and jewel-toned dress that worked perfectly for the evening. It was the right length and halter top works well on almost any body type. I accessorized with my beloved silver Guess sandals and my Aldo Accessories cubic zirconia ring and bracelet. For red carpet accessories, Aldo is a standout in terms of price point and style. So, outfit put together in about 10 minutes. Simple and easy as fashion should be.

Now to the interviews.....this red carpet was busy and a bit chaotic at times, but oh, did I have fun that night. My first interview was with
Rachael Robbins
, one of the vixens from the soap-spoof,
Horrible People.. Take a look......

My next interview almost made my head explode. I spent most of the 90's watching "Saved by the Bell" on Saturday mornings on NBC. Screech, Kelly Kapowski, AC Slater, and Zack were my guilty pleasures. Well, look who showed up on the platform next? None other than Dennis Haskins(AKA Mr. Belding) and the cast of Private High Musical. This cast is wildly talented as they sing and dance their way through a raunchy romp of a high school. If you think Dennis is square, think again......he plays a teacher who has inappropriate thoughts about his students. Private High Musical was created and written by the incredibly talented, Taryn Southern.. Be sure to look out for them because MTV has ordered up a pilot with this crew.

Oh, you may recognize my next interview. Yep, it's a "Friend". At this point the red carpet was heating up and I got thrown up to the platform. You will see the crowds behind us, but watch as I introduce myself to the rest of the cast of Lisa Kudrow's show, "Web Therapy". We were flying by the seat of our pants, so the first time I laid eyes on them was the moment I put the microphone in front of them. "Web Therapy" has recently been in the news because it has been announced that Courtney Cox will star in an episode in Season 2.

Last, but not least was the cast and creator of "The Hayley Project" starring Rachel Risen. This cast was a blast and they only gave us a minute to interview them since it was the end of the red carpet and just about the start of the awards show. I tried to cram in as much information on the web series as possible. You can see my mind racing as I say "I love it" at least four times to keep the interview moving. Ah, the life of an entertainment reporter. I do hope to interview this cast in the future for my upcoming web show, "
The Web Files
". And yes, it's true, they did promise me a steak dinner if they won for fan favorite. Alas, it didn't happen.....but I am betting on next year, kids!

I will be back in the next couple of days with an entertainment panel on the future of 3-D film and Episode 3 of "The Web Files" which is launching SOON! I can't wait for all of you to see it.

Reporting Live from Los Angeles,

Monday, June 22, 2009

Special Edition: Dance Camera West's Choreography Media Honors Panel

**Update: June 25, 2009**

This article was written on Monday, June 22, 2009. Michael Jackson suddenly passed away from cardiac arrest on June 25, 2009. He was a part of many dancers' childhood dreams of performing on the stage. May his music live on and may his soul continue to dance.

R.I.P., Michael

On Friday night, I had the opportunity to attend Dance Camera West's Choreography Media Honors. What a treat for choreographers, dancers, and dance aficionados! The panel consisted of the top creative teams from "So You Think You Can Dance", "The 81st Annual Academy Awards", and "High School Musical". The night was moderated by Daniel Ezralow, choreographer for the upcoming Broadway show, "Spiderman".

Highlights from each of the shows/choreographers:

SYTYCD: The spotlight was really on this show during the panel. Matthew Diamond, director, Tabitha and Napoleon, choreographers, and Tyce Diorio, choreographer. It was fascinating to hear that choreographers only get 4 and 1/2 hours of rehearsal time with the dancers before the show. Tabitha mentioned that they are literally calling out reminders and instructions as they are walking out of the studio. SYTYCD is a game show, so it is regulated by the FCC and all contestants must have the same amount of rehearsal time to make it fair to everyone. A few audience members wanted to know why the dancers didn't have the same type of launching pad as the "American Idol" contestants. It does seem that the SYTYCD winners seem to fade into obscurity while America still knows the names of Kelly Clarkson, Carrie Underwood, and Jordin Sparks. Napoleon felt that the dancers do the show because they love to dance, they don't care about being a star. Tyce mentioned that the show is only a springboard or a beginning then the reality of the dance world sets in. I think it has to do with the bottom line......$$$$. The producers make a ton of money off of these kids, put them on tour, and then throw them to the wolves when they are done. No preparation for what is about to happen or not happen to them. The producers don't look back because they have another season around the corner. Harsh, no? I even had a chat with a true insider, but I promised that our entire conversation would be off the record. And so it remains, off the record, but makes you think twice about reality/competition shows.

The 81st Academy Awards: This panel was fascinating since it consisted of Marguerite Derricks, choreographer of Hugh Jackman's opening number at the Oscars and John Palermo, producer and partner to Jackman's Seed Productions. This was probably the most interesting to me due to my work at the Kodak and the years I have worked the Meet the Oscars exhibit. I love this show and it fascinates me to see how all of this work comes together for one night only. Maguerite expects a lot from her dancers by not tailoring her movement to them. She expects them to be able to do her movement from the first audition. While John works in a producing capacity, he really has an eye for what works in terms of choreographing for the camera. Movement created for the stage is one element, but movement for the TV cameras adds an entire new dimension. Maguerite has a lot on her plate with the new Broadway show, "Wonderland", and the remake of "Fame" coming out in September. (Look for a 2 1/2 minute pas de deux in the Graduation scene of the movie. Woo hoo!) And, dancers, if you are looking to work with Maguerite, she is now finding Los Angeles dancers more versatile than New York dancers whom she thinks sometimes get stuck in a rut with one style after performing in long running shows.

High School Musical: Representing the HSM trilogy were Charles "Chucky" Klapow, Co-Choreographer, Mark Hofeling, Production Designer, Barry Rosenbush, Executive Producer. Well, I feel like the tide has finally turned on the HSM trilogy. The heat of this series has peaked and there were fewer questions for this group, although it was interesting to hear how Mark Hofeling put together an amazing set that was both utilitarian and safe for the dancers. Surprisingly, HSM 4 is coming our way. Sigh. I expect it will be a new crop of faces as most of the core cast has gone on to bigger and better projects. Keep your eye on Chucky Klapow, everyone. He is a rising superstar who is assisting Kenny Ortega with Michael Jackson's big comeback tour in London. If Jackson delivers, I think we should all expect a US comeback for the King of Pop. While we may be exhausted from his tabloid antics over the past decade, remember many of you ran home to see "Thriller" on MTV each afternoon. The King of Pop sure knows how to dance.

The one final tidbit I want to leave with you......SYTYCD fans, the Katie Holmes rumor is true. She will be performing a number from "Summer Stock" that was choreographed by Tyce Diorio. Don't let the tabloids fool you into thinking Nigel Lythgoe had anything to do with it. Let's give credit where credit is due.....go, Tyce!

Thanks for joining me for this special edition of Red Carpet Closet. Who cares what I wore? It was all about dance!

Reporting Live from Los Angeles,

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Saturday, June 20, 2009

TV Academy's Father's Day Salute to TV Dads

Hey Everyone,
I am back! It was an insane week filled with red carpets, press junkets, and entertainment panels. On Thursday, I hit the red carpet for the Television Academy of Arts and Science's Father's Day Salute to TV Dads. Yes, that is a mouthful, and my trusty sidekick and cameraman, Trent, will tell you I had trouble with that in the opening segment. I think we did 12-15 takes while I stumbled through that title. I have to say that it was a couch potato's dream to be interviewing timeless TV dads that I grew up with....from Dick Van Dyke to Dick Van Patten, Stephen Collins to Jon Cryer. What a night!

What a night and what to wear? Well, I dug out a dress that I am officially going to have to retire to the dusty corner of my closet. I have worn it on two red carpets, the Beverly Hills Chihuahua premiere and the TV Dads celebration....oh, the horror! I broke the rule of wearing something twice on camera and I had the nerve to have the same hairstyle each time. So, I promise, this will be the last time you see it......I think. The dress is an empire waisted design by one of the best petite clothing designers out there, Laundry by Shelli Segal. It has a white and blue pattern throughout with cap sleeves and it has a hem hitting just above the knee which eliminates the "House" red carpet dress issue.

My shoes are a find from Aldo and people either love or hate these shoes. I love them with their yellow tie-dye effect by the pointy toe that dissipates to completely white in the back. Since I always need my height, this is another high heel at 4". (And by the way, I always wear flip flops to and from the event. 4" heels are almost impossible to walk in for more than an hour.) The circular yellow drop earrings were an impulse purchase as well from Aldo. The fantastic salesman at the store told me I MUST have them to accessorize with. I had "Sucker" written all over me that day, his commission increased, and now I have a fun pair of yellow earrings in my jewelry wardrobe. Finally, the blue coral necklace was a souvenir from my trip to central Mexico a few years ago. If you haven't been to San Miguel de Allende, add it to your list of places to see.

Now, let's get to the good stuff, the interviews on the red carpet. What a dream! My friends and I spent years watching Stephen Collins AKA the HOT Reverend Camden from "7th Heaven". He kindly listened to my story about "7th Heaven" character cupcakes that were made for the series finale party. I think I convinced him I was somewhat normal and not a crazy fan with a microphone. The classiest man on the red carpet was Patrick Duffy. The gentleman took time to shake everyone's hand, get their names and introduce himself. The reporters always get introduced, but it is rare that a cameraman is ever considered. Patrick said "hello" and "goodbye" this way. All celebs should take note, it is just classy. I know I should have been more geeked out about Dick Van Dyke especially since I love "Mary Poppins" and "Chitty Chitty Bang Bang", but it is Marion Ross AKA Mrs. Cunningham from "Happy Days" that left me speechless. I asked her what it was like to be one of TV's most endearing moms. She said it was fantastic and that "she raised us all". Yes, indeed, Mrs. C, you did.

All of the footage can be found here: Focus Hollywood Thanks for your continued feedback. Next up, the choreography panel for So You Think You Can Dance, High School Musical, and the 81st Academy Awards. I didn't wear anything special, so I will just give you the rundown on the incredible night!

Reporting Live from Los Angeles,

Friday, June 19, 2009

Paley Center: "House" and My Fashion Faux Pas

Hey Everyone,
It has been a busy week on the red carpet, so I have been digging around my closet for lots of outfits. Unfortunately, this one was not my best look. We were covering the panel for FOX's hit TV show, "House", at the Paley Center. These events are what I like to call, "snappy casual". I needed a simple dress with cute heels and an accessory or two. I decided to dig out a sundress that was a hand-me-down from Kristin Chenoweth. I think when I received it, there were still tags on it. It is an easy, black cotton sundress from Express from 2002. It has scalloped lace edges at the hem of the dress and at the neckline with white ribbon running through the spaghetti straps at the top. Sounds hard to mess up, right? Well, take a look at the picture and focus in on the length. I normally wear this outfit with cute flip flops and head out for the day where hemlines do not matter. Instead, I took the outfit and dressed it up thinking it would translate to the red carpet. Wrong! The hemline hits below the knee emphasizing my lack of waist and delivering a less than desirable potato sack look. I might have solved some of these issues if I had belted the dress, but, alas, my friends, it is one big fashion faux pas. Sigh.

I do love my accessories though. My shoes are orange!!! The sling backs with a 3.5" heel and pointy toes are another great find from Nine West. My earrings were made by a friend of mine, Betheny Zolt, who created a gold-dipped leaf design with copper accents. Finally, my bracelet is encrusted with semi-precious stones....colorful fall color accents to enhance my shoes and brighten up the black sundress. I cannot remember the name of the designer, but I bought it during my time as a home shopping host at ShopNBC. I remember that the line is also sold at Nordstroms, so if I think of it, I will add the name here. (And yes, I was a home shopping host, but that is another story for another time.....only if you are interested, so speak up!)

So, I guess not every outfit is a winner? Lesson learned. Regardless, the "House" red carpet was fun thanks to great interviews with celebs like Omar Epps (mighty handsome in person), Robert Sean Leonard (very witty), and the genius show creator, David Shore. It was also one of the most organized red carpets I have ever worked, so thank you, Paley Center! All of the footage can be found here at Focus Hollywood, if you are looking for more on the event.

Next up, my wardrobe from the Television Academy's "Father's Day Salute to TV Dads". Oh yeah, Reverend Camden is just as hot in person as he is on "7th Heaven".
Have a spectacular weekend, peeps!

Reporting Live from Los Angeles,

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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Surveillance Red Carpet Premiere and Press Junket

Hey Everyone,
I'm back and it's a busy week, starting with the red carpet premiere and press junket for Jennifer Lynch's new movie, "Surveillance", starring Bill Pullman and Julia Ormond. It was my first press junket which involves one-on-one interviews with the stars and director. I was pretty nervous, so I wanted to keep my outfit simple and classic. Who do you turn to for the ultimate timeless dress? Why, Diane von Furstenberg, of course. I don't care who you are or what your figure looks like: tall, short, curvy, skinny, or petite. Every girl needs to own one DVF wrap dress in their wardrobe. Now, this is a pricey venture, so save up (And I mean, save up! Don't charge it on your credit card.) and treat yourself to the most comfortable, form-fitting dress out there. The one I chose out of my closet was a chic, black silk dress. I love it because it is long sleeved, I always seem to be cold in any temperature and it's black, so hello, slimming color! The one thing you have to be careful about in a DVF wrap dress is the cleavage. If you don't want to show much, do yourself a favor, and wear a tank top underneath. Since I was doing one on one interviews, I figured my NY & Company black tank would be appropriate in this situation. If you are looking for the va-va-va-voom, put on your prettiest Victoria's Secret push-up bra and enjoy your evening.

I kept my accessories simple with an Ann Taylor red-beaded necklace that came from wardrobe from another gig that they kindly gifted to me. Jennifer Lynch even commented on my necklace while I was in the press line. Woo hoo! My red coral ring was a find from a business trip to Hawaii from one of the local jewelry stands in Honolulu. My red shoes are one of my favorites from my never-ending shoe closet. Even with 4" heels, they are comfortable and affordable, all thanks to Nine West.
As for the press junket and red carpet interviews, Jennifer Lynch was, by far, my favorite. Her story as a young director with "Boxing Helena" and her journey to "Surveillance" is pretty fascinating. Her enthusiasm and passion is contagious, so I hope her next few projects are true successes for her, she deserves it. For theatre geeks like me, look for Bill Pullman to head to Broadway next fall in Mamet's "Oleanna". I am making an early Tony prediction for Pullman right here and now in June. Oh, and if you are in LA, it is playing at the Taper through July 12, 2009.

For all of the red carpet footage, check out Focus Hollywood. I have lots of outfits coming your way this week, so stay tuned for more from the Red Carpet Closet.

Reporting Live from Los Angeles,

PS Some of you may think you have seen this dress before.....why, yes you have: Toyota Live
And thanks to the boys from Ohio, you can now become a fan of the show here: Facebook

Thursday, June 11, 2009

The Web Files: Tay Zonday/Chocolate Rain Edition

Hey Everyone,
Thanks for all of your comments, please keep them coming because the feedback is helpful to me. What will I wear to my next event? I have a really fun red carpet coming up for Holly Hunter's season 3 premiere of "Saving Grace", so your thoughts and ideas will help me plan my next outfit.

This outfit was assembled from a variety of old and new wardrobe. We were shooting the first episode of The Web Files with Tay Zonday. If you don't know Tay and his YouTube sensation, "Chocolate Rain", it is time you stopped and took a look here: Chocolate Rain 37 million hits and counting on YouTube, I call that impressive. Anyway, the shoot was taking place at Big Sugar in Studio City, home to some of the most delicious cupcakes in Los Angeles. I wanted something colorful and fun to go along with the festive bakery decor. Digging through my closet I found one of my favorite summer skirts from.....get ready for it.......Costco. I found it 3 years ago and paid about $15 for the Mix Nouveau skirt. Yellow, hot pink, and light blue are the dominating colors in the floral skirt which makes it easy to accessorize and change up the look. I usually wear tank tops with the skirt, but I needed something more appropriate. I hit one of my favorite independent stores in Los Angeles called Indulge. I pass by it on my walk to the gym each day, so it is kind of dangerous for a shopper like me. I found a great hot pink top by Have with rope detailing by the neckline and cap sleeves all in a soft cotton fabric.

The hot pink shoes are a throwback from 2001 from a friend's wedding, but are by Ann Taylor Loft with a fabulous kitten heel. They are well-constructed considering I have worn them for the last 8 years. The only other accessory I had on that day was a beautiful set of gold earrings in an oblong design that were given to me as a gift from my amazing model friend, Alison Koellisch.

The interview went really well. Tay is an engaging and intelligent guy who is feeling his way through the jungles of Los Angeles. I was amazed to hear that his YouTube journey took him from a PhD program in Minnesota to starring in a Cherry Chocolate Dr. Pepper commercial.. Where will his journey take him next as one of the biggest web celebs? I am not sure even Tay knows, but I can promise you that his "Chocolate Rain" will stick in your head for days.
Hope you all have a great weekend! I will have more from the Red Carpet Closet next week.

Reporting Live from Los Angeles,

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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Dance Channel TV and Woody Allen's Whatever Works

Good Afternoon!
This is a two for one special on this day. I had two shoots pretty close together in time, so one outfit would have to suffice. I knew that I could go for a more casual dress so, I chose my favorite Mossimo eggplant-colored dress and changed it up in a variety of ways for two different looks. The dress is a super-comfy cotton dress with pockets in front and a rounded neckline with capped sleeves. I started out by wearing the dress with the fabric sash it comes with and my favorite Target gold costume jewelry. Again, my shoes were my most expensive thing on my body...fantastic Carlos Santana black and eggplant strappy sandals with green and yellow beaded accents. I know this sounds like a rainbow puked all over my shoes, but I promise they are hot with 4" heels. And yes, Carlos makes some good music, and some darn good stilettos.

My first shoot of the day was the first edition of the "Can't Miss List" for Dance Channel TV. We will be shooting the gossip and dance news every two weeks and it is a fantastic project that I look forward to each and every time. You can check out the first episode here: Can't Miss List

I then had to dash from the Valley and over the hill to the Pacific Design Center for the premiere of Woody Allen's "Whatever Works" for Focus Hollywood. I was excited to cover this premiere because of the cast: Larry David, Ed Begley Jr., Evan Rachel Wood, and Patricia Clarkson. I knew I had to dress the outfit up a bit for the red carpet, so I grabbed my gold Express belt that I wore from the Heroes Among Us red carpet. I LOVE this belt, it's gold, sparkly, and stretchy. That's right, can make it an empire waist belt or wear it low slung over your hips. It is GENIUS and it is still on sale at Express. Check it out here: Express Gold Belt I kept my Carlos Santana shoes and removed the gold necklace so it wouldn't clutter the effect of the belt. Simple......two outfits in one! Oh, and check out the footage here: Whatever Works

Thanks for all of your feedback. I want to show that it is easy and affordable to dress for the red carpet or everyday life. Keep your comments coming and follow me on Kristyn Burtt!

Reporting Live from Los Angeles!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

The Web Files: The Crew Edition

Hey Everyone!
Thanks for joining me for another edition of Red Carpet Closet. I am in the middle of shooting my pilot for the new web show, The Web Files. While the show isn't on the red carpet, it is sure important to have the right wardrobe. This week, I was interviewing the young and talented cast of one of my favorite web series, The Crew. Our location was at the Hollywood Wax Museum, so I knew the outfit had to be fun and comfortable. So, where did I go to get my outfit? Why, none other than Marshall's. Yes, I said, Marshall's. They are genius for brand names are ridiculously affordable prices, especially in this economy.
So, I set off to get a pair of white capris that I could wear over and over again. I found a comfy pair with a brand called Khakis for $14.99. They have cargo pockets along the side with an eyelet detail on the pocket flap and drawstring bottoms that hit just below the knee. My shoes were an easy about a pair of distressed gold kitten heels from Chinese Laundry for $10 on clearance. Uh, okay, SOLD! Now for the top. Since I knew I needed color, I looked for green or purple since I knew they were two colors that look good on me and I hadn't worn a lot of that color lately. Bingo! A green Max Studio top with a rosette detail at the neckline for $19.99. As for my green/yellow/white flower necklace, if you are in Hawaii, go here: ABC Stores They have affordable costume jewelry that has that island flair. So my outfit cost less than $50 for a TV shoot. Who says wardrobe has to be expensive?
The interview was fun and I really hope everyone watches the show. You can watch it online here: It's "The Office" on a space ship. You can't really go wrong with that. The cast of Brett Register, Ariel Lazarus, Craig Frank, Phillip Bache, and Amy Kline were total sports when we told them we were shooting at the Hollywood Wax Museum by the Star Wars prequel figures. And if you are in Hollywood, stop by the wax museum and tell them I sent you. The owners and staff (especially Derek) accommodated us every step of the way.
I will be back tomorrow to give you the lowdown on the premiere of Woody Allen's "Whatever Works".

Reporting Live from Los Angeles,

PS The Web Files is coming soon. Keep updated on the launch date here: The Web Files!

Friday, June 5, 2009

Maxim Hot 100 Party

 Hi Everyone!
          It's been a busy week preparing for my new show, The Web Files, but I am back with more red carpet archives. 
         Covering red carpets for parties, particularly ones like the Maxim Hot 100 Party, require a different type of red carpet dress.  Conservative is not the way to go, but I still have to look appropriate on-camera. So, I chose my Bebe kimono dress in a blue and lavender silk for the May 13, 2009 event.  Originally, the dress was bought for a night out on the town in the Big Apple to see an acquaintance, Kristin Chenoweth, perform in The Apple Tree on Broadway in 2006.  In fact, you can see the dress peeking out in the photo underneath my big winter coat.  The dress was perfect for Maxim's Hot 100 Party because it was the right length, but still showed off a bit of strategic cleavage.  I went simple with the accessories, with a choker from Express from the late 1990's, believe it or not.  The bracelet is a cubic zirconia flex bracelet from Aldo Accessories and the shoes....yes, there they are again, my Guess strappy silver sandals.  It's easy to recycle accessories and dresses even from years past. Keep things simple and classic.  It's a surefire strategy!
       The night was filled with a ton of reality show veterans.  If you are a fan of Dancing with the Stars, The Kardashians, The Hills, The Bachelor or America's Next Top Model, then this was the party for you.  It was also a night of hot Maxim models dressed in itsy, bitsy pieces of cloth.  The cameramen for this event were very happy.  Trust me, lots of eye candy for the men.  
      Next week brings more fashion from closet with the premiere of Woody Allen's next movie, Whatever Works, the second episode of my show, The Web Files, and a shoot with Dance Channel TV.  Until next time, that's what's in my closet.

Reporting Live from Los Angeles,

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Tuesday, June 2, 2009

USA/Vanity Fair Magazine's Character Project

Hey Everyone!
      We are going super simple with today's outfit.  It is another dress from the archives, but this one has served its purpose over and over again.  I wore it to cover USA Networks and Vanity Fair Magazine's Character Project launch on May 14, 2009 which featured the works of several photographers honoring the diversity of the US.  A more sedate and classy affair called for something a little more proper.....meaning a lower hemline.  
     This dress has officially been retired.  In fact, I am not sure I can even wear it anymore in my personal has hit the red carpet, a wedding, on-camera (twice!)-once for Focus Hollywood and another time for an AOL/Purina TV show I hosted, and a book launch party for Hollywood exec, Sam Haskell.  Time to sell it on Ebay?  Regardless, the dress came from an amazing store in Hollywood called DNA.  They sell fabulous dresses for great prices and they even offer coupons via email for 20% off from time to time.  I believe they also have a location in Venice for you beach-dwellers.  The shoes?  A good, old standby:  Nine West.  They are simple, versatile, and affordable.  The accessories?  An H & M bracelet and set of gold earrings.
     The night itself was low-key and offered a variety of USA Networks stars like Corbin Bernsen, Hector Elizondo, Mary McCormack, and Tiffani Thiessen (Yay, 90210!).  In addition, an Oscar winner stopped on by, Marisa Tomei, as did Chris "Ludacris" Bridges who was the host of the evening.  You can see all of the footage here: 
     Just a few more days of archives and then we are headed for original material again.  I have a red carpet event on Friday for the Inspiration Awards.  What will I wear?  Find out later this week on the Red Carpet Closet!

Reporting Live from Los Angeles,

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Monday, June 1, 2009

The Wayans Brothers' Dance Flick Premiere

Good Morning, Fashionistas!
Since I have thrown a lot of these photos up on Facebook and Twitter, here are a couple of my outfits that hit the red carpet in the past few months. Let's go back to a May 20, 2009 and the recycling of wardrobe from seasons long gone by. I had only an hour to get ready for this premiere since it was a last minute call to cover it.
I took my royal blue Guess shirt that I bought for a trip to Mexico in 2007 and paired it with an Ann Taylor Loft sequined skirt from last summer. They work perfectly together, but I needed a good heel for the skirt. I found my sparkly silver Guess stilettos to accompany the ensemble. The shoes were bought for New Year's Eve 2006/2007 and I doubt this will be the last time you see them! While they are not the shoe to go walking all over LA in because of their 4" heel, they are perfect for the red carpet. In fact, I even wore them to the 2007 Academy Awards. Now, the all important accessories: the earrings were a find from Target or "Tar-jeeeh", my favorite store for costume jewelry, and the ring (which is hard to see in this photo) was designed by Alexander Kalifano, a vendor from my days as a host at ShopNBC. If you are ever in Las Vegas, his stores are all over the Paris and Bally's properties.
The red carpet was fantastic and fun. The night included interviews with Keenan Ivory Wayans, Damien Dante Wayans, and Heather McDonald who told me all of the Wayans Brothers smelled good. And you know what? She was right! I was the recipient of many hugs that night from the Wayans Brothers after mentioning Heather's observation. Also, the cast from the remake of Fame joined the gang on the red carpet. The movie debuts on September 25, 2009 and I cannot wait to see it. The trailer is amazing and I already put the word in to the MGM publicity department that I have to be there to cover the premiere. In the meantime, feel free to check out the footage here on Focus Hollywood's website:
Reporting live from Los Angeles,

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