Saturday, June 27, 2009

Media Surrounds Jackson Family Compound in Encino

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As an LA resident, I am accustomed to living around Hollyweird situations.....where Robert Blake shot his wife or jogging past the house where Phil Hartman met his untimely death, or even living near the Jackson Family estate. I hate to be a part of the problem with tabloid journalism, but I was curious as to what was happening on the outside the gates of their estate. Their entire street is blocked off by LAPD, the only cars they were letting through were residents or press with official media passes. Now, you must understand that this street (which I am not going to name for the sake of the residents who live there and who must be ready for the media circus to go away. Google it, if you must.) is a major shortcut to the 405. It is heavily trafficked on morning and evening rush hour commutes. Even with all of the closures on the street, there are throngs of media and fans who walked over from their parked vehicles on the other side of the boulevard to stand outside of the family gates.....waiting and waiting and waiting for something to happen. It can take forever for a vehicle to pass through the gates while the fans scream for recognition and the paparazzi pray for the money shot. Sick? Yes, kind of. Sweet? Well, sort of. Many fans came armed with flowers, photos, t-shirts, and posters proclaiming their love for the King of Pop, a man they had forgotten in the past decade.

Here's my insider's perspective of the scene outside of the Jackson family gates:

Reporting Live from Encino,

KB (proud owner of one silver glove in the 80's)

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  1. What are they waiting for? Him to show up as if it were a hoax? LaToya don't live there!


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