Thursday, June 11, 2009

The Web Files: Tay Zonday/Chocolate Rain Edition

Hey Everyone,
Thanks for all of your comments, please keep them coming because the feedback is helpful to me. What will I wear to my next event? I have a really fun red carpet coming up for Holly Hunter's season 3 premiere of "Saving Grace", so your thoughts and ideas will help me plan my next outfit.

This outfit was assembled from a variety of old and new wardrobe. We were shooting the first episode of The Web Files with Tay Zonday. If you don't know Tay and his YouTube sensation, "Chocolate Rain", it is time you stopped and took a look here: Chocolate Rain 37 million hits and counting on YouTube, I call that impressive. Anyway, the shoot was taking place at Big Sugar in Studio City, home to some of the most delicious cupcakes in Los Angeles. I wanted something colorful and fun to go along with the festive bakery decor. Digging through my closet I found one of my favorite summer skirts from.....get ready for it.......Costco. I found it 3 years ago and paid about $15 for the Mix Nouveau skirt. Yellow, hot pink, and light blue are the dominating colors in the floral skirt which makes it easy to accessorize and change up the look. I usually wear tank tops with the skirt, but I needed something more appropriate. I hit one of my favorite independent stores in Los Angeles called Indulge. I pass by it on my walk to the gym each day, so it is kind of dangerous for a shopper like me. I found a great hot pink top by Have with rope detailing by the neckline and cap sleeves all in a soft cotton fabric.

The hot pink shoes are a throwback from 2001 from a friend's wedding, but are by Ann Taylor Loft with a fabulous kitten heel. They are well-constructed considering I have worn them for the last 8 years. The only other accessory I had on that day was a beautiful set of gold earrings in an oblong design that were given to me as a gift from my amazing model friend, Alison Koellisch.

The interview went really well. Tay is an engaging and intelligent guy who is feeling his way through the jungles of Los Angeles. I was amazed to hear that his YouTube journey took him from a PhD program in Minnesota to starring in a Cherry Chocolate Dr. Pepper commercial.. Where will his journey take him next as one of the biggest web celebs? I am not sure even Tay knows, but I can promise you that his "Chocolate Rain" will stick in your head for days.
Hope you all have a great weekend! I will have more from the Red Carpet Closet next week.

Reporting Live from Los Angeles,

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  1. I checked out Indulge this weekend. You were right, cute stuff! Thanks for the tip.


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