Tuesday, June 9, 2009

The Web Files: The Crew Edition

Hey Everyone!
Thanks for joining me for another edition of Red Carpet Closet. I am in the middle of shooting my pilot for the new web show, The Web Files. While the show isn't on the red carpet, it is sure important to have the right wardrobe. This week, I was interviewing the young and talented cast of one of my favorite web series, The Crew. Our location was at the Hollywood Wax Museum, so I knew the outfit had to be fun and comfortable. So, where did I go to get my outfit? Why, none other than Marshall's. Yes, I said, Marshall's. They are genius for brand names are ridiculously affordable prices, especially in this economy.
So, I set off to get a pair of white capris that I could wear over and over again. I found a comfy pair with a brand called Khakis for $14.99. They have cargo pockets along the side with an eyelet detail on the pocket flap and drawstring bottoms that hit just below the knee. My shoes were an easy sell....how about a pair of distressed gold kitten heels from Chinese Laundry for $10 on clearance. Uh, okay, SOLD! Now for the top. Since I knew I needed color, I looked for green or purple since I knew they were two colors that look good on me and I hadn't worn a lot of that color lately. Bingo! A green Max Studio top with a rosette detail at the neckline for $19.99. As for my green/yellow/white flower necklace, if you are in Hawaii, go here: ABC Stores They have affordable costume jewelry that has that island flair. So my outfit cost less than $50 for a TV shoot. Who says wardrobe has to be expensive?
The interview was fun and I really hope everyone watches the show. You can watch it online here: www.TheCrew.tv It's "The Office" on a space ship. You can't really go wrong with that. The cast of Brett Register, Ariel Lazarus, Craig Frank, Phillip Bache, and Amy Kline were total sports when we told them we were shooting at the Hollywood Wax Museum by the Star Wars prequel figures. And if you are in Hollywood, stop by the wax museum and tell them I sent you. The owners and staff (especially Derek) accommodated us every step of the way.
I will be back tomorrow to give you the lowdown on the premiere of Woody Allen's "Whatever Works".

Reporting Live from Los Angeles,

PS The Web Files is coming soon. Keep updated on the launch date here: The Web Files!


  1. Are you kidding me? $50? Did you put the outfit together yourself?

  2. No, isn't that great? I put it together myself and it was pretty easy. Marshall's has upgraded their show department in the last year and the deals are fantastic. I hit a couple of the Marshall's stores in Los Angeles and I assemble the pieces there.

  3. Love the outfit! Simple and chic.

  4. Hello Kelly Taylor (from the original 90210 years) - but with a 2009 update!


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