Monday, December 24, 2012

Media Mondays

A Christmas picture with Pluto at Disneyland for the holidays. 

It's Christmas Eve, but it's still Media Mondays and I here to help you with your holiday movie choices.  If you are headed with the movies with your parents, you have 3 family holiday movie choices this year and I've seen them all!  Here is the order you should see these in:

My 1st Choice:  The Guilt Trip

Barbra Streisand and Seth Rogen have great mother/son chemistry and the crazy scenarios they get into during their cross-country trip are exactly the same situations you get into with your own mother.  They nag, they love, and they always have a solution to every problem.  I was lucky enough to bring my own mom to the press junket.  See our interview with Barbra and Seth for iVillage.   

My 2nd Choice:  Parental Guidance

Well, I am currently embargoed until Christmas Day from talking about this, but here is what I will say...Billy Crystal and Bette Midler are great together in this family comedy.

My 3rd Choice:  This is 40 

Sigh.  I wanted to love this movie, but I couldn't.  It's long, it's shrill, and I feel like Judd Apatow is getting a little lazy in his filmmaking.  I love, love, love Leslie Mann and Paul Rudd has been a favorite of mine since Clueless.  I just wish this was a better movie.  You've been warned.

I did interview Paul and Leslie and this was a pretty hilarious moment...Paul tells me, "At 40, you are one day closer to death."  Okay, thanks for the uplifting advice!    Watch the interview here.

SheKnows: My 3 favorite articles from last week--
Rebel Wilson To Host the MTV Movie Awards--I just love her.
Danielle Fishel Graduates from College at 31--I love her too! Long live Topanga
David Letterman F-bombs Tom Cruise--If you didn't see this video, you must.  It makes Tom Cruise look relaxed and fun too.

Don't forget to enter my Holiday Gift Basket Giveaway, you have until midnight on Christmas Day PST!  

Or you can help me find a dress for Oscar Nominations.  Find a dress online that you think will look good on me and if I wear the winning dress, you get a $25 gift certificate to the store of your choice.  It's that easy.  Find all of the details here.  

Merry Christmas!

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Oscar Nominations Dress Challenge 2013

Can you believe it's that time of year again?  This is one of my favorite events that I run over here on Red Carpet Closet because it is so much fun! I need help finding a dress for Oscar Nominations morning on January 10, 2013.  Yep, it's earlier this year and we are going to have to do this over the Christmas break. Remember though, the winner gets a $25 gift certificate to the store of their choice. For those of you that are new to this challenge, YOU get to chose the dress that I wear for a one of Hollywood's biggest events. 

Here are some guidelines:

1.  It is not a red carpet event.  So, I am looking for a dress that is simple, classic and understated.  Think of a DVF wrap dress or a Jackie O. sheath.  I am short (5'3"), so I want to show off my legs versus lots of cleavage (which I don't have anyway) to give the illusion of height.  I love shoes, so I want to pick something hot and sassy from my shoe wardrobe.  One note from last year, even though I want a dress to show off my legs, please no so-short-I-can-see-your-hoo-ha dresses.  The Oscar Nominations are a very conservative event, so I'd like to keep it that way. 

2.  I will be working at 5AM PT that day.  I want a dress that is easy, comfortable, and not fussy.  I hate pulling and tugging at my dress because I feel self-conscious.

3.  I like color.  It looks great on camera and adds brightness to my face since my hair is currently light blonde.  Please avoid red or crazy patterns because they have a tendency to moray on camera.

4.  The budget is important.  Let's keep the dress under $200 and it has to be available online in sizes  2 or 4. 

Here are the two winners from 2011 and 2012:

For more information on the winning dresses from 2011 and 2012, click here and here.

2011:  Dress by Banana Republic

2012:  Dress by Aqua

Are you up for the challenge?  

The Rules:

1. Find me a dress by Wednesday, January 2 at 11:59pm PST. It must be available online. So post the link in the comments below with your contact info.

2.  The dress must be available in the U.S., but international contestants are welcome to join us for this contest.  

3.  Two finalists will be announced on Thursday, January 3 and the winner will be announced on Thursday, January 10.

4.  Winner will receive a $25 gift certificate to the store of their choice. 

If you have any questions, post in the comments below.  Otherwise, ready, get set, shop!

If you haven't entered my Holiday Giveaway, enter here.  There are lots of fun items and it's so easy to enter.  

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Holiday Giveaway Time!

I feel like we all need a bit of holiday cheer after the events of last week in Newtown, Connecticut.  So, I have a fun gift basket giveaway with over 15 items in it for you!  All you have to do is fill out the Rafflecopter form below and you are good to go.  It is that easy!

Here is what I am giving away:

The Prizes:

1. OPI Nail Laquer--"Did You Ear About Van Gogh?"

2.  2 beaded ankle bracelets by Kath's Elegant Accessories (One clasp/one stretch style)

3.  Chasing Mavericks Soundtrack

4.  Minnetonka Moccasin key chain

5.  Dork Forest t-shirt, Size Small--cute tee for the fangirl in your life.

6.  Rene Furterer dry shampoo

7.  O+ Pink Grapefruit Oxygen

8.  Amber Tortoise Sandal Foot Jewelry--Sterling Silver plus a 50% coupon

9.  Toyota Magnetic Chip Clip

10.  Magic Mike dog tags

11.  Canvas Shop 50% off coupon

12.  Children's Hospital Los Angeles key chain

13.  Last Call At The Oasis Soundtrack

14.  Shag Factory Love Missile plus two packets of Sliquid--Ladies, this is so you have a happy know what I mean.

15.  Vida Tees bracelet

16.  Poi Couture hair clip

17.  3 recyclable bags:  Lotus Denim, Children's Hospital Los Angeles, and an awesome canvas tote from Ted Baker.

18.  The Guilt Trip Hoodie, Size Medium--it's super soft and eco-friendly!

19.  Metric Synthetica album:  Sponsored by Acura and #WeekWithTheILX


1.  Please be 18 years of age +  (There are a few adult novelty items in this basket.)

2.  U.S. only

3.  Enter by Tuesday, December 25th at 12:00AM ET. Winner will be announced on Christmas Day!

4. Please use the Rafflecopter form to enter.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

UPDATE:  Congratulations to Amanda J. for winning this year's gift basket!  Be sure to check your email about your shipping address.  Merry Christmas!

Thank you for all of your support this year.  It has been an absolute blast sharing my red carpet adventures with you.

Monday, December 17, 2012

Media Mondays

My final big shoot of the year...dressed as Mrs. Claus.

Here we are with a new week after a very tough weekend.  My thoughts are with everyone in Newtown, Connecticut.  Your sorrow is all of our sorrow, we grieve along with you. 

My media events from last week:

Tom Barnard Podcast:  You never know where I am in LA when I do my radio hits.  I was in my car in Orange County about to go on set for a Kia shoot.  Take a listen.

On the set of 1600 Penn at Bill Pullman AKA President Gilchrist's desk.

SheKnows:  It was a fun week working with SheKnows as I hit the Golden Globe nominations and the set of NBC's new show, 1600 Penn.  Here are the articles from the those events:
Golden Globes Snubs and Surprises
Top 5 Things You Didn't See on Golden Globes Nominations
1600 Penn Set Visit

Reunited with my Toyota Live co-host, Matt Troyer, for a Kia shoot.

Spreecast:  I chatted with James Molnar of Gold Knight Blog about the Golden Globes and SAG nominations.  See our thoughts on the tight awards race:

 An early morning with Megan Fox, Ed Helms, and Jessica Alba at the Golden Globes nominations.

I was tired that morning...

The Radio Dish:  Catch me talking about "swatting" in Hollywood.  Don't know what that is? Miley Cyrus, Simon Cowell, and Ashton Kutcher have all been victims of this latest trend. Listen here.  

 My New Year's spot for Kia...

My cat is still drinking out of the tree stand.  

Don't forget it is #RadioBurtt night.  I will be on Driving with Gass at 6:35pm PT/9:35pm ET on  Listen live!  

I'll be back tomorrow with an end of the year giveaway, so come back and join me for some fun, free goodies!

Monday, December 10, 2012

Media Mondays

Media Mondays chronicles all of the places I appeared, wrote, and discussed the latest in entertainment news.  It was kind of a slow week, but don't worry, this coming week is going to be a crazy one.  Make sure to follow my Twitter or Facebook page to see all of the up-to-the-minute entertainment news especially if you are a fan of Barbra Streisand, Seth Rogen, the Golden Globes, Paul Rudd, Leslie Mann, or Judd Apatow.  Seriously, that's the kind of week it is going to be.  I hope you are all enjoying the holiday season.  My cat sure likes my tree...and the water that goes in the stand.  

I love blinky cat photos.

Tom Barnard Podcast:  Oh, this was a fun week and I couldn't think straight.  I called Sandra Bullock's Miss Congeniality flick....Miss Confidentiality.  That's a totally different film...that doesn't exist. Listen here.

SheKnows: My favorite stories I wrote this week:
Brittany Murphy's final film is completed--Sigh, I still can't believe she's gone.  The photo in this article is gorgeous too.
John Travolta's Christmas video--I can't get enough of this. You must watch if you missed last week's viral video hit.
Kristin Chenoweth dating former Bachelor star--Weirdest couple ever?  I'm baffled, how about you?

And if you missed my Throwback Thursday photo, enjoy this gem from one of my Nutcracker years with Pittsburgh Ballet Theatre:

Don't forget tonight at 6:35pm PST/9:35pm EST for Driving with Gass on  I'll be giving the inside scoop on my interviews with Barbra Streisand and Seth Rogen.  Come and join #RadioBurtt tonight!

Friday, December 7, 2012

DWTS Season 16: The Rumors So Far...

See my January 30, 2013 updated article here.

The rumors have officially begun for Season 16 of Dancing With the Stars after the NY Post wrote an article that dished about some of the possibilities for the next season.  (If you haven't seen the article, click here.)  It talks about ABC cutting the show back to only one season per year and shaking up the judging panel.

On our last DWTS show on AfterBuzz TV and on the Spreecast fan chat, we talked a lot about changing the judges around.  It seems like Len's name came up the most to be removed from the panel and nobody wanted Paula Abdul to replace him.  It seems like the pros really want Abdul to step in, but I think it's been done....American Idol, The X Factor, and her own dance show, Live to Dance.     There are plenty of other dancers and choreographers out there that would make it interesting and bring new life and energy to the show.  

As for going down to one season, it's inevitable that it would happen.  Ratings are down for dance shows, including So You Think You Can Dance, which just means that the peak of the dance craze has already happened and some viewers are fatigued by the format. I think also having other talent shows on the air all year long, from X Factor to The Voice to America's Got Talent, makes us all tired of these types of shows, no matter how entertaining they are. There is just so many of them.

The other interesting tidbit that was thrown out was the name Emily Maynard as a possible contestant.  The former Bachelorette has enjoyed her time in the spotlight and the tabloids have been covering her possible move to LA, so I think we will see her on the next season.  Other names that have been bandied about include:  Christie Brinkley, Danica McKellar (The Wonder Years), Dominique Moceanu, Gabby Douglas, Jordyn Wieber, Aly Raisman, and several cast members from General Hospital.  

So, here are two questions for you, my friends:

1. Who do you want to see on Season 16 of DWTS?

2.  Do you want to see them change the judges' panel?  Who would you replace?

Let me know in the comments below, on Twitter, or on Facebook.

I will also be doing a Spreecast with one of the names I mentioned in this article in the next few weeks, so follow me on Twitter or Facebook for the big announcement.  

Finally, here's wishing good health on the road to recovery for Brooke Burke-Charvet who underwent thyroid surgery earlier this week.  

Many thanks to Kristin Hope for sending me the NY Post article yesterday.  

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

My Vacation with the Acura ILX Hybrid

I figured since the LA Auto Show was going on, this was the perfect week to share my final photos of my #WeekWithILX.  (As many of you know, my laptop crashed, so I am just rejoining the Internet world!)  My final weekend was spent driving down to Palm Springs for a little R&R before the crazy holiday season.  It was the perfect time to leave Los Angeles since it was rainy and cold and we were headed to the dry heat of the sunny desert.

Here are some photos of my adventure:  
 No trip is complete without a Starbucks run...

 I really enjoyed the, really.  

 The navigation system came in handy when I missed my exit...typical of me.

 The windmills were a definite sign that we were close to Palm Springs...

 We made it!

 The most perfect view from our ILX moonroof......palm trees!

Once we parked our butts at the Desert Riviera, the most heavenly place in Palm Springs, I went over the Top 3 features we used in the Acura ILX Hybrid on the way down.  

1.  Navigation System:  I am one who constantly uses her iPhone for maps and directions, but I was less distracted as a driver utilizing the in-dash GPS.  I wasn't looking down at my phone and I wasn't pushing buttons while driving...I was safely watching the road.

2.  Backup Camera:  I have this feature in my current vehicle and it is a must for your next vehicle purchase.  The ILX technology was a bit more advanced than my 2008 vehicle because it actually helped you navigate into that parallel parking spot with guidance lines on the screen. Very handy if you are terrible at parallel parking like me.  

3.  Bluetooth:  Again, this is a feature I will say is a must for your next car upgrade.  It takes away the need for the old headset and it allows you to voice dial and talk on the phone hands-free. I know we love to use our phones in the car, but the more we keep our hands on the wheel, the safer we will be.  

 We hopped out of the car and onto the bikes lent to us by Desert Riviera.

 The views!

 The resort!

 The hot tub!

The pool!  (And the only shot you will ever get of me in a bikini.  Great photo trick...lie down flat, your stomach looks flat. 

 There's my significant get his toes!

 Nap time!

 My toes!

 My new favorite spot in Palm Springs....Desert Riviera.  They book up quickly, so don't miss out. 

A shot of the moon through our moonroof in the ILX on the way home....

For those of you that know me, I am already a big proponent of hybrid technology.  I have owned one for five years and I was thrilled to drive the ILX Hybrid. We went to Palm Springs and back on one tank of gas.  I didn't need to fill up all week.  Hybrids also have a ton of power since the electric motor adds extra torque to the vehicle.  Americans are obsessed with horsepower, but it's torque you really need out on the road.  Torque gets you going, horsepower keeps you going.  

A huge thanks to Larry at Desert Riviera for allowing us to stay and use the hotel room for an extra day.  We appreciate and we will be back...mark my words!  A big thanks to Acura, Brand Influencers, and Acura Insider for giving me a vehicle that impressed me and safely delivered me to all of my events that week.  

To learn more about the Acura ILX, check this out:

Acura has invited me to test the new ILX and share my honest thoughts through social media. I may receive product, access or content, but all commentary is my own.

If you missed my other posts, check them out here and here or enter for one final chance to win a #WeekWithILX here.  

Monday, December 3, 2012

Media Mondays

It's hard to believe we are in the final month of the year, but I am looking forward to a Christmas nap.  Life has been so busy here in LA!  We had lots of controversy surrounding the DWTS finale, but, on the flip side, my co-host and I had the opportunity to interview Fierce Five Olympic Gold Medalist, Jordyn Wieber.  You have to take the good with the not-so-good. Here's where I was last week:

Tom Barnard Podcast:  Every Tuesday, I dish the dirt with Tom and the crew.  It's one of my favorite stops each week.  Check out last week's show, I come in right at the top.

Interviewing Hyundai Vice President of Marketing, Steve Shannon.  Photo by Kathryn Rapier

Hyundai Santa Fe Press Reveal at the LA Auto Show: While I may have retired from this, I still cover press events in the automotive world.  If you want to see the crazy and wild moment when I interviewed Hyundai President and CEO John Krafcik, click here.  The crowds wanted to speak with him, but I had the opportunity to interview him first.

AfterBuzz TV's Dancing With the Stars Finale:  Oh boy, this final week was fraught with such controversy over the judging, the voting, and the eventual winners.  My co-host, Suri, talked openly about how she felt and we have both talked about our frustrations.  See how it all went down and listen to our fun interview with Fierce Five member, Jordyn Wieber....such a sweet girl!  I'm going to miss this show, but I will be back in full force when Season 16 returns in March.

Talking Toyota on Inside the LA Auto Show

Inside the LA Auto Show:  The show aired on CBS 2 and KCAL 9 here in Los Angeles and not only did I talk about the 2013 line-up for Toyota, my nerdy dancing made the credits.  Yep, total dork here.

SheKnows:  A couple of my favorite articles from last week:
Michael Jackson's Thriller turns 30--No one was bigger during the '80s.
Scarlett Johansson does the weather on The Today Show--I love it when a star doesn't take themselves seriously.
Anna Nicole Smith's daughter in GUESS Kids Spring campaign--How cute is she?  I hope this story ends differently than Anna's though.

Cocktails and Conversation:  It was my last appearance of the year with these sassy ladies. Listen in as we talk a lot about Angus T. Jones and his religious controversy with Two and a Half Men.

Spreecast:  The DWTS finale was so controversial, that Suri and I hit the internet one more time to talk to the fans.  Thank you all for joining in with your thoughts and comments.  If you missed it, you can watch the archive below.

Don't forget it's #RadioBurtt night at 6:35pm PT/9:35pm PT tonight on Driving with Gass.  Join in the conversation at live!

And yep, that's me in a Kia of Cerritos commercial.  

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Photos From the Los Angeles 'Hitchcock' Premiere

Last week I attended the Hitchcock premiere covering the red carpet for SheKnows. Here are some fun personal photos from that evening.  If you missed my coverage, you can see my red carpet interviews here and a fun piece on Hollywood's favorite Hitchcock film.....if you think it's Psycho, think again.

 Jerry Mathers was in the Hitchcock film, The Trouble with Harry.

 Jamie Lee Curtis was there representing her mom and Hitchcock muse, Janet Leigh.  

 Jessica Biel AKA Mrs. Timberlake was dressed in Gucci on a chilly LA night.

 Always THE Queen, Helen Mirren, wearing Dolce&Gabbana.

Me bundled up on the red carpet.

The divine Toni Collette dressed in Alex for the red carpet.

Monday, November 26, 2012

Media Mondays

Beautiful weather and beautiful views during my San Francisco Thanksgiving weekend.

Ahhh, is everyone officially stuffed from their Thanksgiving weekend?  I am ready to hit the trails and work off all of the delicious food I consumed, but I am not sure I am ready to go back to work. Oh well!  If you noticed, I didn't post much last week.  My laptop decided to take a holiday by having the hard drive crap out on me. So, we begin the week anew with a borrowed laptop, but I am back in the mix in the online world.  It's scary out there without a laptop!

Here's where you could find me last week all over the world wide web. Pick your favorite and let me know what you liked best:

Breaking Dawn, Part 2 on Spreecast:  If you watched last week's fan chat with Amy Taylor, we couldn't talk about the twist.  Finally, the NDA was lifted and we talked all about it.  What do you think about the final movie?  Let me know!

Good Morning, Spreecast:  I made another appearance on the morning show even though I had to duck out to do a radio spot, but I had a great time with Seth Everett again.  This also featured the breaking Elmo resignation news.

Even though I my laptop crashed, I still had to write! I had the opportunity to cover the Hitchcock premiere, so this is what I learned from the chilling red carpet for SheKnows:

Hitchcock Premiere
Hollywood's Favorite Hitchcock Movies
Oprah's Favorite Things is Back!

You can see my red carpet photo from the cold red carpet on Facebook.  I wore lots of red, an appropriate color for the evening.

Dancing With the Stars:  It's the semi-finals and our viewers went crazy because we had DWTS troupe member Henry Byalikov.  Watch the Afterbuzz TV show here:

The Radio Dish:  One of my favorite radio spots each week includes this Kansas City show, so listen in and hear the latest scoop on Ocotmom.....noooo, not Octomom!  I come in at 20:30.  

If you want the latest entertainment scoop this week, tune in tonight for a little #RadioBurtt on Driving with Gass at 6:35pm PST/9:35pm EST on  

Monday, November 19, 2012

Media Mondays

Okay, kids, here is where you can keep up with everything I did last week.  My mom says she can't keep up, hopefully you can??

Last Monday, I kicked off the week by co-hosting Good Morning, Spreecast with Seth Everett.  I talked a bit about it here, but the show was so much fun, we are doing it all over again tomorrow at 7:30am PST/ 10:30am EST.  You can join us at the link here.

Tuesday, I predicted that Channing Tatum would be named "Sexiest Man Alive" by People the next day. (I actually wrote an article about it way earlier on November 6th for SheKnows....that's some good insider news, right?)  Turns out, I was right.  Hear my entertainment scoop on the Tom Barnard Podcast here.

I also had a blast with Amy Taylor chatting about the Twilight camp and premiere on Spreecast.  We had a lot of great viewer questions, so we are going to do it all over again TODAY at 5pm PST/8pm EST.  Link is here. We will cover the twist and what people really thought of the movie now that it is out and hitting the mainstream....meaning my Non-Disclosure Agreement has finally expired!

Speaking of Twilight, if you missed my Taylor Lautner interview, it was posted here.  I'm also giving you my Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson interview below.  Kristen was extremely likable which a lot of you have commented on.  If you want to see all of my Twilight coverage over the years, you can view it here at my publicist's site.

And then the week brought me to one of the final episodes of Dancing With the Stars on AfterBuzz TV.  It has been such a fun ride and the fans have been responding to our shows each week.  I'm already looking forward to Season 16.  Here's last week's episode.

Then I hit the road in my ILX and went off to LAX for a quick 24-hour gig at EPCOT......that's a lot of acronyms.  It was fun getting a behind the scenes look at the park.  Here's a crazy photo from my trip or hit my Facebook page for this one.

Me and Sully! 

I had one final radio stop for the week with my ladies in Kansas City on The Radio Dish where we chatted about Taylor Swift and the new round of Star Wars coming up.  Listen here at the 20-minute mark.

And if you missed any of my articles on SheKnows last week, here are my three favorites:
Biggest American Music Awards Flops--Ouch, Katy Perry, sing on key!
Biggest American Music Awards Openers--The ladies rule the stage.
Janeane Garofalo Had No Idea She Was Married--Oh, for say, 20 years!!!

Have a great week, everyone!  Please enjoy your Thanksgiving holiday......and let me know what's your favorite dish:  mashed potatoes, pumpkin pie, or stuffing?

xo kb

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