Monday, November 26, 2012

Media Mondays

Beautiful weather and beautiful views during my San Francisco Thanksgiving weekend.

Ahhh, is everyone officially stuffed from their Thanksgiving weekend?  I am ready to hit the trails and work off all of the delicious food I consumed, but I am not sure I am ready to go back to work. Oh well!  If you noticed, I didn't post much last week.  My laptop decided to take a holiday by having the hard drive crap out on me. So, we begin the week anew with a borrowed laptop, but I am back in the mix in the online world.  It's scary out there without a laptop!

Here's where you could find me last week all over the world wide web. Pick your favorite and let me know what you liked best:

Breaking Dawn, Part 2 on Spreecast:  If you watched last week's fan chat with Amy Taylor, we couldn't talk about the twist.  Finally, the NDA was lifted and we talked all about it.  What do you think about the final movie?  Let me know!

Good Morning, Spreecast:  I made another appearance on the morning show even though I had to duck out to do a radio spot, but I had a great time with Seth Everett again.  This also featured the breaking Elmo resignation news.

Even though I my laptop crashed, I still had to write! I had the opportunity to cover the Hitchcock premiere, so this is what I learned from the chilling red carpet for SheKnows:

Hitchcock Premiere
Hollywood's Favorite Hitchcock Movies
Oprah's Favorite Things is Back!

You can see my red carpet photo from the cold red carpet on Facebook.  I wore lots of red, an appropriate color for the evening.

Dancing With the Stars:  It's the semi-finals and our viewers went crazy because we had DWTS troupe member Henry Byalikov.  Watch the Afterbuzz TV show here:

The Radio Dish:  One of my favorite radio spots each week includes this Kansas City show, so listen in and hear the latest scoop on Ocotmom.....noooo, not Octomom!  I come in at 20:30.  

If you want the latest entertainment scoop this week, tune in tonight for a little #RadioBurtt on Driving with Gass at 6:35pm PST/9:35pm EST on  

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