Thursday, December 17, 2009

Behind the Scenes of Daphne Brogdon of

This interview was a rather exciting one for me. First, it was inspired by some controversy after we shot the Mommy XXX episode and a particular Mommy Blogger got upset over the show. As a result, one of the Mommy XXX advertisers pulled out of the show due to the pressure from the article and the author's readers. It made me realize how powerful the Mommy Blogger has become in our society. Now in order for it to fit within The Web Files framework, we would need someone who videos their work versus writing about it. So, off I went, scouring the Internet for the best Mommy Vlogger out there. I looked at many sites, but no one was as funny, irreverent, or as truthful as Daphne Brogdon.

I personally was thrilled to do this interview because I used to watch Daphne when she hosted a show on FX called The X Show. Not only did I watch, but I was a paid audience member who helped fill the seats if the tickets were not sold out. It was my first job in LA when I moved here in 2000. I did it for 2 months as it helped pay the bills while I got myself settled on the West Coast. I loved the show with its hodgepodge of hosts including Gillian Barberie, Craig Jackson, Justin Walker, and Gary Valentine, who I also interviewed this summer for his web series, Dusty Peacock.. I told Daphne our connection at the beginning of the interview and I wish it had made the episode because it was a fun moment, but it wound up on the cutting room floor.

What makes Daphne truly likable as a Mommy Vlogger is that she is real. She proves that while motherhood is rewarding, it also brings its own set of challenges. It isn't a perfect world, but it can be a funny, heartbreaking, sad, and joyous world. Daphne is married to Mark Peel, the chef of the famed restaurant, Campanile and La Brea Bakery. You may think her life is charmed, but they have endured challenges like the rest of us in this economic downturn and that is what brings to the table.

We shot in her home at the kids' table where everything was perfectly tiny and cute including the tea set. Since we were not allowed to wear shoes in her house, Sandra made sure I had the most colorful socks for the shoot. They are actually Easter socks with bunnies at the top, making them perfect for the episode. I truly appreciated Daphne's candidness and I think this episode fits in well with the holiday season.

Episode 24 is our last show for 2009, so I want to take the time to thank you for your views, support, feedback, and appreciation for what we are doing on The Web Files. We managed to bring you 24 episodes this year featuring the best in web series, web celebs, and new media creators. We look forward to 2010 as our show grows along with the Web TV industry. Come back and see us in January when we launch new interviews featuring The Legend of Neil, Dorm Life, The Fine Brothers, and Casey McKinnon of A Comicbook Orange. Happy Holidays!

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