Sunday, December 20, 2009

2009 in Review: January

Here's a quick speed through of my year. I am going to try and post 5 pictures that represent each month of 2009 for me over the next 12 days. Ready? GO!

First day of 2009 working in San Diego where everything is shiny, bright, and new......

Off to CES 2009 where I presented the Pure HD Sound for one of my clients, LG Electronics...

One of my favorite topics? The Toyota Prius! Standing next to the 2010 Prius at the North American International Auto Show. It was the public's first look, but they couldn't touch it until May, but I got a chance to sit inside in January.

My two favorite audience members of all time at Toyota Live. They were so cute and one of them cried when she won a prize! My co-host and I posed for photos after the show.

While I travel for work A LOT, I also get to have fun too. After a long day at work, I played at the City Museum in St. Louis. Add this to your MUST DO list on your next visit to the city.
Coming tomorrow is a quick wrap-up of February.....Chicago, Oscar, my animals, and more!


  1. Fun photo trip through the year -- 1/4 way so far and it looks both busy + fun. I'm putting St. Louis on my new places to explore list -- the more I hear/see about it, the more interesting it sounds.

  2. Yes, make sure to hit St. Louis. I think it is a hidden gem.....great restaurants, fun tourist spots, and lots of cultural activities.


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