Thursday, April 28, 2011

2012 Oscar Season: Are You Ready?

If you thought awards season was over, think again.  In the next few months, we have the MTV Movie Awards, the ESPYs, the Tonys, and the Daytime Emmys.  I seriously feel like I was just doing this and this, but now, The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences wants to make sure I am ready for the 2012 Academy Awards.  Have I recovered from 2011 yet?  I'm not sure.

Here are all of the important dates for you Oscar aficionados out there.  Mark your calendars now:

Tuesday, January 24, 2012:  Nominations 5:30 AM PT
Monday, February 6, 2012:  Nominees Luncheon
Saturday, February 11, 2012:  Scientific and Technical Awards
Sunday, February 26, 2012:  84th Annual Academy Awards

In case you missed it, click on the links above for 2011 Academy Awards coverage.

Photos courtesy of Mingle Media TV.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

The Great Blackout at the 2011 New York Auto Show

I'm starting to feel like a bit of a disaster.  Wherever I am, disaster strikes:  2003.....The great blackout in NYC (and I was living in Minneapolis at the time.), 2009......the Cobo Hall Fire at NAIAS and now, 2011.....the great blackout at the Jacob Javits Center.  Wherever I go, trouble follows.  Last night, around 7:50 PM. all of the lights dimmed in the middle of the New York Auto Show at the Jacob Javits Center.  It became very dark, very quickly.  I love the resilience of New Yorkers because an event like this barely registers to them.  As someone who has officially spent more time in LA (11 years) versus NYC (9 years), I did look around to make sure this was just a faulty electrical moment instead of a true emergency.

I also love that Jalopnik and the NY Times Automotive Section were on to my tweets within seconds.  Are they trolling for auto show information by the moment?  Either way, I am impressed.  The consumers remained calm and the lights were back on within 8 minutes. The only thing that I questioned was the lack of response from show management.  We didn't hear a peep from them.  Surely there is a universal PA system to tell the public that everything is okay and that they are working on restoring power?  Does anyone have an emergency plan in place these days?  I know Cobo Hall didn't do a thing during the fire in 2009.  The other good news is that New York's famed "Gang Night" on Easter Sunday was the calmest in years, so maybe my luck is changing after all.

Lights back on and all is well at the 2011 New York Auto Show........

**The views/opinions on this page are not necessarily those of TOYOTA.

Monday, April 25, 2011

Scenes from a NY Weekend

Although it was a holiday weekend, I had to work.  So, my weekend was filled with a little work, a little play, a little shopping, and a whole lot of eating.  Here are some fun scenes from my Easter weekend in the Big Apple.

We kicked off the weekend with our annual trip to Burgers & Cupcakes.  Yep, you know what's on the menu.

For all of you flea market enthusiasts, The Garage Antique Flea Market (112 West 25th St, 10001) is a must on your next NYC visit.  It is filled with vast treasures with a strong focus on vintage clothing, jewelry, and housewares.  

When you go to visit the flea market, be sure to visit Lulu of Lulu's Vintage Lovelies.  Her eye for style is impeccable and if you want quality designer vintage clothing, she is the woman to meet.  We hunted through vintage Valentino to fox stoles to stunning chandelier earrings.  It's the type of inventory that would make Rachel Zoe's head spin.  I managed to grab a gorgeous white trench coat and a fitted gray military jacket.  (Photos to come...) 

Some of Lulu's treasures that are calling out to me.  I promise, I will be back!  Make sure to stop by and say "hi" to Lulu.  Be sure to tell her that KB sent you.

I do believe the myth is true that NY water makes bagels, pizza, and cupcakes taste better than anywhere in the world.  This slice was heaven.  The right amount of cheese blended together with tangy sauce and a crispy crust. 

A view of our Toyota Live stage from the 4th floor.  It's fun to watch the audience from up above catch our show.  I think it is the best view in the house.  Next time, I have to send someone up there to take a photo when I am on stage.

Thanks to our crew, they posted some of our best shots from our Peter Luger Steakhouse night on the Toyota Live monitors.

I do like my steak!

What's your favorite thing to do in New York?  Let me know in the comments since I have another week left in the big city.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

KISS at the New York Auto Show

Celebrities and cars go hand in hand, so it is a common sight to see a celebrity endorsing a vehicle on one of the press days at the Big Four Auto Shows:  NY, LA, Detroit, and Chicago.  However, this year, MINI USA chose to utilize KISS to promote a new test drive tour that will raise money for UNICEF.  So, the buzz on this launch was huge, excitement built throughout the displays, and rumors abounded.  Would the band play?  Is Gene Simmons really coming?  Is Mini Kiss playing?  This launch was going to be EPIC!  Thousands gathered into the MINI display early hoping to grab an close up spot on the carpet to take their iPhone photos, it was packed.

The CEO of MINI North America, Jim McDowell, was a good sport who came out in his own KISS garb including the makeup. I am not sure anyone heard his speech though because the audience was impatiently waiting for the band to come out.  And then.....the introduction.  Here's a quick clip of their entrance and all of the noise coming from the crowd:

After all of that chaos, a little bit of banter was exchanged by the CEO and Gene Simmons and then the whole thing was over in about 4 minutes.  That's it?  Not one single song?  Not even a fun appearance by Mini Kiss?  I have never seen an event so hyped at press day, only to be done with the whole thing in a New York minute.  Sigh.  I know MINI USA spent a lot of money to have the guys out to the event, I guess I just wanted a bit more.  For those of you that are hardcore KISS fans, I know it isn't the original line-up of Ace Frehley, Paul Stanley, Gene Simmons, and Peter Criss, but hey, it was fun for us at press day for four minutes or so......

In case you were wondering where Paul Stanley was, he had to pull out at the last minute due to a family emergency.

All four vehicles were signed by the band members and are being auctioned off for charity.  For more information on the event or the auction, check out MINI USA.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Peter Luger Steakhouse

One of my favorite things to do in NY is to see a great show and eat amazing food.  Well, I did eat amazing food, but the show was uh......okay, let's leave it at that.  So, getting 50% correct isn't bad, right? I will leave you with a photo of Times Square busting at the seams just an hour before curtain.  It's a sight that I will never tire of.

Fortunately, my total meat-fest at Peter Luger Steakhouse in Brooklyn more than made up for the show.  This restaurant has been around since 1887, so it is a total food institution in the outer borough.  You have to check your vegan diet at the door and indulge in the tender, juicy medium-rare Porterhouse steak.

Honestly, you don't need to read the menu.  Let your waiter order for you, they know the menu better than anyone.  Some of the items we indulged in that I forgot to take a photo of because I was too busy stuffing my face included:  jumbo shrimp cocktail, creamed spinach, Beefsteak tomato and onion salad, schlag, and an apple turnover.  I could have eaten a bowlful of the schlag AKA the Austrian word for "with whipped cream" all on my own.  Finally, don't forget to top it all off with Peter Luger's famous horseradish sauce. (just not the dessert!)  My mouth is watering just thinking about the meal....

Bacon, bacon, bacon was the complete topper to the Beefsteak and onion salad.  It was heaven.  Be sure to visit Peter Luger Steakhouse the next time you are in NY, don't forget to make a reservation, and bring cash, no credit cards accepted.

Shopping in New York

As you know from my previous trips here and here, NYC is my home.  I can't get enough of the sounds, the smells, the food, the theatre, and the shopping!  It took me only 32 minutes to make a dent in my wallet with a ring, pendant, and earring purchase, followed by my coveted Jessica Simpson shoe splurge.

I wasn't planning on buying any jewelry, but I stumbled into the place on my way out of my favorite NYC sandwich joint, Cosí.  It's called Secret of Treasures (488 7th Ave, New York 10018) and everything is approximately $2.99 and under, so it's a costume jewelry fan's dream.   I scooped up a Murano glass ring.

How can you resist?  This colorful pile of Murano glass pendants was so enticing.  I only picked up one, but I could have sorted through the pile for days.  I also grabbed a pair of earrings bringing my shopping total to $9.77 for three pieces of jewelry.  Now, that's what I call a bargain!

Finally, you know I have been coveting these shoes from Jessica Simpson.   The girl may be a mediocre singer and actress, but she has a billion dollar fashion empire.  Yes, I said BILLION.  These are the Dany shoes that department stores and online sites cannot keep in stock.  It is a huge 5" heel with a 2" platform heel, but they are comfortable and easy to walk in.  I wish it was warm in NYC right now so I could sport them to the theatre tonight.  I think I have finished with my shopping here in the city, but I still have another 12 days to go.........wish me luck!

Monday, April 18, 2011

Hey Soap Fans, This One is for You!

Last week, I wrote a post asking soap fans, "What the Heck Happened?".  After ABC's decision to cancel All My Children and One Life to Live, the viewers rallied across the internet, created petitions, and shouted loud enough for advertisers to respond.  After getting tremendous response to my post and capturing the voices of the daytime community, I finally gathered all of my material and wrote a lengthy article for Starpulse.  I also want to thank Spin's Vixenella on Twitter for spearheading all of the fans to come to Red Carpet Closet and share their thoughts on the cancellation.  Now, I want to know what you think of the article.  Remember,  I love to read your feedback!

Starpulse article

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Friday, April 15, 2011

Soap Fans, What the Heck Happened?

If you were hiding under a rock yesterday, you missed the big news that ABC Daytime cancelled the long-running and beloved soaps, All My Children and One Life To Live.  I am old enough to remember my mom ironing while watching the beginning stages of Tad and Jenny's romance or the antics of Opal on AMC.  I personally never latched on to the soap genre despite a brief flirtation with General Hospital during the Luke and Laura days.  I never found the story lines appealing enough to warrant programming our complex top-loading VCR back in the '80's.  Nevertheless, it is devastating news to the entertainment industry that the two shows were cancelled.  The loss of jobs and revenue to Los Angeles and New York were enough for the DGA, AFTRA, and the WGA to make official statements.

Now, I have a few questions for those of you who are soap fans because I want to understand more about this dying television genre.  Brian Frons, president of Daytime for Disney-ABC Television Group, has been vilified for years by the fans and based on the numerous "I Hate Brian Frons" forums, I bet yesterday's announcement that "Their time has come to an end" didn't win him any new friends.  The shocking thing is that under his tutelage over the last 9 years, the soaps have seen their lowest ratings ever.  So, how is it possible that Brian Frons is still employed?  Can anyone answer that question?  As for the fans, you have been dropping dramatically in numbers and ratings over the last decade.  Did you abandon the genre all together?  What would it take to bring you back?  Based on my recent interview (and the follow-up article with with Chandler Massey of Days of Our Lives, I know you are still strong in numbers.  Let me know what you think in the comments below.

Of course with today's big news, the rumor mill has started.  One of the biggest pieces of gossip was floated exclusively by Blind Gossip that perhaps Susan Lucci is joining the cast of Desperate Housewives as a series regular.  If true, this would bring a big boost in ratings to the flailing DH series.  The other great story floated about is that both soaps might wind up on the web versus traditional broadcast television.  I think the first rumor is a strong possibility while the second story would be far-fetched at this point, let's see if it rings true. Okay, soap fans, fire away!  I want your opinions on this whole breaking story.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Entertainment Hosts Play Musical Chairs

While trolling through Twitter yesterday, I came across the news on Deadline Hollywood that Showbiz Tonight anchor, Brooke Anderson, was replacing Lara Spencer on The Insider.  Now before Lara Spencer fans freak out, Lara is headed back to Good Morning, America, where she started her national network career.  Lara leaves The Insider after being passed over for the Entertainment Tonight anchor job that Mary Hart retired from late last year.  That gig went to former Access Hollywood host, Nancy O'Dell.  She left Access Hollywood in 2009 after it was rumored that her co-host, Billy Bush, drove her up a wall.  I don't blame her, he's a pesky personality.  Before the ink dries on your Hollywood entertainment show anchor chart, please remember, no one has been announced as Brooke Anderson's replacement on HLN's Showbiz Tonight.  How will this story end?

In the meantime, I send my personal "congratulations" to Brooke who is smart, kind, and perfect for her new role on The Insider.  I had the opportunity to interview her during Oscars Week.  She was one of the judges for the MTVu Oscar Correspondent Contest and I love her for giving me the exclusive on who designed her Oscar gown (A to-die-for designer!).  Here is my interview with her on Mingle Media TV:

Photo Courtesy of Mingle Media TV.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Las Vegas

Las Vegas is a little less lovable than New Orleans, but I have to say that Vegas knows how to build some really cool crap.  Yeah, I said crap.  It's all smoke and mirrors topped off with a vice den of gambling, strippers, and drugs, but I sure love the food, the shows, and the shoes.  Vegas in photos.........

 The MGM Lion hangs out in a boxing ring.  

 What's Vegas without a little bit of nudity?  You're welcome.

MGM had their lion-keeper sleeping with the lions.  I guess it is better than sleeping with the fishes.

 At the NAB edition of Digital LA at The Library/Club Marquee with Jen Friel and Kevin Winston.

Hanging at Digital LA-Vegas Edition with AJ Tesler and Matthew Troyer.

 Chandelier Bar at The Cosmopolitan at City Center.

 It's tacky and pretty all at once.  Ah, Las Vegas!

 Sorry for my schmaltzy taste, but Barry is my dream concert.

 See?  Vegas builds cool crap.  The lobby of The Cosmopolitan Hotel.

On the balcony of The Library at Club Marquee while the people grind below.  Yep, I said grind.  

Photos 4 and 5 courtesy of Digital LA.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

She's Pregnant!

.......but here at Red Carpet Closet we already knew that.  If you've been here the last few weeks, you know I made a visit to InvenTORI in Sherman Oaks.  Lucky for me, Tori and Dean were in 'da house and that is when I declared, "Don't be surprised if you read a Tori Spelling pregnancy article soon.  I can't be 100% sure since I am not her OB, but she sure looked like she might be sporting a baby bump. (Just remember you heard it here at Red Carpet Closet first!)"  Well, well, look who scooped Perez, People, and US Magazine.  Oh yeah, Red Carpet Closet!  That is a first for me and I am going to pat myself on the back for knowing a baby bump when I see one.  

Mazel Tov, Tori and Dean!
See the original article on InvenTORI from Tuesday, March 29th here.   

Monday, April 11, 2011

All About The Dress

Aryeh designed this dress and also THIS one that I wore to ITVFest 2010.
I received so many inquiries about this dress from the ElfQuest fan trailer premiere, so I figured that it merited its own post.  Many thanks to Roni B. for styling me and to her mom, Sonia, for making sure the dress fit just right. (I actually picked up the dress an hour before hair/makeup in a grocery store parking lot!)  If you haven't read my post about The Undergarments Edition, now would be a good time to do so.  I was taped and pastied within every inch of my décolletage.  It wasn't the night for wardrobe malfunctions when you are broadcasting live.

Here is all of the scoop on my outfit:

Dress:   Aryeh, $65, available at Roni B.
Shoes:  Guess, from 6 years ago!
Jewelry:  Bracelet, ring:  Aldo, from 4 years ago!
               Garnet Necklace:  Gift from Prague
               Earrings: Gifted from Charles Winston, 14K White Gold 8mm Moissanite studs

Makeup:  Carolina Groppa

If you played along with my tongue-in-cheek poll last week of Who Wore It Best?  Here are the results:

I think you guys were just being nice because it is my site, but I love, love, love those who voted for "This poll is lame".  I'm glad someone has a sense of humor.  I honestly think the real winner is Chagoury Couture, they get free publicity any time someone wears their dress on the red carpet.  It's a no-lose situation.

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Wrapping up An Elf-filled Week

Ah, my post comes a bit late as I have a bit of an event week hangover.  Not a real hangover from delicious cocktails, but from a week filled with excitement and dreams. I don't know where to begin, so I will just bullet point all of the fun things that happened.

1.  I started the week with my official investment in the Broadway revival of Godspell coming in the 2011-2012 season.  You can read all about it here.

Photo courtesy of Nicholas Sayaan.  Me and Roni B.

2.  LA Premiere Shorts:  It was a blast supporting my pal, Roni B, in her film debut!  Her store was used as a part of the film, Brownie Points, so it was the perfect backdrop for the cute romantic comedy.

Photo courtesy of Robert Welkner, Coin-Op.TV.  Me with Richard and Wendy Pini

3.  ElfQuest:  I was thrilled to be asked by SAG New Media to host the live stream for the red carpet for the premiere of the ElfQuest fan trailer.  It was exciting to meet the creators of the original ElfQuest series,  Richard and Wendy Pini, but what made it even better was watching my friends, Stephanie Thorpe and Paula Rhodes, turn their dreams into reality.  There has been an incredible amount of press surrounding the fan trailer, so here are a few links to take a look at if you are an ElfQuest fan:

The Fan Trailer

Live Stream Red Carpet/Q&A

SAG New Media article

Mingle Media TV-photos

Robert Welkner/

Eddie Carrington AKA Brigwyn article

Interview with Stephanie Thorpe and Paula Rhodes:

4.  I love it when something I cover resonates with fans, so I was pleased to see that my interview with Chandler Massey at the GBK gifting suite was a hit with Days of Our Lives fans on  Check out the article here.

5.  Finally, many thanks to my friend, Leah Cevoli, for including me in her series, On the Road with Leah Cevoli. I make a little cameo at about 2:53 and yes, this cameo was done on the fly which means no hair and makeup!  You will see it does take a village to put me together.

Phew.  I think that is it for this weekend.  I have a crazy few weeks coming up with NAB, Toyota Long Beach Grand Prix, and our last Toyota Live run for the season.  I promise it won't be boring.  Have a great weekend and I will see you on Monday at Red Carpet Closet!

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Godspell: I'm a Broadway Producer!

I never thought I would ever utter those words in my lifetime, but this musical theatre geek can finally add "Broadway Producer" to her resumé.  Godspell is being mounted for the 2011-2012 Broadway season by Davenport Theatrical Enterprises, helmed by my friend, Ken Davenport and it is being directed by my Stagedoor Manor pal, Daniel Goldstein.  While you think I may have an inside connection to helping to fund the show, I have the same opportunity as you do.  Godspell is the first Broadway show to utilize crowdfunding as a source of revenue to help mount the show.  To invest, units go for $100 with a minimum purchase of 10 units to participate. So, for $1000, you can be a Broadway producer and should the production make its money back, everyone who invests gets to share in the profits.  Cool idea, right?

Check out the wall of people who have participated so far (Can you find my name?).  If you want more information, head over to the People of Godspell or learn more about producing and marketing at Ken's site.  

I'll see you on opening night!


Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Elfquest: A Fan Imagining

Photo courtesy of RadNerd.

If you've never heard of Elfquest, you will soon.  Whether it is tonight's world premiere of Paula Rhodes and Stephanie Thorpe's 5-minute trailer or the possible Warner Brother's production brought to the big screen, this won't be the last time you hear about Wendy and Richard Pini's cult comic book classic.  Tonight, I have the opportunity to host the live stream of the red carpet and then moderate the Q&A after the premiere.  Please join me for all the excitement over at SAG New Media's Stickam page at 6:45PM PST.

Live Stream Link on Stickam.

About Elfquest.

About the Elfquest Fan Trailer.

Here's a sneak peak of tonight's premiere:

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