Thursday, April 7, 2011

Godspell: I'm a Broadway Producer!

I never thought I would ever utter those words in my lifetime, but this musical theatre geek can finally add "Broadway Producer" to her resumé.  Godspell is being mounted for the 2011-2012 Broadway season by Davenport Theatrical Enterprises, helmed by my friend, Ken Davenport and it is being directed by my Stagedoor Manor pal, Daniel Goldstein.  While you think I may have an inside connection to helping to fund the show, I have the same opportunity as you do.  Godspell is the first Broadway show to utilize crowdfunding as a source of revenue to help mount the show.  To invest, units go for $100 with a minimum purchase of 10 units to participate. So, for $1000, you can be a Broadway producer and should the production make its money back, everyone who invests gets to share in the profits.  Cool idea, right?

Check out the wall of people who have participated so far (Can you find my name?).  If you want more information, head over to the People of Godspell or learn more about producing and marketing at Ken's site.  

I'll see you on opening night!



  1. Hope it goes better than Spiderman

  2. I can promise you that this show and 99.9% of the other shows mounted on Broadway in the next century will go better than Spiderman. (whether they make their $$ back or not). Spidey is cursed.

  3. Wrong. You're an investor, not a producer.

  4. Hi Scoutinny!  Thanks for stopping by.  I think what you mean instead of "wrong" is that with most Broadway productions, one would be considered an investor. For this particular production, you are given a producer credit.  It is listed in the paperwork and is available to check out on the website.  This is an unusual circumstance, but this is how they are handling it and advertising it.  In fact, when you invest in the production, you are sent a button that says, "I'm a Broadway producer".  So, I just wanted to offer up the details for Godspell.  If you have any further questions, I am happy to put you in contact with Ken Davenport.  Best Wishes,Kristyn


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