Monday, April 11, 2011

All About The Dress

Aryeh designed this dress and also THIS one that I wore to ITVFest 2010.
I received so many inquiries about this dress from the ElfQuest fan trailer premiere, so I figured that it merited its own post.  Many thanks to Roni B. for styling me and to her mom, Sonia, for making sure the dress fit just right. (I actually picked up the dress an hour before hair/makeup in a grocery store parking lot!)  If you haven't read my post about The Undergarments Edition, now would be a good time to do so.  I was taped and pastied within every inch of my décolletage.  It wasn't the night for wardrobe malfunctions when you are broadcasting live.

Here is all of the scoop on my outfit:

Dress:   Aryeh, $65, available at Roni B.
Shoes:  Guess, from 6 years ago!
Jewelry:  Bracelet, ring:  Aldo, from 4 years ago!
               Garnet Necklace:  Gift from Prague
               Earrings: Gifted from Charles Winston, 14K White Gold 8mm Moissanite studs

Makeup:  Carolina Groppa

If you played along with my tongue-in-cheek poll last week of Who Wore It Best?  Here are the results:

I think you guys were just being nice because it is my site, but I love, love, love those who voted for "This poll is lame".  I'm glad someone has a sense of humor.  I honestly think the real winner is Chagoury Couture, they get free publicity any time someone wears their dress on the red carpet.  It's a no-lose situation.

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