Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Shopping in New York

As you know from my previous trips here and here, NYC is my home.  I can't get enough of the sounds, the smells, the food, the theatre, and the shopping!  It took me only 32 minutes to make a dent in my wallet with a ring, pendant, and earring purchase, followed by my coveted Jessica Simpson shoe splurge.

I wasn't planning on buying any jewelry, but I stumbled into the place on my way out of my favorite NYC sandwich joint, Cosí.  It's called Secret of Treasures (488 7th Ave, New York 10018) and everything is approximately $2.99 and under, so it's a costume jewelry fan's dream.   I scooped up a Murano glass ring.

How can you resist?  This colorful pile of Murano glass pendants was so enticing.  I only picked up one, but I could have sorted through the pile for days.  I also grabbed a pair of earrings bringing my shopping total to $9.77 for three pieces of jewelry.  Now, that's what I call a bargain!

Finally, you know I have been coveting these shoes from Jessica Simpson.   The girl may be a mediocre singer and actress, but she has a billion dollar fashion empire.  Yes, I said BILLION.  These are the Dany shoes that department stores and online sites cannot keep in stock.  It is a huge 5" heel with a 2" platform heel, but they are comfortable and easy to walk in.  I wish it was warm in NYC right now so I could sport them to the theatre tonight.  I think I have finished with my shopping here in the city, but I still have another 12 days to go.........wish me luck!


  1. LOVE LOVE LOVE it all... and I'm totally hitting up that little shop when I arrive today! Thanks for sharing the shopping love :)


  2. Anytime! And please let me see your treasures once you buy them. See you tomorrow. xo

  3. Hello! Can you tell me where I can buy them in New York? Thanks in advance!

  4. Hi Raquel! I bought the Jessica Simpson "Dany" shoes at Macy's/Herald Square. If they don't have your size, they will order them for you. Also, check out They have a continuous supply coming in. If they don't have them, they can email you when your size is back in stock. They should be priced at $99 or less. Happy Shopping! Let me know which color you get.

  5. I discovered this shop after going to a Bway. show last week. I was rushing down to Penn Station to make a train back to Long Island...jumped in and bought HUGE hanging earrings that are TDF. I mean these are the kind of earrings with BIG stones and they are totally awesome...3 inches long and very BOUTIQUE. Next trip into city...I'll spend more leisurely time there...the selection was INCREDIBLE. ecklaces...bracelets...rings...earrings and SUNGLASSES!!

    1. Such a bargain for such cool jewelry. I love it too!


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