Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Las Vegas

Las Vegas is a little less lovable than New Orleans, but I have to say that Vegas knows how to build some really cool crap.  Yeah, I said crap.  It's all smoke and mirrors topped off with a vice den of gambling, strippers, and drugs, but I sure love the food, the shows, and the shoes.  Vegas in photos.........

 The MGM Lion hangs out in a boxing ring.  

 What's Vegas without a little bit of nudity?  You're welcome.

MGM had their lion-keeper sleeping with the lions.  I guess it is better than sleeping with the fishes.

 At the NAB edition of Digital LA at The Library/Club Marquee with Jen Friel and Kevin Winston.

Hanging at Digital LA-Vegas Edition with AJ Tesler and Matthew Troyer.

 Chandelier Bar at The Cosmopolitan at City Center.

 It's tacky and pretty all at once.  Ah, Las Vegas!

 Sorry for my schmaltzy taste, but Barry is my dream concert.

 See?  Vegas builds cool crap.  The lobby of The Cosmopolitan Hotel.

On the balcony of The Library at Club Marquee while the people grind below.  Yep, I said grind.  

Photos 4 and 5 courtesy of Digital LA.


  1. Showgirls on a smoke break? Also, umm does your camera not have zoom? :)

  2. You know me better than that! It was the zoom lens......just on an iPhone. :(


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