Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Who Wore It Best?

Okay, I've never had this happen, but it finally did!  Someone wore the same dress that I did, different events, but the exact dress from Chagoury Couture.  You've seen the this feature in US Weekly and People, it's time we do it here at Red Carpet Closet!  In this corner, the tall and lithe, Taylor Armstrong, from Real Housewives of Beverly Hills and a true champion of Chagoury Couture wearing the dress to the Bravo upfronts.  In this corner, KB (me!), also a lover of Chagoury Couture, noticeably shorter than Ms. Armstrong, but rockin' the curves of the dress at the Polo Lounge in Beverly Hills after the 83rd Annual Academy Awards.  (You may have seen the dress in this post.)

It's time to vote!  You have 4 options to choose from and the winning response will be announced on Monday, April 11th.  That means you have until Sunday, April 10th at 11:59PM PST to vote.

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Just as a reminder, this dress was kindly loaned to me from Chagoury Couture for the 83rd Annual Academy Awards. This poll is just for fun. I am okay if I lose this poll, I already won by having the privilege of wearing this beautiful design.


  1. You also know how to poise for the camera...

  2. I think the real question is, who would it look better come off of? :-)

  3. The dress looks like it fits Taylor better. It is smoother across the front and not as snug across the hips. You mentioned that the dress was a loner, so I assume you did not have it tailored to fit.

    If they had let your dress out a tad it would have look much better and also would eliminate the wrinkling across the front. Also, while it is hard to tell from the pictures it looks like you have shorter legs. Had they raised the hemline 1 maybe even 2 inches so that it cut across mid-thigh it really would have enhanced the look.

    Lastly, women with wider hips and smaller busts (pear shaped) need a dress that draws focus away from the hips while accentuating the bustline. I think you would really look your best in a dress that had a neckline the went down rather than across. Also, again because the dress is a little too tight it flattens your bust and makes it look deflated. A plunging V shaped neckline and a good bra would lift and trick the eye into thinking your bustline was much more proportionate than it is.

    A sleveless dress is definitely a good choice for you, you have beautiful arms. Again with this dress; however, the extra wide strap covers up your one exposed shoulder too much. A smaller strap or a strapless dress would look good since you obviously work on your arms and shoulders. Also, I imagine you would look great in a backless dress.

  4. Celia is right about you having nice shoulders and arms. I don't think I have seen you wear something strapless, but I bet you would look amazing in it. Also, never seen you wear anything backless either or for that matter any pictures from behind. I know you used to be a dancer and dancers always have nice behinds. High and tight with a nice curviture I bet yours is no exception. :)

    A plunging neckline is always nice. But about the dress being too tight I don't think so. It is snug, nothing wrong with snug. You've got curves it should hug em. I know I would. :) Also, if your hips are considered wide, then put me down as a fan of wide hips. I actually think they aren't that wide, it is probably just the way you are standing and the fact that you are a women and not some bean pole anorexic chic.

    Also, Celia is right about the length in fact I would say maybe even 3 inches shorter would be best. The shorter the skirt the longer the legs look. Also, the former dancer thing, I bet you have really great thighs... smooth yet strong lean and graceful. Also, your shoes are sparklyer.

    Oh, and you have a much prettier smile, even though that has nothing to do with the dress I thought I'd mention that.

  5. Looks a lot like the dress in the banner picture.

  6. Same designer, same material, different style. We chose it so I didn't have to change my hair or makeup after the Oscars.

  7. Is showing up in the same dress really that big of a deal? I pretty much wear the same thing everyday, yet when I roll into Jimmy Johns for lunch (my version of fancy, see it doesn't have a drive-thru) I don't get upset if I see a guy wearing the same suit as me.

    I don't know, seems like it would be kind of funny showing up at an event in the same outfit. You would have an immediate ice breaker. Plus you could work the room like partners, tease guys with flirty talk like "Guess what else matches?", and basically just double up on everyone. Always, good to have someone watching your back.

    Life is hard. People weren't meant to go through it alone. If you can find someone to help shoulder your burden then by all means jump at the opportunity, and don't worry about people making comparisons. Just believe in yourself. Together you can move mountains.

  8. You could say they were cut from the same cloth. LOL

  9. Second best comment of the post....oh yeah, you had the first one too. :)

  10. Positively stunning KB. Perfect. I wouldn't change a thing!

  11. I think out looks awesome on kristyn

  12. I think out looks awesome on kristyn

  13. I think out looks awesome on kristyn


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