Thursday, November 26, 2009

Behind the Scenes of Hurtling Through Space At An Alarming Rate

Okay, this is a really late behind the scenes look at Hurtling Through Space At An Alarming Rate, but it's here, it's finally here! I think I have been talking with Stephanie Thorpe and Mike Davies about doing an interview since I saw them on the red carpet for iTVFest in July. Well, here we are in the late fall and we finally got it done, but there was one tricky part to the interview: Mike Davies was in Canada. Duh-Duh!

Well, thank goodness we have Sandra's creative brain to help with all of the logistics to make it seem like Mike himself was hurtling through space. We shot all of the questions for Mike first, then sent the questions to him via email, and he shot the video on his end to answer all of the questions. Sandra also came up with the genius idea of a crowded space highway with a nice little shout out to other web series we have featured like The Crew, The Cabonauts, Safety Geeks:SVI, and Space Hospital. A big thanks to all of the creators for contributing their footage to the show. Since HTSAAAR was shot in Canada, we obviously did not have access to their set, so Sandra's living room doubled as the apartment floating out in the universe. Now, none of this would be possible without the incredible efforts of Gordon Lee who created all of the VFX for us. The truly amazing part of it all is that he turned it all around for us in little over a week. So, Gordon, thank you, this episode would not have been possible without you.

As for Taryn O'Neill, Stuart Paap, and Stephanie Thorpe, it was great to finally sit down with them and get behind the scenes on their show and their collaboration. I love that they have their own little Canadian posse working together on creating stories for the web. Taryn has found her niche here with a huge slate of web series this year....After Judgment, The Crew, Compulsions, and of course, HTSAAAR. Stephanie showed up in one of my favorite shirts from Bebe. How do I know it is from Bebe? I own the same shirt. In fact, you can see it in my host reelon the QVC clip. So, naturally, I am going to like anyone with the same fashion sense. Finally, I was familiar with Stuart's work on Live from the Future because he interviewed a friend of mine, Zen Gray, about her participation in the Bravo TV show, Workout. It truly was fun to have three web celebs all joining us on The Web Files. Wait a minute, I mean have to count Mike's cameo too! Come back to LA soon, Mike. I hope you find your way home with all of that space traffic. In the words of Mike Davies, it was "DEE-lightful" to have you"awesomness" on our show. Be sure to check out their show on Babelgum, a site that is starting to become a heavy hitter in the Web TV industry.

As always, a big thank you to e.l.f. Cosmetics for helping with each episode and my favorite wardrobe gal, Roni B. (I cannot stop wearing this shirt!)

If you missed this episode, watch it here:

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

NOH8 Campaign Photo

I think I will let the photo speak for itself. Thank you to Adam Bouska and Jeff Parshley for all of their hard work on the NOH8 Campaign. To read about the photo shoot, click here: NOH8 shoot.

Equality for ALL!

Update to the Update

Just a quick update on reactions and feedback to Liz Shannon Miller's review of The Web Files on NewTeeVee. There were a lot of comments about the article (both public and in private) and I appreciate your support. I have to say overall, I was happy with the review. I think Liz offered up some appropriate criticism and you will all see The Web Files grow over time as the audience for Web TV expands. The show truly is for the web series community and its fans/supporters. I am getting the scoop on what you want to hear about your favorite shows. Is it breaking news? No. That is what Tubefilter and NewTeeVee are there for. I see the show as a companion piece to all of the work the two sites have been doing over the past few years, we are not the competition. Finally, we have mainly focused on LA web series due to budget. We featured Jeremy Redleaf and his NY-based Odd Jobs because we were able to grab him when he was here in LA. It is our intent to make it to NY at some point in 2010 and feature all of the fantastic work happening on the East Coast. So, keep watching, we hope to have even more for you in the coming year.

Thank you for your views, feedback, support, and comments! Now back to work....we have Taryn O'Neill, Stuart Paap, and Stephanie Thorpe Hurtling Through Space at an Alarming Rate tomorrow. What? No Mike Davies? Hmmmm, maybe he will show up...stay tuned.....

Friday, November 20, 2009

The Web Files Update

As anyone working in arts or entertainment, you plug away at your work and you hope people respond. Well, today we received a response we were not expecting, NewTeeVee's Reviews Editor, Liz Shannon Miller, reviewed The Web Files. I am thrilled that she took the time to watch multiple episodes and I think she gave us some really constructive feedback. It gives me some great ideas on what we have to work on in the future. For instance, Liz pointed out that we did not find out how obtained their name actors like Tom Arnold and Tony Hale. In fact, we did ask the question, but it ended up on the cutting room floor. Tom Arnold is an old friend of Kaily Smith's family, David Weidoff and Kaily went to USC with Ryan Eggold, and many of David's castmates from ABC Family's Roommates were recruited for the web series. So, Liz makes a great point in some things we might want to focus on. Thank you, Liz. Read her article: NewTeeVee.

For our Weekend Web Watch, I am always looking back to episodes and pulling them back up for viewing because The Web Files episode may coincide with a web series' event. (e.g. Last week's Weekend Web Watch with Movies You May Have Missed and their Podcast Award nomination.) Well, this week, I am dusting off's Mommy XXX with Demi Delia, because this episode is a continual powerhouse for us. I realize her former adult star status draws a certain amount of attention, but her fans are loyal. They watch the episode, they comment on the show, and they come to this blog to read more about the behind the scenes scoop more than any other show we have featured. We are all looking for that fan enthusiasm in our web series, films, television shows, and music that we create. How do you create a loyal audience? Well, maybe we could all learn something from Demi Delia and how she maintains a fan base that will follow her beyond her adult industry career. View the episode:

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Behind the Scenes of

We made it to Episode 20! Thank you for watching and keeping up the momentum of The Web Files. We strive to bring you the best in web series, web celebs, and new media creators. I know we haven't covered it all and our list of shows to interview continues to grow. I think it is a good sign of growth in this industry.

I have to say that I love this show, It fits into my Sex and the City sensibility. While Carrie and Samantha have moved on to the big screen, Merri comes along and fills in that chick TV mold. Kaily Smith and David Weidoff have done an incredible job with this web series. It was filmed under their production company umbrella,Red Ladders Entertainment, "dedicated to developing and producing new works for Film, TV, Theatre, and the Web." As a viewer and a fan of Web TV, what stands out to me is their high production value. Kaily and David have openly discussed acquiring financing for and they worked with a budget of under $50,000. It may sound like a huge budget, but Kaily reminded me that each episode cost around $2500. When you phrase it like that, it really demonstrates the quality of work that can be done on a smaller budget.

Overall, it is a well-produced series too. The writing is tight, they hired a publicist to get the word out to higher profile publications, they entered both iTVFest and NY Television Festival, and they called in some favors to a few name actors. I am not saying these are the right steps for every web series, but I am seeing benefits to the festival circuit after talking with Nick Carlton of Oz Girl, Jeremy Redleaf of Odd Jobs, and Kaily and David. I think the festivals are really putting web series producers on the map.

My favorite photo from the shoot: Makeup Artist, Melissa Anchondo, applying makeup to David Weidoff as a bus passes by on Ventura. Hollywood is so glamorous!

Some of the fun footage that wound up on the editing room floor includes Kaily and I singing a bit of musical theatre. Maybe it is better it wound up there? No way! We both attended the famed musical theatre summer camp, Stagedoor Manor. If you listen to the two of us talk, it truly was some of the best summers of our lives. It is hard to explain if you didn't attend, but talk to any of Stagedoor alumni....Jon Cryer, Zach Braff, Mandy Moore, Natalie Portman, Josh Charles, and they will tell you the same thing. We are all musical theatre geeks at heart.

This episode was shot at Vivian's Millenium Cafe in Studio City in their backyard patio. We had to battle the noise from a furniture construction shop on the other side. They did not want to stop working while we shot the episode, but I think we won in the end. It was also our first episode with e.l.f. Cosmetics as our official sponsors, so we appreciate them joining The Web Files fold. Finally, check out our 20th episode with Thanks for watching!

Dance Channel TV: Can't Miss List, Episode 9

Here it is, our latest episode of the Can't Miss List featuring scoop on Footloose, Kenny Ortega, Julianne Hough, Kathy Griffin, Let's Dance, Winona Ryder, Darren Aronofsky, and Black Swan. Phew. The new Black Swan movie continues to garner a lot of interest and feedback from dance fans. Have you heard about it yet? Well, Darren Aronofsky never shies away from the controversial side of life, so it should be a fascinating tale set in the ballet world.

This shoot came after a long day of work on my other show, The Web Files, so my hair and makeup looks were all set and ready to go thanks to Melissa Anchondo, my incredible makeup artist. Fortunately, I was warmed up from a day of talking, so we did it in one take. Trust me, that's rare. I nailed it right off of the bat. Yay! I think Arsen Serobian, founder/CEO of Dance Channel TV, was so happy that he fed me cake after the shoot and I happily accepted. Really, who doesn't like cake? And a big shout out to Suzanne Jolie who writes all of the content for the show. I couldn't be snarky without her.

Hope you are enjoying the Can't Miss List. What do you want to see in our next episode?

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Weekend Web Watch: MYMHM

Picking the show for Weekend Web Watch this week was so easy. Juan Bagnell and Lee Buckley were nominated this week for Best Movie/Film Podcast for the Podcast Awards.. I am thrilled to watch all of their success not only because their show is good, but because they are darn nice guys. It was such a good day on set and in the 25 or so episodes we have shot, this is on my Top 3 list. (Can you guess the other 2 episodes on the list?) I had such an amazing time shooting their show, Movies You May Have Missed, where I brought the movie and we discussed the campy drama of Mildred Pierce. By the time we got to The Web Files interview, I was downright punchy after shooting MYMHM only minutes before.

I also have to say that this might be one of my mom's favorite episodes of The Web Files. She thought they were such nice boys. Well, if my mom likes it, I think you will too! Congratulations to Juan, Lee, and the woman behind the camera, Marie Bagnell! Here's your episode of The Web Files and our Weekend Web Watch:

PS Now go vote for Juan and Lee!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Behind the Scenes of FOX Television Studios' 15 Gigs

Well, the big day finally arrived and The Web Files was officially allowed into a studio executive's office. I was a bit nervous for this interview because it's FOX, Gabe Marano and Ilsa Berg are important studio executives, and this is a big opportunity for The Web Files to showcase all aspects of the Web TV world. Little did I know that they were a bit nervous too. I don't think twice about sitting in front of a camera and talking endlessly, but I forget that it isn't as comfortable for everyone. Ilsa and Gabe might be creating and making deals throughout the TV and digital world, but they don't often find themselves with the camera turned around and focused on them. Fortunately, they gave a fantastic interview and gave us some of the most solid advice yet.

Gabriel del Rio, publicist for Bender/Helper Impact, and I after the interview.

We utilized a conference room at FOX Television Studios' office. I felt like I was back in school with the chairs that had the swiveling desktops. Time to take the SATs again? Nope, time to dig in and find out how the studios see the digital world.

15 Gigs opened earlier this year to little fanfare. I thought it was a subtle way for FOX to ease their way into the digital world because of the high profile closures of other web studios in the past year. Even without all of the hoopla, I have to say I was shocked at Gabe and Ilsa's answers to some of my questions. I expected them to say that they are having an easier time than the independent web series creator, but the industry just isn't that easy or simple. They are hit with the same challenges as all of you....finding an audience, marketing their show, and creating content that is both interactive and compelling. While they don't seem to have the same budgetary constraints as an independent web creator, their web series have considerably smaller budgets than a cable or network show.
I was so glad we were able to bring this show to everyone because it is crucial for all of us to understand their perspective. 15 Gigs is open to new content and they gave some great ideas of what they are looking for in their portfolio, so really listen to the interview and gauge whether you have a show for them. They are also approachable and looking for new talent to develop like Jeremy Redleaf of Odd Jobs. Take your web series and enter it into one of the growing television festivals: iTVFest or NY Television Festival. The other factor that is continually being hit on is interactivity. How can your fans participate in a larger world that you create for your show? Can they interact with the cast? Are there other ways to utilize your show to create more platforms and websites? These are all great questions that Gabe and Ilsa answered for our Web Files interview, so go out there and watch Episode 19.

Finally, a huge thanks to Gabriel del Rio of Bender/Helper Impact. Not only is he one of the most organized and prepared publicists in the web world, he is also one of the kindest. Thank you for making this all a reality for us, Gabriel. We appreciate it and look forward to working with you again soon!

Friday, November 6, 2009

Weekend Web Watch Contest with Dirty Bomb Diaries!

Okay, we have some fantastic Dirty Bomb Diaries survival supplies to give away and we want to give them away to you! Here's how it works:

1. Watch our episode of The Web Files featuring Dirty Bomb Diaries here: Dirty Bomb Diaries.

2. Answer this question:
a. What was my note to Sean Hinchey for Season 2?

3. Answers can go in the comments below or email us at:

4. Contest ends Monday, November 9th at Noon PST. Winner be selected randomly and the winner will be announced on Tuesday, November 10th.

Thanks for watching and good luck!

**UPDATE** Congratulations to our winner PJOwens75! He correctly answered the question. Answer: Add locks on the doors for Season 2. PJOwens75 wins a fun survival kit perfect for any Dirty Bomb Diaries fan. Thanks for all of your entries.

Behind the Scenes of Odd Jobs

Yes, here we are in the McCalla Company Janitorial Supply shop. Another colorful and unique location for our Web Files interview with Jeremy Redleaf of Odd Jobs/Odd Job Nation. Jeremy Redleaf secured the spot as our first New York web series creator. Although we were obviously not in New York, it was a treat to hear how different the web series world is in on the opposite coast. Jeremy spells out some of those significant differences in the interview. As a former New Yorker myself, I know one big difference is driving! Poor Jeremy raced back and forth past our shooting location several times before we flagged him down to the correct location. I remember those days with my Thomas Guide hoping that the location would magically drop in front of me. LA driving can be intimidating to a New Yorker.

Regardless, Jeremy offered up some great advice to web series creators in terms of monetization: start small with micro-advertising. Even with a $50 ad, you can start building on that first sponsor. It may not sound like a lot of money, but it is a great way to think outside the box since as web series creators, we are often looking for that lump sum of cash. At 25 years of age, I definitely think Jeremy has proven himself to be a creative thinker, not only with his web series, but with his entire branded plan of Odd Job Nation.

Can you imagine your site drawing more attention than your web series? His supplemental material was so good and so timely, he has CNN, Newsweek, and CNBC banging on his door for interviews. His ideas were so fleshed out that he had to remind them he had a web series. After looking over that list of media outlets, I feel honored that Jeremy took the time to talk with us over at The Web Files.

The other interesting piece to this puzzle is the NY Television Festival. Jeremy decided to enter Odd Jobs into the festival even though he only had 3 episodes in the can. It obviously was enough for the judges to award him the "15 Gigs of Fame" award. It is essentially a fantastic development deal with FOX Television Studios' new digital arm, 15 Gigs. If you want to learn more about 15 Gigs, just wait until next week when The Web Files brings you our first studio interview with Gabe Marano and Ilsa Berg. They truly believe in Jeremy's talent and they are eager to bring more of his work to the table.

Finally, the original opening had me sweeping in heels. If you notice in the interview, we changed it to a feather duster. It was easier to capture on film, but only a true shoe fashionista dusts with a broom in hand and 4 inch heels on her feet.

If you missed our interview with Jeremy Redleaf, check it out here: Jeremy Redleaf.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009


I woke up today hopeful. Hopeful that my former (summer) home state, Maine, didn't fall into the trap that my adopted state, California, did. Sigh, it fell into that same trap. Ironically, my former (winter) home state, Massachusetts, has had legalized gay marriage since 2004. Has the state imploded, exploded, or had a lightning bolt sent down by God? Nope. The state runs just fine, my friends.

So, what is a girl to do? Well, pose for the NOH8 Campaign started by photographer Adam Bouska and his partner, Jeff Parshley. They created the campaign to draw attention to the passage of Prop 8 in California. Thousands of photos have been taken....famous, old, young, black, white, straight, gay, families, and countless others who support EQUAL RIGHTS FOR ALL.

I have heard the opposing arguments, but I think religion is a weak excuse, morality is a baseless excuse, and homophobia is an ugly excuse. God is love and God loves all. In my world, there is only one answer: EQUALITY FOR ALL.

PS My official photo will be posted as soon as I receive it. Thank you, Adam and Jeff. I truly admire your work and your campaign.

Monday, November 2, 2009

Dance Channel TV Can't Miss List: Episode 8

This is it! No, really This Is It! Yes, the movie has opened to big box office and of course, we spoof MJ a bit in Episode 8. I cannot wait to see the movie, but it looks like I have a little more time since SONY extended the run through Thanksgiving. (Like we didn't see that coming even before it opened.)

So, if you like what you see below, head on over to Dance Channel TV for more fantastic dance videos!

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