Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Update to the Update

Just a quick update on reactions and feedback to Liz Shannon Miller's review of The Web Files on NewTeeVee. There were a lot of comments about the article (both public and in private) and I appreciate your support. I have to say overall, I was happy with the review. I think Liz offered up some appropriate criticism and you will all see The Web Files grow over time as the audience for Web TV expands. The show truly is for the web series community and its fans/supporters. I am getting the scoop on what you want to hear about your favorite shows. Is it breaking news? No. That is what Tubefilter and NewTeeVee are there for. I see the show as a companion piece to all of the work the two sites have been doing over the past few years, we are not the competition. Finally, we have mainly focused on LA web series due to budget. We featured Jeremy Redleaf and his NY-based Odd Jobs because we were able to grab him when he was here in LA. It is our intent to make it to NY at some point in 2010 and feature all of the fantastic work happening on the East Coast. So, keep watching, we hope to have even more for you in the coming year.

Thank you for your views, feedback, support, and comments! Now back to work....we have Taryn O'Neill, Stuart Paap, and Stephanie Thorpe Hurtling Through Space at an Alarming Rate tomorrow. What? No Mike Davies? Hmmmm, maybe he will show up...stay tuned.....

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