Friday, November 6, 2009

Behind the Scenes of Odd Jobs

Yes, here we are in the McCalla Company Janitorial Supply shop. Another colorful and unique location for our Web Files interview with Jeremy Redleaf of Odd Jobs/Odd Job Nation. Jeremy Redleaf secured the spot as our first New York web series creator. Although we were obviously not in New York, it was a treat to hear how different the web series world is in on the opposite coast. Jeremy spells out some of those significant differences in the interview. As a former New Yorker myself, I know one big difference is driving! Poor Jeremy raced back and forth past our shooting location several times before we flagged him down to the correct location. I remember those days with my Thomas Guide hoping that the location would magically drop in front of me. LA driving can be intimidating to a New Yorker.

Regardless, Jeremy offered up some great advice to web series creators in terms of monetization: start small with micro-advertising. Even with a $50 ad, you can start building on that first sponsor. It may not sound like a lot of money, but it is a great way to think outside the box since as web series creators, we are often looking for that lump sum of cash. At 25 years of age, I definitely think Jeremy has proven himself to be a creative thinker, not only with his web series, but with his entire branded plan of Odd Job Nation.

Can you imagine your site drawing more attention than your web series? His supplemental material was so good and so timely, he has CNN, Newsweek, and CNBC banging on his door for interviews. His ideas were so fleshed out that he had to remind them he had a web series. After looking over that list of media outlets, I feel honored that Jeremy took the time to talk with us over at The Web Files.

The other interesting piece to this puzzle is the NY Television Festival. Jeremy decided to enter Odd Jobs into the festival even though he only had 3 episodes in the can. It obviously was enough for the judges to award him the "15 Gigs of Fame" award. It is essentially a fantastic development deal with FOX Television Studios' new digital arm, 15 Gigs. If you want to learn more about 15 Gigs, just wait until next week when The Web Files brings you our first studio interview with Gabe Marano and Ilsa Berg. They truly believe in Jeremy's talent and they are eager to bring more of his work to the table.

Finally, the original opening had me sweeping in heels. If you notice in the interview, we changed it to a feather duster. It was easier to capture on film, but only a true shoe fashionista dusts with a broom in hand and 4 inch heels on her feet.

If you missed our interview with Jeremy Redleaf, check it out here: Jeremy Redleaf.

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