Saturday, November 14, 2009

Weekend Web Watch: MYMHM

Picking the show for Weekend Web Watch this week was so easy. Juan Bagnell and Lee Buckley were nominated this week for Best Movie/Film Podcast for the Podcast Awards.. I am thrilled to watch all of their success not only because their show is good, but because they are darn nice guys. It was such a good day on set and in the 25 or so episodes we have shot, this is on my Top 3 list. (Can you guess the other 2 episodes on the list?) I had such an amazing time shooting their show, Movies You May Have Missed, where I brought the movie and we discussed the campy drama of Mildred Pierce. By the time we got to The Web Files interview, I was downright punchy after shooting MYMHM only minutes before.

I also have to say that this might be one of my mom's favorite episodes of The Web Files. She thought they were such nice boys. Well, if my mom likes it, I think you will too! Congratulations to Juan, Lee, and the woman behind the camera, Marie Bagnell! Here's your episode of The Web Files and our Weekend Web Watch:

PS Now go vote for Juan and Lee!

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