Friday, November 20, 2009

The Web Files Update

As anyone working in arts or entertainment, you plug away at your work and you hope people respond. Well, today we received a response we were not expecting, NewTeeVee's Reviews Editor, Liz Shannon Miller, reviewed The Web Files. I am thrilled that she took the time to watch multiple episodes and I think she gave us some really constructive feedback. It gives me some great ideas on what we have to work on in the future. For instance, Liz pointed out that we did not find out how obtained their name actors like Tom Arnold and Tony Hale. In fact, we did ask the question, but it ended up on the cutting room floor. Tom Arnold is an old friend of Kaily Smith's family, David Weidoff and Kaily went to USC with Ryan Eggold, and many of David's castmates from ABC Family's Roommates were recruited for the web series. So, Liz makes a great point in some things we might want to focus on. Thank you, Liz. Read her article: NewTeeVee.

For our Weekend Web Watch, I am always looking back to episodes and pulling them back up for viewing because The Web Files episode may coincide with a web series' event. (e.g. Last week's Weekend Web Watch with Movies You May Have Missed and their Podcast Award nomination.) Well, this week, I am dusting off's Mommy XXX with Demi Delia, because this episode is a continual powerhouse for us. I realize her former adult star status draws a certain amount of attention, but her fans are loyal. They watch the episode, they comment on the show, and they come to this blog to read more about the behind the scenes scoop more than any other show we have featured. We are all looking for that fan enthusiasm in our web series, films, television shows, and music that we create. How do you create a loyal audience? Well, maybe we could all learn something from Demi Delia and how she maintains a fan base that will follow her beyond her adult industry career. View the episode:

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