Thursday, May 27, 2010

The Web Files Buzz, Episode 5

I will have more later this week with a behind the scenes look at our set visits with Night of the Zombie King from the Gold series and Bumps in the Night. We shot this episode all in one day, it truly exemplifies the growth and excitement in the web industry. As always, I love to hear your thoughts, so comment below or hit the "contact" button listed above. Thanks for watching!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Celebrity Liar

Last Tuesday, I had the opportunity to go and check out the online game show, Celebrity Liar.  The show is broadcast from a studio hidden in a building just off of Hollywood Boulevard.  I rang the buzzer, told them I was here for Celebrity Liar, and I was ushered down the hall to the secret studio where the online network, The Room Live, broadcasts their shows.  The Room Live, is the brainchild of Robin Ruzan and Michael Davis, who have worked on A-list projects and with top talent throughout their careers.  They are promoting the production of quality independent television without the constraints of a big corporate network.
Inside I found the studio audience area made up of comfy couches with the talent, executive producers, and the audience all mixing and mingling before the show began.  A giant bowl of candy was offered up to anyone who needed a sugar fix to amp up before the night's proceedings.  I grabbed a handful of Gobstoppers just as the fun was about to begin!  The premise of Celebrity Liar is pretty simple:  "Two celebrities tell the same story as if it happened to each of them. In truth, it only happened to one of them, and the chat room decides.... Who's the Liar!!"  The show is hosted by the affable Andrew Hill Newman and co-hosted by the ridiculously fashionable Louise Roe who is the link between the studio and the chat room.  
The night I was there, Jon Tenney and Tony Denison of TNT's The Closer stopped by to spin a yarn, lie, and win.  The stories are all told to the executive producers ahead of time in a sealed room.  The stars hear each other's story and so everyone is on the same page before the show begins.  We could hear the boisterous laughter from behind closed doors, so I knew I was in for a treat.  Round one began with a "Knock Yourself Out" story from college.  Jon began to tell the tale of his days at Vassar.  This is where my interactivity with the show began.  My ex-boyfriend is a Vassar grad and I figured he would be in the same age group as Jon.  I texted him, confirmed that Jon was a year ahead of him in school, and score.....I knew who was telling the truth.  Tony tried really hard to make that story his own, but I just didn't believe him.  Andrew, the host, also voted with Tony, but the audience at home was fooled and voted Jon as the liar.  Round one goes to Tony.
Round two begins, the story is randomly fished out of a bowl and it's entitled "Dying to Go to Mexico". Tony is up first and he stumbles his way through the story.  Jon takes his turn and smoothly recants the tale of his unfortunate trip south of the border.  The audience votes, Andrew votes, and an unprecedented 100% thinks Tony is lying, lying, lying,.  The truth was Tony's story! "I told the story exactly the way it happened.  I didn't even embellish it!", Tony exclaims.  We all burst out into  uproarious laughter.  Yep, round two goes to Jon.
To break the tie, we hit the Lightning Round with True or Lie.  Tony and Jon have to guess whether certain statements are true or complete falsehoods about their opponent.  This is where the fun really peaks.  We learned the Jon not only had Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever, but that he got completely naked in front of Mary Tyler Moore and Vanessa Redgrave in a play eight times a week.  Tony divulged that he predicts earthquakes and he loses his balance when emergency vehicles with large sirens actually pass him on the street. (Um, wow, Tony!)  Jon manages to eek out a win by beating Tony five points to four points.  Phew, close game.   Each contestant is handed Lotto tickets for the charity of their choice with five chances given to the winner and one chance for the runner-up.  

Celebrity Liar - Tony Denison VS Jon Tenney from The Room Live on Vimeo.
What a fun night!  A simple premise that promises laughter, creativity, and interactivity each week.  The best part is that you never know who is going to show up.  Prior guests have included heavy hitters like Matthew Perry, Kevin Pollak, Ed Begley, Jr., and Hank Azaria.  Each guest brings their own energy and personality to the room, so it plays like live theatre, you never know what type of show you are going to get. The best part for me is that I went back and watched the posted show almost a week later.  It still played as fresh and hilarious as when I watched it live.  

Be sure to check out Celebrity Liar each Tuesday at 7PM PST/10PM EST at The Room Live.  Tonight's show features Jamie Kaler and Reid Scott of TBS' My Boys.  

Photos 2-5 Courtesy of M4: Publicity Consultants.

Monday, May 24, 2010

Behind the Scenes of The Web Files Buzz, Episode 4


We are buzzing along through the episodes this month and this one is chockfull of familiar faces, web series content, and a really important issue to anyone creating work over the web.  Our first stop was the Warner Brothers lot in Burbank to interview Travis Wester and AJ Buckley about their show, Ghostfacers.  I originally caught this show at the launch party at La Vida a few short days after the Streamys and the audience was filled with non-web series faces.  It was refreshing to see a different group of people react to hilarity and the terror that ensues when the Ghostfacers are on the loose.  With that in mind, I think I was expecting over the top antics with the interview.  Surprisingly, AJ and Travis were pretty subdued and serious about the work they have created.  Remember, these roles started out as a one episode guest star on Supernatural that turned into an entire series for the web when they pitched the idea about continuing their character on YouTube to the producers.  Oh, does anyone know who the producers are?  McG and his production company.  Impressive.  The one other comment I have.....AJ, board shorts to a board meeting?  I guess it doesn't matter, does it? You got the job!
Then it's off to Digital Hollywood in Santa Monica where we nabbed Kevin Pollak and Amber J. Lawson, Comedy Publisher at Babelgum, to talk about their partnership with Vamped Out.  Kevin failed miserably at describing his show in ten words or less, but it is definitely one of the funnier moments in the interview.  One thing to watch in his interview is how important it is for content creators to own their work.  It wouldn't be possible on a network show and he points to Conan O'Brien as an example.  The characters Conan created on his late night shows are now property of NBC.  Hard to imagine that, but that's the way it works with the big corporate deals.  In an outtake from the episode below, check out what happens when I turn the tables on Mr. Pollak.  If you watch his chat show, you know he makes everyone do an impersonation of Larry King.  Well, I made him get into his Vamped Out character, Elliot Finke, and do his Larry King bit:

Rounding out the rest of the episode were Chris McCaleb of Big Fantastic and Roland Hamilton of Dailymotion. Chris pointed out the importance of net neutrality as some of you may have seen the whiteribbons adorned on everyone's chest at the Streamys. It is an issue for any content creator, so I urge you to go to
Save the Internet and inform yourself on how it will affect all of us. You can also contact FCC Chairman Julius Chenachowski from the site and plead with him protect the Internet. I am pleased that several of you have already taken action after watching this episode, thank you! The one thing I couldn't get out of Chris? The launch date for Prom Queen 2. The answer was a vague "sometime in 2010." Well, we are almost halfway through the year, so I am impatiently waiting, Chris. Hey, I'm looking for a Web Files exclusive!
Be sure to check out our latest episode of The Web Files Buzz. It is all the buzz about the biz, the web
series biz:

Join us this Wednesday for another episode of The Web Files Buzz featuring on set visits with Bumps in the Night and Night of the Zombie King from the Gold the Series creators all on

Saturday, May 22, 2010

May Musings

Photo Courtesy of Kathryn Gray.
1.  Jewelry:  Since my trip to NYC in April, I realized how much I missed my East Coast home.  Even though I keep forgetting to watch my 2009 SAG screener of Julie and Julia, I am well aware of the nostalgic token necklace Amy Adams wore in the movie.  Score!  A fun way to carry NYC with me at all times....until I saw the price:  $75 at the Transit Museum.  For a token that costs nothing for the Transit Authority with a simple silver chain, that's a mighty fine mark-up.  Nice try, but I am a more savvy shopper than that.  So, I searched around Etsy and came across this fantastic vintage spin on the token necklace.  While the necklace is no longer sold on Etsy, the designer, Kathryn Gray, still sells it on Ebay.  You will find her under the name "gallery54s".  In fact, there is one of for sale right now.   I scooped mine up for $29.99.  I love a bargain and a better design than the original one!
                                                               Photo courtesy of Best of LA.
2. Angelini Osteria:  Each month, my pal, Andre, and I get together for our unofficial Supper Club.  Yep, I am a foodie who used to live and die by her NY Zagat's Guide.  So, this is my informal way to keep the foodie in me alive.  This month's choice was Dre's pick.  We headed to Angelini Osteria for an amazing Italian meal.  Even with reservations, we still had a wait, but it was well worth the wait even with the cramped quarters.  From the duck to the pasta with black truffles and Italian sausage to the Branzino to their signature Lasagna Verde, it all made for a meal that I am still thinking about.  It was filling enough that I skipped dessert that night, and I rarely skip dessert.  If you are in LA, be sure to add this to your list and be sure to make a reservation over at OpenTable.  If you have a suggestion for next month's Supper Club, let me know.  I am always looking for new places to try.
                                                               Photo Courtesy of Reprise.
3.  Reprise:  I am a big proponent of theatre, not only as a musical theatre geek, but as a supporter of the arts.  In my recent Tonys post, I mentioned my upcoming visit to Reprise's How To Succeed in Business Without Really Trying.  Instead of writing a review, I will give you the rundown on how I feel about this show:
Promises, Promises
Ticket Price:  $126.50 for 4th row, Center Orchestra
Stars:  Kristin Chenoweth, Sean Hayes
Supporting Bombshell:  Katie Finneran
Director:  Rob Ashford (Nominated for a 2010 Tony Award for Best Choreography)
Show: 1960's Office-Based Musical Comedy
When I Attended the Show:  Day 2 of Previews.
Thoughts:  Too long, miscast leading lady, sloppy 
choreography,  rough around the edges, star turn for 
Katie Finneran (nominated for a 2010 Tony), a fun performance
by Sean Hayes (2010 Tony nominee), a few bright spots dulled by an uninspired cast.
Final Thought: Promises, Promises is Mediocre, Mediocre
How To Succeed
Ticket Price:  $39.50 for 12th row, Center Orchestra (with a Facebook promo code offer)
Stars:  John O'Hurley, Vicki Lewis, Jason Alexander (He is not in the show, but he often makes the introductory announcements like the night I was there.  By the way, the Jenny Craig endorsement deal is working, he looks fantastic.)
Supporting Bombshell:  Melissa Fahn
Director:  Marcia Milgrom Dodge (Nominated for a 2010 Tony Award for Ragtime)
Show:  1960's Office-Based Musical Comedy
When I Attended the Show:  Second week of a two-week run
Thoughts:  Josh Grisetti carries the show surrounded by a strong supporting cast, clean chorus numbers, tight direction, a cast that looks like they are really happy to be there, the show has the same running time as Promises, Promises, but still feels shorter.  
Final Thought:  A great night for the LA theatre scene.

So, while the Great White Way is an amazing place to see theatre, don't forget that sometimes the best productions are often in your own backyard.  I had a more enjoyable night at the theatre for less money.  So, support Reprise, they have a terrific slate of shows coming up next season.  
                                                           Photo Courtesy of Cupcakes and Cashmere.
4.  Coach Bag: It's no secret that I have a ridiculous affinity for accessories.  I am always looking for the latest shoe, bag, or cocktail ring.  Well, the talented Emily over at Cupcakes and Cashmere recently designed a new bag for Coach.  It is a limited edition collection that I have added to the top of my "Want" List.  Her inspiration board for the design truly tempts my credit card to backflip out of my purse and over to the Coach site.  Pre-orders are being taken online now.  

Let me know what your May musings are in the comment section below.  I am always looking for a new fashion, food, or cultural obsession.  

Thursday, May 20, 2010

My Sixth Sense

Guest blogging for Red Carpet Closet today is Director/Producer Sandra Payne. Check out her thoughts on Kevin Pollak:

A few weeks ago, I got a chance to meet actor/comedian and new media sensation Kevin Pollak, for the first time. So cool! After all, it’s not often that you get to meet someone in person that you usually only see after going to the theater, or popping a DVD in, or checking out a hot online show.
      It was at the Streamy Craft Awards on April 7, where Kevin and his team won a Streamy Award for Best Live Production in a Web Series for Kevin Pollak’s Chat Show. He gave an enthusiastic speech:

surrounded by the production crew of his show, including director/producer Mike Rotman, writer/producer Jason McIntyre, and co-producer Josh Negrin (while writer/producer Jaime Fox waved from the comfort of her seat). We also interviewed Kevin and his team, including executive producer Jason Calacanis, on the red carpet directly after the ceremony. Steeped in post-award euphoria, check out what they had to say about winning.
            Since then, I’ve seen Kevin at least six more times at various events around Hollywoood.  It’s rather astonishing, really.
                    I haven’t even seen the majority of my good friends that much.
                    I’m starting to think of it as my own, livelier version of The Sixth Sense.
            And so it was that just two days later, on Friday, April 9, I attended a round table discussion with Kevin at the offices of mPRm, a public relations firm that has several high-profile web series creators in its client roster. At this meeting, Kevin, who was joined by Babelgum’s Comedy Publisher, Amber J. Lawson, talked with bloggers about his new comedy, Vamped Out, which was set to launch on Babelgum the following Monday, April 12.
          Vamped Out is a funny, sharply written mockumentary about a real vampire who, despite wanting to be an actor, can’t get cast in any of the vampire shows that currently proliferate in Hollywood.
            Kevin co-created, co-wrote and stars in Vamped Out with Jason Antoon. The series also serves as Kevin’s directorial debut. It’s a role he’s wanted to tackle for some time. Having worked with some of the greatest directors of our time over the years has allowed him to study them, he said, but prior to his web series, he’d been intimidated by the thought of being in charge of everything. Not any more, though.
            “I’m definitely hooked for life,” Kevin said.
            And not just on directing.
            “I hope to do more episodes of Vamped Out,” he said. “The abject creative freedom and control is not to be taken lightly by someone like myself.”
            Case in point, Kevin said that Vamped Out was conceived of, written, produced and launched in about 5 months.
            In the world of high-quality Hollywood productions, that’s as close to instant gratification as you can get. It’s truly one of the most powerful draws of working on the web.
            If you haven’t seen it yet, it’s worth checking out. Here’s the link: Babelgum. You can watch Episode #1 here:

          After the roundtable discussion wrapped up, Vamped Out premiered at Cinespace that evening to a packed house, a red carpet, and celebrities. Naturally, Kevin was there to introduce his series. We watched a sneak peek of several episodes before their official launch on Babelgum slated for the following Monday. Since standard op is to watch web series alone at our computers, it was fun to see Vamped Out with a live audience on the big screen and hear everyone’s laughter.
            Less than 48 hours later, I saw Kevin again at the Streamy Awards where he walked the Red Carpet:

That night, he presented the Streamy Award for Best Guest Star in a Web Series.

He got a lot of laughs when he said that being asked to act in a friend’s web series is the new jury duty. Of course, since jury duty pays about $15 per day, it’s kind of like that, but generally less lucrative.
Astonishingly, several weeks then went by for me without a Kevin Pollak sighting.  That was remedied on May 3 at the Digital Hollywood conference, Kevin was back and serving—I mean seated—as a panelist on the “Web Video: The New Content Creators” panel along with Illeana Douglas from Easy to Assemble, Chris McCaleb from the Big Fantastic, Brian Firenzi from 5-Second Films, and Jason Goldberg from Ashton Kutcher’s production company, Katalyst. The panel was moderated by Dana Harris, the editor of strategic projects for Variety.
            Right after their discussion wrapped up, Kristyn had the chance to interview Kevin and Amber for today’s Buzz segment:
           On Wednesday, May 5, Kevin appeared again on another panel. This time, it was one called “The Multi-Hyphenate: Actor-Writer-Director-facebook expert.” He was joined by three other creators: a) Joshua Malina, whose credits include The West Wing and Sports Night (I loved that show!), and who has a new web series coming out soon called Backwash, b) Brett Register of The Crew, and c) David Nett of Gold.
Celebrity interviewer Jeanne Wolf, the West Coast Editor of Parade Magazine, moderated.
       During the panel, Kevin said, “If you’re not creating, you’re waiting.” That, of course, caused me to spiral into a philosophical loop about what I was doing just sitting there.
            Just when I thought my Kevin Pollak Palooza month was over, Tubefilter announced it’s Best of the Internet screening at the Egyptian Theatre in conjunction with the American Cinematheque Blows Up the Internet screening series. I had a play to attend that night, so I could only roll in as a small group of new mediarati was making their way over to the historic Musso & Frank’s Grill for an after-screening gathering. When I entered the restaurant, I saw Kevin.
            [cue music from the Twilight Zone]
So there it is. Seven Kevin Pollack sightings in seven weeks. 
Although it's tempting to attribute them to my Sixth Sense, I'm starting to think he's stalking me.


Monday, May 17, 2010

Behind the Scenes of Urban Wolf

I came upon this series at last year's iTVFest and The Web Files interviewed Laurent Touil Tartour on the red carpet.  Along with Oz Girl and, this series had quite a bit of buzz surrounding it.  When it was announced in March that Sony/ had licensed worldwide global distribution rights for Urban Wolf, no one was surprised.  The series is THAT good.  Fast forward to the iTVFest Fundraiser in April where someone whispered that Laurent had just signed a deal with Michael Bay's The Institute, and I knew we had a big web series success story on our hands.  The show launched May 13th on and I have to say, I was really inspired by his story.

Once the details for The Web Files interview were in place, I was asked to submit my questions to Laurent because of the language barrier.  Now let me preface this by saying I NEVER give my questions out before, but I knew Laurent was a bit nervous, so I sent some general questions over with the caveat that my interviews are free flowing.  I thought he would be fine throughout the interview, and I was right, he was.  Laurent is charming, smart, and a good storyteller.  Obviously, his charm came through on the screen as Web Series Today made a comment about my flirtatious interview with him. Hey, he's French, he's got an accent, that's a good reason to flirt!

I'm so pale, our makeup artist, Melissa Anchonodo, is doing her best to warm me up with bronzer.  I was that day glow white.

The reason this series stands out amongst the pack is its cinematic feel and the utilization of mise en scene.  You don't hear the main character utter a word until Episode 7, and boy, is it effective.  The other thing you have to remember is that Laurent is French, so he dove straight into the web series world through the festival circuit.  I think this is really important to point out. I have been talking about Publicity and Web Series lately and I truly believe that this a great way to stand out from the pack. Laurent hit Comic Con, iTVFest, AFI DigiFest, and Sundance New Media Lab all within the past 10 months.  Of course, the challenge is getting accepted into the festivals, but I think it is an avenue web creators should continue to explore. 

Finally, if you notice in the photo below, we have no poster on the wall.  Yep, that was added in post by our amazing graphics artist, Michael "Cobra" Ledin.  Cobra is one of my Technical Directors for Toyota Live during the year, and he kindly offered up his expertise for this episode.  He's a wizard with a computer and he is pretty darn funny too.   

So, go ahead, be inspired, and watch our interview with Laurent Touil Tartour on The Web Files:

Saturday, May 15, 2010

The 64th Annual Tony Awards

It's that time of year again.  Yes, a time of singing, dancing, and channeling your inner theatre geek with the 64th Annual Tony Awards.  If I could move Broadway to Los Angeles, I would.  That's how much I miss the rich theatre scene in New York.  However, LA is starting to step it up their relevance in the theatre world and I am going to throw a few of my hard earned dollars at Reprise's How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying this week starring John O'Hurley, Ed Asner, Vicki Lewis, and Simon Helberg. Run by Jason Alexander (Yes, George Constanza runs a theatre program.), the organization does a great job of breathing new life into "rarely revived" musicals and enhancing the LA theatre world.  If you're like me though, you want the glitz and glam of award show season and The Tonys rarely disappoint.  I don't know how they will top last year's fun with host Neil Patrick Harris, but here are a few opportunities to participate in some of the fun:

Macy's wants to send you to the Tony Awards!  Instead of just an "enter and win" scenario, Macy's is going to make you work for it.  Show off your talent and you could be on your way to the Big Apple and hobnobbing with Broadway's elite talent.  Here's how it works, head on over to the Tony Awards page at CBS, sing your heart out, record it, vote, vote again, and hopefully win!  Simple right?  Here are the details:

Macy's Invites You to Sing Your Way to the Tony Awards
Upload a video of yourself singing one of the following songs and you can be in the running to win a trip to the 64th Annual Tony Awards on Broadway.

Get Started:
1. Upload your video by May 27th noon PT
2. Vote on yor favorites from May 27th to June 1st to help determine the top 5 videos.
2. Return on June 3rd noon PT to view and vote for your favorite of the top 5.

There are some great songs listed.  I am a bit partial to "Good Morning, Baltimore" from Hairspray, but we all know what a winner Annie is, you can never go wrong with that little redheaded mop top.  Good luck!

If you are already going to be in NYC on June 13th, then this is a great affordable excuse to go to a Tony Party.  Broadway producer, Ken Davenport, in conjunction with is throwing a fun viewing party at Blondies on the Upper West Side.  The night promises unlimited food, contests, raffles, Broadway karaoke, and two Broadway stars from Hair hosting the event all for $25 if you grab your tickets now.  Since Ken is a pal from my NYU days, I know you won't be disappointed.     So, at least there is a Plan B if you don't win Macy's Ticket to the Tonys.  It might not be a seat in Radio City Music Hall, but you still get to hobknob with a few Broadway stars!  

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Episode 38: Urban Wolf

Urban Wolf launched today on Crackle, and The Web Files has the interview with Laurent Touil Tartour.  Hear his inspiring story and how Michael Bay figures into his rocketing career:

Monday, May 10, 2010

Behind the Scenes of Stupid for Movies

If you follow me here or on  Twitter, you know I am a musical theatre geek.  I love the aspect of anything live--live theatre, live TV--well, that is exactly what you get with Stupid for Movies.  It takes the best of live TV by streaming on each Thursday night and by offering up a live in-studio audience from the Streamin' Garage.  It allows the audience to participate on so many levels: in person, in the chat rooms, on Twitter, or via Skype.  Instead of screaming at your computer screen at home, you now have an opportunity to participate.  Oh wait, and you have homework.  Now, don't go running away.  Your homework involves watching a selected movie that will be discussed the following week.  Not bad, right?

The Web Files headed to the studios in late April to go and check out Stupid for Movies and we haven't stopped talking about it.  A simple concept, a movie review show, is taken to the next level with wit, intelligence, and a bit of edgy banter with Wade Major and Mark Keizer, members of the elite LA Film Critics Association.  Add a dash of Mike Rotman to the mix and you are off to the races.  Mike plays the Gelman (Live with Regis and Kelly) role by keeping the show flow smooth, helping with transitions, and sometimes offering up his unique perspectives on a film.  

For the audience, this is where the fun begins, you can hoot, holler, or even make a snarky remark, it's all part of the show.  Chad Vader Skypes in with his movie news of the week, they read the home viewers' opinions from the chat room, and then the audience tries to stump Wade and Mark with their opinions on obscure movies in the segment "Buy, Rent, Burn".  I was blown away by their encyclopedic knowledge of film.  If you can stump them, I will be impressed.  While they probably can't be stumped on obscure movies, they might be stumped on movie quotes.  Check out the interview and see what gave the guys pause:  

Finally, I hope to be back in the Streamin Garage with my movie pick in a few weeks.  I have been sitting down with a few of my choices and I've narrowed it down to four movies.  Which one will I pick?  Stay tuned.  If you know that I am a musical theatre geek, don't be surprised to see a pick from this genre. 

Be sure to catch Stupid for Movies on Thursdays 8PM PST/11PM EST.  

Photos 1-3 Courtesy of Sandra Payne:  

Thursday, May 6, 2010

This and That....

It's a week of celebrations for our friends at Movies You May Have Missed as they celebrate their one year anniversary. The Web Files was able to interview Juan Bagnell and Lee Buckley last year and it was our first crossover episode. I appeared on their show and they appeared on ours. Be sure to check out their anniversary show filled with fun clips of the last twelve months. I am thrilled to make a cameo too! Congratulations, Juan, Lee, and the muscle behind the camera, Marie Bagnell.

Although this wasn't planned, our latest episode of The Web Files also features a movie review show called Stupid for Movies. I will have a behind the scenes blog up soon, but check out the episode with Mike Rotman, Wade Major, and Mark Keizer. I hope you enjoy the episode as much as I enjoyed filming it.

Web Series Today also wrote a nice feature on our latest episode. (And uh....a "feature" on my T-shirt.) Be sure to stop by, the site has had some great discussions and debates about the current web space lately.

From entertainment to fuel cell, I am always thrilled when I have the opportunity to represent the Advanced Technologies team at Toyota, so my two days at the National Hydrogen Association Expo was no exception. Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger stopped by the Toyota area to check out the latest concept in fuel cell, the FCHV-adv. He is constantly followed by a crowd of photographers and cameras, so it was a wild scene. I gave him the highlights of the technology and he asked some great questions. Then he posed by the Power Control Unit, a great photo op for Toyota and the Governor knows exactly what he is doing in those photos. He is a master at publicity....oh, and he smells good too. (He joins the Wayans Brothers as some of the best smelling celebs in Hollywood. Is it weird to notice these things?)

The master of the perfect publicity shot......Governor Schwarzenegger. However, I look like I am praying he will love the vehicle.  Photo courtesy of The Office of Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger. 

Me talking to the Governor about the FCHV-adv. Photo courtesy of Stephen Carr, The Long Beach Press-Telegram
Finally, for the musical theatre geek out there:  check out Every Little Step.  It follows the casting of the Broadway revival of the legendary musical, A Chorus Line.  The documentary will make your heart soar and bring you to tears all in 93 minutes.  Watch it, talk to me about it, and bring out your inner geek!  I promise it will inspire you.

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