Saturday, May 22, 2010

May Musings

Photo Courtesy of Kathryn Gray.
1.  Jewelry:  Since my trip to NYC in April, I realized how much I missed my East Coast home.  Even though I keep forgetting to watch my 2009 SAG screener of Julie and Julia, I am well aware of the nostalgic token necklace Amy Adams wore in the movie.  Score!  A fun way to carry NYC with me at all times....until I saw the price:  $75 at the Transit Museum.  For a token that costs nothing for the Transit Authority with a simple silver chain, that's a mighty fine mark-up.  Nice try, but I am a more savvy shopper than that.  So, I searched around Etsy and came across this fantastic vintage spin on the token necklace.  While the necklace is no longer sold on Etsy, the designer, Kathryn Gray, still sells it on Ebay.  You will find her under the name "gallery54s".  In fact, there is one of for sale right now.   I scooped mine up for $29.99.  I love a bargain and a better design than the original one!
                                                               Photo courtesy of Best of LA.
2. Angelini Osteria:  Each month, my pal, Andre, and I get together for our unofficial Supper Club.  Yep, I am a foodie who used to live and die by her NY Zagat's Guide.  So, this is my informal way to keep the foodie in me alive.  This month's choice was Dre's pick.  We headed to Angelini Osteria for an amazing Italian meal.  Even with reservations, we still had a wait, but it was well worth the wait even with the cramped quarters.  From the duck to the pasta with black truffles and Italian sausage to the Branzino to their signature Lasagna Verde, it all made for a meal that I am still thinking about.  It was filling enough that I skipped dessert that night, and I rarely skip dessert.  If you are in LA, be sure to add this to your list and be sure to make a reservation over at OpenTable.  If you have a suggestion for next month's Supper Club, let me know.  I am always looking for new places to try.
                                                               Photo Courtesy of Reprise.
3.  Reprise:  I am a big proponent of theatre, not only as a musical theatre geek, but as a supporter of the arts.  In my recent Tonys post, I mentioned my upcoming visit to Reprise's How To Succeed in Business Without Really Trying.  Instead of writing a review, I will give you the rundown on how I feel about this show:
Promises, Promises
Ticket Price:  $126.50 for 4th row, Center Orchestra
Stars:  Kristin Chenoweth, Sean Hayes
Supporting Bombshell:  Katie Finneran
Director:  Rob Ashford (Nominated for a 2010 Tony Award for Best Choreography)
Show: 1960's Office-Based Musical Comedy
When I Attended the Show:  Day 2 of Previews.
Thoughts:  Too long, miscast leading lady, sloppy 
choreography,  rough around the edges, star turn for 
Katie Finneran (nominated for a 2010 Tony), a fun performance
by Sean Hayes (2010 Tony nominee), a few bright spots dulled by an uninspired cast.
Final Thought: Promises, Promises is Mediocre, Mediocre
How To Succeed
Ticket Price:  $39.50 for 12th row, Center Orchestra (with a Facebook promo code offer)
Stars:  John O'Hurley, Vicki Lewis, Jason Alexander (He is not in the show, but he often makes the introductory announcements like the night I was there.  By the way, the Jenny Craig endorsement deal is working, he looks fantastic.)
Supporting Bombshell:  Melissa Fahn
Director:  Marcia Milgrom Dodge (Nominated for a 2010 Tony Award for Ragtime)
Show:  1960's Office-Based Musical Comedy
When I Attended the Show:  Second week of a two-week run
Thoughts:  Josh Grisetti carries the show surrounded by a strong supporting cast, clean chorus numbers, tight direction, a cast that looks like they are really happy to be there, the show has the same running time as Promises, Promises, but still feels shorter.  
Final Thought:  A great night for the LA theatre scene.

So, while the Great White Way is an amazing place to see theatre, don't forget that sometimes the best productions are often in your own backyard.  I had a more enjoyable night at the theatre for less money.  So, support Reprise, they have a terrific slate of shows coming up next season.  
                                                           Photo Courtesy of Cupcakes and Cashmere.
4.  Coach Bag: It's no secret that I have a ridiculous affinity for accessories.  I am always looking for the latest shoe, bag, or cocktail ring.  Well, the talented Emily over at Cupcakes and Cashmere recently designed a new bag for Coach.  It is a limited edition collection that I have added to the top of my "Want" List.  Her inspiration board for the design truly tempts my credit card to backflip out of my purse and over to the Coach site.  Pre-orders are being taken online now.  

Let me know what your May musings are in the comment section below.  I am always looking for a new fashion, food, or cultural obsession.  

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