Monday, May 10, 2010

Behind the Scenes of Stupid for Movies

If you follow me here or on  Twitter, you know I am a musical theatre geek.  I love the aspect of anything live--live theatre, live TV--well, that is exactly what you get with Stupid for Movies.  It takes the best of live TV by streaming on each Thursday night and by offering up a live in-studio audience from the Streamin' Garage.  It allows the audience to participate on so many levels: in person, in the chat rooms, on Twitter, or via Skype.  Instead of screaming at your computer screen at home, you now have an opportunity to participate.  Oh wait, and you have homework.  Now, don't go running away.  Your homework involves watching a selected movie that will be discussed the following week.  Not bad, right?

The Web Files headed to the studios in late April to go and check out Stupid for Movies and we haven't stopped talking about it.  A simple concept, a movie review show, is taken to the next level with wit, intelligence, and a bit of edgy banter with Wade Major and Mark Keizer, members of the elite LA Film Critics Association.  Add a dash of Mike Rotman to the mix and you are off to the races.  Mike plays the Gelman (Live with Regis and Kelly) role by keeping the show flow smooth, helping with transitions, and sometimes offering up his unique perspectives on a film.  

For the audience, this is where the fun begins, you can hoot, holler, or even make a snarky remark, it's all part of the show.  Chad Vader Skypes in with his movie news of the week, they read the home viewers' opinions from the chat room, and then the audience tries to stump Wade and Mark with their opinions on obscure movies in the segment "Buy, Rent, Burn".  I was blown away by their encyclopedic knowledge of film.  If you can stump them, I will be impressed.  While they probably can't be stumped on obscure movies, they might be stumped on movie quotes.  Check out the interview and see what gave the guys pause:  

Finally, I hope to be back in the Streamin Garage with my movie pick in a few weeks.  I have been sitting down with a few of my choices and I've narrowed it down to four movies.  Which one will I pick?  Stay tuned.  If you know that I am a musical theatre geek, don't be surprised to see a pick from this genre. 

Be sure to catch Stupid for Movies on Thursdays 8PM PST/11PM EST.  

Photos 1-3 Courtesy of Sandra Payne:  

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