Sunday, May 2, 2010



1.  Vacation:  Okay, this isn't a very practical vacation because this place is expensive, but I just wanted to share the amazing place I was fortunate to experience:  five days of heaven at the Montage in Laguna Beach.  It is one of the most perfect places on the West Coast and I want to thank my brother for working so hard all year at his job and taking me as his date to the award ceremony and trip.  Yes, I actually took a few days off and the company was extremely generous with their corporate gifts including a heavenly massage at the spa and my new Ray-Bans.  Thank you!


2.  Fashion Website:  For the fashionistas out there, I hope you bookmark this site, Cupcakes and Cashmere.  I don't know what I envy more: the photography, the fashions, or Emily's perfect wardrobe styling.  Either way, you might pick up a few fashion, decorating, or cooking tips.  I am adding Emily to my "People I Hope to Meet" list.

3.  Famous Houses:  I have watched too many E! True Hollywood Stories episodes.  I was recently on a shoot and realized the house next door to the set was used to film Kendra Wilkinson's reality show.  This was only after I noticed the house I jog by with my puppy several times a week is the site of a pretty gruesome murder of an actor.  Yep, I recognized the house from E!  So, I guess I have an eye for celebrity real estate.....or I'm just watching too much E! (I'll also keep you guessing on the actor, I want to keep my jogging route private.)

4.  Jewelry:  Last weekend, I attended UniqueLA, an independent design and gift show, and I came across this cuff in my favorite color combination:  chocolate brown and gold.  The designer put it on my wrist and I said, "Sold!"  I love it and I have a feeling it will turn up in a few episodes of The Web Files since I have barely taken the cuff off.  Check out Henri Lou Jewelry for more information.

5.  Purse:  I wanted a huge slouchy bag to carry my notebook for The Web Files, my laptop, and all of the other junk I cart with me each day.  After looking around at bags that were more than my mortgage payment, I settled on a nice, affordable Steve Madden Manhattan Satchel.  Not only does it look cute, but it saved me a bundle.  It's up on Amazon for $98, but I found it at Off-Broadway Shoes in Hollywood for about $25 less. Score!


  1. I just recently discovered Cupcakes and Cashmere myself. I love the combination of fashion and food.

  2. That site is completely addicting and I am so envious of her wardrobe!


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