Wednesday, December 5, 2012

My Vacation with the Acura ILX Hybrid

I figured since the LA Auto Show was going on, this was the perfect week to share my final photos of my #WeekWithILX.  (As many of you know, my laptop crashed, so I am just rejoining the Internet world!)  My final weekend was spent driving down to Palm Springs for a little R&R before the crazy holiday season.  It was the perfect time to leave Los Angeles since it was rainy and cold and we were headed to the dry heat of the sunny desert.

Here are some photos of my adventure:  
 No trip is complete without a Starbucks run...

 I really enjoyed the, really.  

 The navigation system came in handy when I missed my exit...typical of me.

 The windmills were a definite sign that we were close to Palm Springs...

 We made it!

 The most perfect view from our ILX moonroof......palm trees!

Once we parked our butts at the Desert Riviera, the most heavenly place in Palm Springs, I went over the Top 3 features we used in the Acura ILX Hybrid on the way down.  

1.  Navigation System:  I am one who constantly uses her iPhone for maps and directions, but I was less distracted as a driver utilizing the in-dash GPS.  I wasn't looking down at my phone and I wasn't pushing buttons while driving...I was safely watching the road.

2.  Backup Camera:  I have this feature in my current vehicle and it is a must for your next vehicle purchase.  The ILX technology was a bit more advanced than my 2008 vehicle because it actually helped you navigate into that parallel parking spot with guidance lines on the screen. Very handy if you are terrible at parallel parking like me.  

3.  Bluetooth:  Again, this is a feature I will say is a must for your next car upgrade.  It takes away the need for the old headset and it allows you to voice dial and talk on the phone hands-free. I know we love to use our phones in the car, but the more we keep our hands on the wheel, the safer we will be.  

 We hopped out of the car and onto the bikes lent to us by Desert Riviera.

 The views!

 The resort!

 The hot tub!

The pool!  (And the only shot you will ever get of me in a bikini.  Great photo trick...lie down flat, your stomach looks flat. 

 There's my significant get his toes!

 Nap time!

 My toes!

 My new favorite spot in Palm Springs....Desert Riviera.  They book up quickly, so don't miss out. 

A shot of the moon through our moonroof in the ILX on the way home....

For those of you that know me, I am already a big proponent of hybrid technology.  I have owned one for five years and I was thrilled to drive the ILX Hybrid. We went to Palm Springs and back on one tank of gas.  I didn't need to fill up all week.  Hybrids also have a ton of power since the electric motor adds extra torque to the vehicle.  Americans are obsessed with horsepower, but it's torque you really need out on the road.  Torque gets you going, horsepower keeps you going.  

A huge thanks to Larry at Desert Riviera for allowing us to stay and use the hotel room for an extra day.  We appreciate and we will be back...mark my words!  A big thanks to Acura, Brand Influencers, and Acura Insider for giving me a vehicle that impressed me and safely delivered me to all of my events that week.  

To learn more about the Acura ILX, check this out:

Acura has invited me to test the new ILX and share my honest thoughts through social media. I may receive product, access or content, but all commentary is my own.

If you missed my other posts, check them out here and here or enter for one final chance to win a #WeekWithILX here.  


  1. I like the fact that you only tagged that one bikini picture.

    Oh and you got new comments thing.

  2. Yeah, clever, right? I know which photo people will siphon off of the internet.
    Yes, you like the new comments thing?

  3. Looks like you had a great time! Hope i win #weekwithILX !! I want to drive it so badly!

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