Friday, June 5, 2009

Maxim Hot 100 Party

 Hi Everyone!
          It's been a busy week preparing for my new show, The Web Files, but I am back with more red carpet archives. 
         Covering red carpets for parties, particularly ones like the Maxim Hot 100 Party, require a different type of red carpet dress.  Conservative is not the way to go, but I still have to look appropriate on-camera. So, I chose my Bebe kimono dress in a blue and lavender silk for the May 13, 2009 event.  Originally, the dress was bought for a night out on the town in the Big Apple to see an acquaintance, Kristin Chenoweth, perform in The Apple Tree on Broadway in 2006.  In fact, you can see the dress peeking out in the photo underneath my big winter coat.  The dress was perfect for Maxim's Hot 100 Party because it was the right length, but still showed off a bit of strategic cleavage.  I went simple with the accessories, with a choker from Express from the late 1990's, believe it or not.  The bracelet is a cubic zirconia flex bracelet from Aldo Accessories and the shoes....yes, there they are again, my Guess strappy silver sandals.  It's easy to recycle accessories and dresses even from years past. Keep things simple and classic.  It's a surefire strategy!
       The night was filled with a ton of reality show veterans.  If you are a fan of Dancing with the Stars, The Kardashians, The Hills, The Bachelor or America's Next Top Model, then this was the party for you.  It was also a night of hot Maxim models dressed in itsy, bitsy pieces of cloth.  The cameramen for this event were very happy.  Trust me, lots of eye candy for the men.  
      Next week brings more fashion from closet with the premiere of Woody Allen's next movie, Whatever Works, the second episode of my show, The Web Files, and a shoot with Dance Channel TV.  Until next time, that's what's in my closet.

Reporting Live from Los Angeles,

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