Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Celebrate the Web

Celebrate the Web was created a few days after the 2010 Streamy Awards by Jenni Powell and Kim Evey to give the winners and the web community a supportive environment to honor the work they created.  An even bigger event is happening this weekend in San Diego with panels featuring fantasy/gaming and sci-fi web series.  Some of the series you may recognize from our Web Files episodes, so we have been honoring those participants this week by rerunning some of our favorite shows with them.  Check out the links to their Web Files episodes below.  Now get out there and Celebrate the Web!

The details of the event are here:  Celebrate the Web in San Diego
Please note that tickets are all SOLD OUT, but you can get on the waiting list if you are headed down to Comic Con.  Another great way to participate is to watch the Live Stream on Saturday.

Some of the participants include:
A Comicbook Orange
A Good Knight's Quest
Gold: Knight of the Zombie King
Vamped Out

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