Friday, July 16, 2010

Friday Wrap-Up

Even though I spent half of the week sick in bed, here's what happened this week.  Oh, and you do have some fun homework for this blistering hot weekend:

Sunday:  Chicago: Women's Health Magazine: Are You Game?:  
I kicked off my second year as host at Women's Health Magazine's annual fitness extravaganza.  It was a perfect day on North Avenue Beach in Chicago filled with fitness, fashion, food, and free stuff!  My favorite part of the day was introducing Sarina Jain, creator of the Masala Bhangra workout.  It was incredible to watch everyone dance in the sand with their scarves to this upbeat, enthusiastic interpretation of Indian dance straight from Bollywood.  Hey,NYC, you will have your chance to experience this on September 18th, don't miss it!
Wednesday:  The Web Files Buzz, Episode 7:
Our 7th Buzz episode launched on Wednesday and it features the latest in technology for web series:  3D with Safety Geeks:SVI and a 360 degree camera by Social Animal.  Just like the film industry, these techniques are going to be game changers for the web series industry.  Check out the episode:

Wednesday:  MoreWireLess brought to you by Broadcom:
This introduction to Bluetooth continues with Episode 5 and gives advice on wireless tethering to your PC.  It may seem a little basic to my fellow tech nerds, but my mom is learning a lot about the technology.  Oh, and I finally change my shirt--out with the hot pink, in with the baby pink!

Thursday:  Stupid for Movies: Try This at Home:
Okay, here's your homework assignment:  On Thursday, July 22nd, I will be appearing on Stupid for Movies:  Try This at Home segment.  I picked a movie this week and I will be on their show next week at 8PM PST to discuss it with LA Film Critics Association gurus, Mark Keizer and Wade Major.  We featured them on The Web Files in May and their film knowledge never ceases to amaze me.  It's also a fun, interactive show, so watch my pick, and then Skype in or join the chat room to discuss the film.  Here's the announcement at the 1:00:30 mark.  If you're too lazy to watch, click on the comments button below where I will write it in for you. So, please watch because my pick has it all: music, dance, sex, nudity, and a hot orgy!  That's right, even though it is a musical, I still took care of the men out there with my pick.  

Friday:  Something Exciting is Coming!:
Earlier in the week, I announced that "Something Exciting is Coming" to Red Carpet Closet.  I can't announce the details until August 10th, but to get on the inside track and find out first, register here to be eligible to win a prize.  I will have a lot coming your way soon from hair, makeup, shoes, accessories, fashions, movies--everything you would expect in Red Carpet Closet.  That's just a little clue for you to tide you over.  Have a great weekend, stay cool, watch the flick, and we will see you on Monday at Red Carpet Closet.

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  1. Watch "All That Jazz" for next Thursday. A fantastic Bob Fosse film. I can't wait to have you join me!


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