Thursday, October 7, 2010


It's been awhile since I have done a Musings post, but I am stuck in a bit of a writer's block today.  Actually, I think it is more of a Groundhog's Day type of scenario, every day is the same for me through October 17th.  Since I significantly covered the State Fair of Texas last year, I am trying to branch out.  The only problem?  My mind is blank.  So here are a few things that I have been thinking about lately, not enough for a full post, but here are some highlights:

1.  I Feel Frumpy:  Um.....not feeling so fashionable these last few weeks.  Yes, this is my wardrobe for the run of the show.  I cannot wait to be back in a dress and heels where I belong.  I either look like a bumble bee or Charlie Brown in my yellow and black.  Discuss.......

2. Gymnastics:  I am an uber-geek when it comes to gymnastics.  I never participated in the sport, but I love watching it.  I have even been to the last two Olympic trials just to catch all of the action live.  So, I am excited that the World Championship is coming up in Rotterdam from October 16-24.  The US Worlds Team was selected yesterday including the 2008 Silver Medal winning gymnasts, Alicia Sacramone and Bridget Sloan.  Go, USA!

3.  Football:  Since we are on the topic of sports, this was my view from the stage while I emceed the OU/UT, Red River Rivalry festivities outside of the Cotton Bowl last Saturday.  I didn't grow up in football country nor did I go to a high school/university with a team.  Heck, my school was the NYU Violets and our big sport was fencing with athletes like Jerry O'Connell.  Yes, that Jerry O'Connell, the one married to Rebecca Romijn.  Regardless, the fans are passionate about the game and their team.  It was overwhelming to have all of those people staring at you.  Congratulations to OU for pulling out the win this year, but UT wins the fashion award for the cutest school fashions.  The dresses with cowboy boots were awesome.

*UPDATE* If you are a fan of Longhorn Fashions, head over to Adored Austin's site to enter to win a UT-inspired clutch.

4. Home:  I miss home.  Being away for 26 days is hard, especially when the BF sends you cute pictures of the puppy.

What has been on your Muse List lately?  Give me the details in the comments below.


  1. Oh I KNOW you're missing some pretty clothes! Why the bumblebee outfit specifically? You always look cute in anything though, Kris, so wear it proudlyyyyyyyy! (And your puppy pic is soooo cute!)

  2. I wish I knew why they have us in yellow and black. It was the same wardrobe last year too, but it was so cold, we had really nice black jackets to wear.

    Haha! Thanks though! Since my hat is on my head, my hair hasn't been styled in 15 days. Talk about lazy!! :)

    Hope to see you soon in LA!


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