Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Behind the Scenes Photos: The Tony Awards

Need some socks?  Um, there was a street fair in front of the theatre only hours before...that would never happen in LA.

Here are my final photos from the 65th Annual Tony Awards red carpet.  These are truly behind the scenes photos so you can see what it was really like to be there.  It may look glamorous on TV, but sometimes things are a little different in real life.  If you missed my Starpulse article, read here first.  Then come on back to this page for a more nitty gritty details of the evening.

Interviews:  If you missed my red carpet videos, click here.

 Annie, my amazing camerawoman, in front of the theatre the morning of the show.

Setting up the red carpet.......

 Although I was carb-free all week, I did eat a cupcake the night before.  Magnolia Bakery is too good to resist, Annie had never had one, and how dare I deny the girl a cupcake?

The lovely Ellen Zolezzi who did my incredible hair and makeup for the evening.

 The red carpet can be a hectic place........

 James Earl Jones!  My commencement speaker when I graduated from NYU.

 Kelsey Grammer was very kind, but I watched a little too much of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills last season to not think scandalous thoughts while interviewing him. 

 I loved my high pony that night.

 Best Dressed in my book:  Hannah Yelland, nominee for Brief Encounter.

 My favorite photo from the weekend.  Last minute studying before the carpet begins.

 Annie is working hard at her job!  Audio is important.

 Edie Falco looked great, but I think I captured a truly random moment.

 Kathleen Marshall, winner of Best Choreography for Anything Goes, was pretty awesome.  She loved that we were both blondes wearing navy blue.  I'll take that as a huge compliment.

I told you I was obsessed!  Okay, I thought his new bride was lovely, despite how their relationship began.

 Bobby Cannavale is delicious.  That is all.

 It really was Sutton Foster's night.  She wins a Tony for Anything Goes and she goes home with Bobby.

 The media check-in line was looooooonnnnnng. 

 The fans on the other side of the street lining up to see the stars.  This is tremendously close.  You cannot get this close at the Academy Awards.

 Annie and I worked so hard on that red carpet.  Our notes were a disaster by the end of the night.

 Team Tony Awards!

There's a lot going on in this photo.  To my right:  notice the protestors with signs who are there to picket the show, Scottsboro Boys.  To my left:  a gussied up NYPD officer acting not so subtle. 

Best glass of wine at the end of the night.  

I know you like to hear who was the nicest and who wasn't the nicest on the red carpet. I will say everyone was on their best behavior except one.  Here's a blind item for you to guess:  Rudest celebrity on the red carpet......this one used to be much smaller, but now he's too big for his britches.  He may be funny on TV, but he's prouder than a peacock in real life.  His gruffness was appalling, it left a bad taste in my mouth like sour lemons.  There are a lot of clues, so read carefully.  And yes, I will reveal who it is if someone guesses correctly in the comments below.


  1. love this. looks like so much fun. thanks for another fun post. would love if you stopped by to see my latest outfit post and celebrity trend report.

    Don't forget to follow on twitter for all the latest celebrity fashion news from an LA stylist.!/fashboulevard

  2. Nice work Kris!! Ok - I'm guessing Doogie Howser MD is the bad red carpet boy. Yes?
    Really fun following your coverage.

  3. Ha!  That is actually a great guess.  I love NPH, but he can be a bit surly to the media.  It actually isn't him.  The major clues in my blind item are:  big, proud as a peacock, and lemons.  That should give you all you need.  ;)

    Thanks for watching/reading.  I appreciate it. Ron/Deb...which one of you wrote this?  xo 

  4. man, i hate to hear NPH is surly. i'm truly smitten with him! i thought the opening was just stellar & his duet as well. you looked FAB. one of my fave dresses you've worn.

  5. Thank you!!  It is Chagoury Couture.  They have been so good to me and providing me with dresses for the big awards shows.  I was obsessed with the dress and they kindly gave it to me AFTER Niki Taylor wore it.  How awesome is that?  A supermodel and little old me.  ;)

    NPH is awesome.  I admire his talent, but he isn't very media friendly.  Sigh.  Oh well.  

  6. I was wondering when someone was finally going to guess the right answer.  Yep.  Blind item is revealed....for better or worse. 


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