Monday, June 6, 2011

GBK Productions Gifting Suites: MTV Movie Awards

I hit the GBK Productions Gifting Suite on Friday in honor of the MTV Movie Awards for Red Carpet Report on Mingle Media TV.  I arrived with a bit of a margarita hangover, so I wasn't sure how the day was going to go.  Luckily, I ran into some friendly celebs who made my job easy and the day extremely fun.  I kicked off the afternoon with an interview with Ross Matthews from The Tonight Show ("Ross the Intern") and Chelsea Lately.  I just love him. He's fun, he's cute, and you just want to hug him.  Other notables included Layla Kayleigh from America's Best Dance Crew (ABDC) who made me bust a move on camera which was only slightly embarrassing.  Finally, be sure to check out my interview with Josh Sussman from Glee.  He's my newest and unexpected crush and he asked me out on front of his adorable girlfriend, so I guess it was scripted reality. Sigh.

Here's a short highlight video of all of the interviews where I dance, utter the word "poo", and find out whom everyone was rooting for at the show. For individual interviews, see the captions under each photo and click on the celeb's name.  Let me know what you thought of last night's MTV Movie Awards--a total hit or a total miss?

Layla Kayleigh liked my moves.  She's expecting me to join ABDC next season with my geriatric crew. 

Ernie Hudson had me at Ghostbusters.  He was so kind and lovely.

Steve-O.  Uh....he staples his balls to his thigh.  Yep, I said balls.  

I can't get enough of Glimmer Body Art.  I am never getting a real tattoo, so I am happy with my glittery stars.  Thanks for the kit, ladies! 

Frankie Muniz and I talked Indy Light racing where I managed to drop the Toyota name.  I'm a good spokesperson.  

Josh Sussman from Glee has a lot of hardcore fans on Twitter.  They started chatting with me en masse yesterday and they adore Josh as much as I do.

Amber Stevens from Greek was on trend with her color blocking orange and green.  I'm not sure I could get away with that outfit, but it looked great with her tall, long legs. 

Tyler Blackburn from Pretty Little Liars on ABC Family.  Are you ready for Season 2? 


  1. i think Josh should be on your crew! 

  2. That would be an amazing crew.  This is going to be epic!

  3. Love reading your recaps of events...and thanks for guest blogging for me!


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