Sunday, June 12, 2011

It's Showtime: The Tony Awards

All of my videos will be posted over on Starpulse as soon as I finish editing!  It was such an incredible night to celebrate the tradition of the American theatre.  I really hope all of you support a show at some point whether it is your local community show or a production on the Great White Way.  Nothing gives back more in art than an electrifying performance surrounded by an audience witnessing the same incredible energy and inspiration.

A huge thanks to everyone who helped me get on the red carpet last night.  First, the village that gets me gussied up to look like a better version of myself:

Dress:  Chagoury Couture (Who also kindly dressed me for the Oscars this year!)
Shoes:  Guess (You've seen these before.)
Jewelry:  Downtown LA (Yep, I went the affordable route.)
Stylist:  Roni B.
Hair and Makeup:  Ellen Zolezzi

To my camerawoman and encyclopedia of musical theatre geek knowledge...thank you!  This adventure would not have been as fun without you!
Camerawoman/Musical Theatre Geek, Anne Mureau.

Finally, here is some unedited footage, but this explains it all.  Why I love the theatre, why I love it when dreams come true, and why I was so happy to be on the red carpet.  My interview with Tony and Academy Award winner, Joel Grey and the story of how he made a huge impact on my life back when I was 16-years old.  

More photos, stories, and videos will be up later on Starpulse. (I have to fly home to LA first!)

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