Friday, June 17, 2011

Saturn Awards: Send Me Your Questions!

The Saturn Awards are coming up next Thursday, June 23rd and I know many of the fans are excited.  The reactions I received from last year's coverage were fantastic, so I am looking forward to hearing from you about this year's show.  I was contacted by Fringe Toast on Twitter asking if the fans could tweet me questions for Anna Torv.  I am happy to oblige!  She attended the show last year along with her Fringe cast member, Lance Reddick, and she is tentatively slated to appear again in 2011.  I want to keep all of the questions centralized in one location, so please put all of your questions in the comments section below.  If you want to see who else is appearing, you can read the press release here and here. I will take questions for any celebrity of your choice.

Thanks for your interest, it is going to be a fun red carpet!


  1. Ow, this is awesome! :D
    Ok, my questions: 
    -What do you think will happen between Olivia and Faux.Livia? Will they work together to fix the universe? Among them I see easy, but do you think Walter and  Walternativ would can work together to save both universes?Ah! And please, pleeeease, tell her that she hasn't only fans in America. In Spain we also admire her a lot.Thank you for this oportunity to ask her questions. :)

  2. That is great !!
    So my question:
    Do you prefer Toast or bacon.... no I am kiddin' (or maybe not)
    If Olivia will remember Peter, because I hope she will, how do you think it would happen?
    And thank you for this really !! :)

  3. indeed we do!!!!!!!!!!! spain says hi!!!!! :)

  4. Thank you for doing this!

    Due to the fact that Peter doesn’t exist, how different does she think Olivia will be? How does she want Olivia to be? Does she want Alt-Livia to hook up with Lincoln?  

  5. thanks so so much for this! it's pretty much the closest we can get to interact with her!
    i have a non fringe related question: any plans at all to join facebook or twitter????? fans are hoping for her to join!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    and regarding fringe: where would you like to see olivia go in season 4? what are your hopes for her for next season?
    thank you!!!!!
    cheers from spain!

  6. It's awesome that your doing this! My Question is:

    What is the hardest part about playing two Olivias, who obviously have two very different personalities? Or is it hard at all? 

  7. I'd like to ask about her gestures and mannerisms.  Anna Torv has very expressive hand and face gestures.  She apparently has given them to Olivia, who has some very nice, refined hand gestures.  Altlivia doesn't seem to have them.  Did she do this on purpose or is it that her body language is very spontaneous and simply comes out without her realizing it?  

  8. For Anna Torv....

    Q: Fringe is your first entry in sci-fi territory, what does your family/friends think about the weirdness of the stuff you have to play every week?
    Q: Do you think Olivia will be a different person in season 4, having never met Peter?

    Q: What was your favorite storyline from season 3?

    Q: In season 3, you played a mom, a lover, was it a nice change from the serious "FBI agent mode" from the first two seasons? Would you like to do more of that?

    Q: How is it shooting in Vancouver? How's the city? (we know there was riot there last week)

    Q: Are you excited to start shooting season 4?

    Q: When you started, did you ever think you would be playing Olivia Dunham for 4 years? 

    Q: If you weren't in it, would you watch Fringe?

  9. Ohhh! I am excited to see your coverage (and excited to be back in Blog Land again... it's been too long!). I wish I had a good question, but I don't watch Fringe! However, I'm excited to the interview. Maybe ask her a fun fashion question: What is her favorite item of clothing in her closet, and what is her favorite beauty product?

    Great idea!


  10. Thanks so much for this kristyn! We really appreciate it.

    Q. Now that Anna has had a chance to talk to the Fringe show runners, Joel Wyman and Jeff Pinkner- how excited is she about what's in store for Olivia in Season 4?Q. Who does Anna think Olivia will be as a person for having never known Peter (because he never existed). Does she think Olivia will be in a worse or better place in her life in season 4?Q. (Totally rediculous superficial question- forgive me ;0) ) Olivia has worn her hair no less than 32 different ways (yes- we've counted!) which is her favorite? I like the fishtail braid the best.

  11. Thank you so much

    Q: What do you think happened to Peter?
    Q: What do you like most about Olivia and about AltLivia?

  12. That is awesome. I sort don't have a question but a favor to ask of you?
    Last year when she accepted the award, no one had her speech. This year if she wins can someone just tape what she says. I would've liked to hear what she had to say.

  13. Thank you for giving us this opportunity. I'd like to ask:

    Q: Among all the filmed scenes that were cut from the episodes (not only the deleted ones which ended up on the dvds) or that were written in the scripts but never shot, is there one you would have really wanted to end up in the final version of the episode?

    Q: Could you tell us what happened in the deleted scenes from "Momentum Deferred" after Olivia killed the shapeshifter who took Charlie's form? There are stills from the set that show Peter being there too, what was his role in that scene?

  14. thanks so much!
    Q: what's 1 aspect of the Olivias that she would like to explore more of next yr? Or 1 queston she would like the writers to answer in season 4?
    Q: how does Anna thnk she & the rest are alike&diferent from their charcters?
    please pass along our love to Anna!

  15. Question for Anna Torv: Would you like Olivia to be able to master her powers and use them more often in Season 4?

  16. First of all, thanks so much!
    Q: In Fringe, Olivia always have to do fighting and running action, how do Anna keeps her stamina when filming in such a long time in a day?
    And please do tell Anna that many loyal fans of her are from worldwide, in addition to United State, they are from China,France,United Kingdom,Italy,Malaysia, Singapore,Hong Kong,Spain,south America and of cause Australia(my favorite Country) etc. , i want to make a full disclosure to Anna that I / we love you and Olivia so much, you are really AWESOME !!

  17. Thanks for taking our questions :)
    A question for the lovely Anna Torv: Since Peter is the one who helped
    Olivia tell Walter about her step father when they were kids, what are
    her thoughts on how will that affect Olivia if Peter never existed..and
    wasn't there at that moment to help/save her?

  18. Hey Jenna!
        That will be a fun question to ask after all of the 'Fringe' questions I am going to bombard her with!  Thanks!
    xo kb

  19. There may be a rights issue with the footage, so that may be why her acceptance speech was not posted.  Let me see if the show will at least be streamed live this year.

  20. Thanks, here's my question, in season 4, will there still be a case solving story per episode aside from alternate universe story?

    Should we expect a lincoln-olivia-peter love triangle?

  21. Please just tell her "Thank You" for giving up her precious vacation time to make all these appearances and answer fan questions.

  22. Q: So Anna, how do you feel about getting nominated for all these awards while your OTHER costar, you know, Joshua Jackson, doesn't get any recognition whatsoever. You must be proud. 

  23. Any idea yet if it will be streamed? Thanks

  24. Still waiting for an answer.  Hang tight.  I will post when I have the information for everyone.  

  25. Thank you!

    Here's a non-Fringe question.... Is she a fan of Formula One? and if she is, who is her favourite driver?

  26. Please ask Anna if she has any pet. If she has what is it and the name?

  27. Okay, here is the update:

    The red carpet "might" be streamed live.  They are still working out the details. So, fingers crossed that happens.  

    The show will not be streamed live nor put up on YouTube later, unfortunately.

    If anything changes, I will let you know.  

  28. Do they give any reason as to why they will not stream?
    Thanks for trying.  Will you just tell Anna and the rest of Fringe then: Awesome work and all the best.

  29. They did not give me a reason, but it is a small show compared to the Emmys. It could be anything from a budgetary issue to union rules to copyright issue.  In time, this show will grow, but this year, it will only be red carpet footage.

  30. Thanks Kristyn, sorry to be such a nag. Forgot to ask what time the live streaming happens. 

  31. Maybe Anna could send us a greeting or a word in Spanish? :)


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