Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Holiday Giveaway

"It is always better to give than to receive" is how the old saying goes.  So it is time for me to give back to you, my amazing readers here at Red Carpet Closet.  I figured a little makeup, a few new brushes, and a makeup case should do the trick.  You will be rocking a smoky eye and a gorgeous red lip throughout 2011.  (Just remember, not at the same time.  Chose a heavy eye or a heavy lip, but together...yikes!)

Here is what this fantastic giveaway includes:
* A Purely Pro Smoky Eye Palette
* A Purely Pro Lipstick in Vixen
* 8 Pro Tools
* Makeup Case with Portable Mirror

To enter:
1.  You must be a US resident.
2.  Make sure you are following Red Carpet Closet on one of the following:  Facebook, Twitter, or Blog Lovin'.
3.  Tell me your favorite post on Red Carpet Closet from 2010 in the comments section below.  Make      sure I have a way to contact you.
4.  Enter before 11:59 PM PST on Monday, December 20th.

Winner will be selected randomly by Random.org.

Good luck!


  1. Okay, so I follow you on FB and Twitter, but also on YouTube for The Web Files and your personal channel :)

    I think it was Dec 2009, not 2010, but my favorite posts where the ones you got to go to Club 33 at Disney. They made me soo jealous! Other than that, I love your posts with more behind the scenes from the Web Files.

    If I win, you can contact me on twitter @zoeydahling or Facebook since we're friends there... or some other way if you can think of one I don't think I'm too hard to find :)

    Thanks for hosting the giveaway and happy (slightly belated) birthday!

  2. I follow you of course!
    I loved your post on meeting Kieran (sp) from Mad Men. I'm a Maddict and loved your coverage.

  3. I follow you on Facebook, Kristyn!
    I love your post about the Texas fair. For some reason they really make me laugh!
    Happy Holidays!! My email is in facebook.

  4. http://twitter.com/diesel51/status/45841537875181569

  5. The post on Disney. I went with my friends to Disney years ago and decided to go back when I saw Disney again.


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