Thursday, December 16, 2010

Holiday Musings

Where have I been?  What have I been doing?  What I am musing over?  Well, here's a quick list of what I have been up to this holiday season:

1. Apple & Bee Beauty Bag:  On my birthday, I was thrilled to learn that I won a gift from Your Daily Thread, which is a "free daily email on the latest in green living and social good".  They feature everything from fashion to beauty to giveaways, so it was exciting to win this snappy travel bag from Apple & Bee.  It is perfect for the eco-geek in me and for the 200 days I am out on the road with plenty of room for my makeup and toiletries.  I chose the Japanese Red print to add a splash of color to my luggage, but there were a variety of trendy prints to choose from.  The bag is made from all certified organic cotton, bamboo silk, hemp, and burlap/calico and is made in Australia.  A portion of Apple & Bees' profits go to environmental organizations, so be sure to check out their cute designs in totes and travel gear.

From left:  Helenna Santos, me, Stephanie Thorpe, Julie Tyler, Cooper Harris

2. The Red Carpet Premiere of the web series, Asylum:  Yes, you have seen this dress before here and here.  I think it is time to retire it from the public event rotation.  Or do you think I can get one more wear out of this DVF dress?  I love it so!  By the way, this photo showcases some inspiring female movers and shakers on/off camera here in LA.  I was honored to even stand beside them on the red carpet.  Finally, a big "congratulations" to Scott Brown who directed the Asylum series. He is another one to watch on the director scene.

3.  Nashville Barbeque:  I'm working in Nashville this week and there is nothing better than a day on set that begins with watching Loretta Lynn singing Coal Miner's Daughter on the soundstage next to you and ends with fall-off-of-the-bone pork ribs. I am a total foodie and barbeque is a must when I am working in this region of the US.  We went to a place called Jack's and the food was so good, I stopped back by the kitchen to thank the chef.  My tummy was happy and full of ribs, mac and cheese, corn bread, sweet tea, and creamed corn.  Yum!

Me, Streamy Award winning writer, Bernie Su, and Diane Beck.
4.  IAWTV Holiday Party:  For those of you outside of NY and Los Angeles, IAWTV stands for the International Academy of Web Television.  Earlier this year, there was lots of strife and growing pains amongst the community after the 2nd Annual Streamy Awards.  It was so nice to see that by the end of 2010, we were able to come together with a common goal and truly enjoy the holiday season together.  It was nice to see not only familiar faces in the crowd, but some fantastic new producers and content creators in the mix. Welcome!

5.  Arm Socks:  Finally, I can't get enough of Arm Socks.  I first saw them during my trip to China in 2005, the ladies wore them everywhere because they kept their arms warm while they biked to work, to lunch, and back home. I didn't pick up a pair then, but I saw a pair at Roni B's and I cannot stop wearing them.  They are cute to wear under a sweater and peeking out below the sleeve to add a dash of color to any outfit. Or, they are awesome in a pinch on set when I am dressed in short sleeves and I want to keep warm.  I am picking up a few for my favorite fashionistas as holiday gifts because they are under $20 and they are sure to brighten any drab winter wardrobe. (For those of you that are crafty, I bet you can make a pair from the awesome print socks that Target sells for even less.)

PS  Don't forget to enter my Makeup Holiday Giveaway!  Entries are due in by Monday, December 20th at 11:59 PM PST!

Photos 1, 2: Courtesy of Apple & Bee.
Photo 3:  Courtesy of Brenda White
Photo 5:  Courtesy of Bernie Su

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